A mixed cocktail and some sewing makes for an interesting life, now all I need is sleep…..

I am upstairs typing this and relaxing after completing one of the most challenging sewing projects I have ever faced. Imelda Marcos aka Em is downstairs making dinner having detected the stress emanating from ‘The Mothership’ when she came home from work today. Imelda has spent hours over the past few weeks Googling ‘shoes’ as she has two Leavers Balls to attend and needs exactly the right kind to go with the challenging sewing project and the other beautiful dress she has found. I take my hat off to her shopping skills as the two dresses are beautiful, very different and bargains, however, I have learnt the lesson that when you get a daughterly phone call from a changing room do not blithely say ‘Just get it Darling we will sort it out’. Ask for further details on material etc.. and assess difficulty of task that is heading in your direction before agreeing to anything.

Both of us are weary from Woody’s early morning mating ritual and our ‘boys’ settling into the new routine are disturbing us by barking early in the morning at the movement of even a gnat’s whisker….they usually time this activity about an hour after Woody has been dispatched and we have just gone back to sleep. So tonight we both have a date with the sofa and nails will be painted a suitable ‘sunshiny’ colour.

There are some lovely things to look forward to in this weeks cocktail; Em and I get a good few hours together to paint over several days, I am taking the little ones and ‘Lemerly’ (as they call her) to the seaside – I left the little ones on Friday gathering teddy bears, buckets, spades and other vital equipment for this trip and no doubt driving their parents to distraction over the coming days by asking ‘Is it Wednesday yet?’, we are covering ‘cosmic ordering’ on Philip and Gail’s course this week (I know what I am going for – guesses on a postcard) and our grocery order will include chocolate this week. Bring it on…..


1 Response to “A mixed cocktail and some sewing makes for an interesting life, now all I need is sleep…..”

  1. 1 Granny Trish April 18, 2011 at 10:43 am

    Dear heart, loved reading your blog, it is as good to read as Nora Roberts – just flows and is most entertaining. No sewing job is beyond you, you are just like your clever Granny Watts. (also your father who is having a wonderful time renovating his latest toy – trailer – now looks almost like new) what a pair you are. Have a nice day LOL


I love to hear from you and having different perspectives are what this is all about.....so feel free to let me know what you think.....

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