There is a difference between instinct and fear from past hurt that blends together as your ‘gut’, wisdom and hope…always hope….

Instinct guides us to make the right decisions and instantly gives us a good pointer for situations we find ourselves in and the people who cross our path.

The whispers we hear in our heads are different; they are the fears and scars from past hurts that can hold us back and muddy our thinking and actions.

Keeping your feet on the ground, stilling your mind, leaning on your friends (God bless you, you know who you are), putting one foot in front of the other and holding hope in your heart brings positive movement forward.

2 thoughts on “There is a difference between instinct and fear from past hurt that blends together as your ‘gut’, wisdom and hope…always hope….

  1. Hi Jane, what you’ve written is important and true! And is backed up completely by the work that NLP Master Trainer Marvin Oka and I have been doing related to both intuition and gut/heart wisdom.

    Informed by recent Neuroscience findings about the discovery of functional and complex neural networks or ‘brains’ in the heart and gut, we’ve completed 2.5 years of behavioral modeling research on the core competencies of these brains and how they communicate and integrate with the head brain. We’ve written about our findings and the models and techniques in our recently published book ‘mBraining’. See for more info.

    For example, one of the many things we’ve uncovered in our work is that much of intuition is processed in both the heart and gut brains, and indeed the gut brain goes through a sleeping cycle each night that mimics and integrates with the equivalent of the head brain. When the head brain is dreaming during REM sleep, the gut brain is undergoing RGM (Rapid Gut Movement) sleep. The research indicates that it is during these periods, that intuitions are being communicated from the gut and heart, via the vagus channels, to the head. There are lots of distinctions and techniques that come out of these insights, and match completely what you’ve been writing and talking about in your posts.

    I hope you find this backup to your own work as fascinating as we do.

    best wishes, Grant


    1. Hello Grant

      Thank you for your comment and insight and I will look into your work and book. My work is counselling (with my spirit guides working through me) so my writing is a record of my observations of the patterns I see every day. We are emotive beings! All the best, Jane


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