There is no love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love – Bryant H. McGill

We are imperfect spiritual beings living in an imperfect physical world; sometimes things will go wrong, mistakes will be made, people will get hurt, messes will be created.

Everyone, no matter whom, is doing the very best they can at any given moment. It may not fit in with your belief system, your ideals, your view or your expectations on how things should be, but everything has a purpose, it fits into a pattern and there is a reason.

To be unforgiving is to hold onto bitterness, guilt and hurt; in effect to hold onto the past and then the real damage occurs.

Forgive yourself first, with love and acceptance, then you can forgive others. It is like an IOU slip, letting go of the thoughts in your head tears up that slip and once the slip is no more and not referred to again, then true forgiveness happens.

You then move forward with love for yourself and that love will flow out to those around you.

13 thoughts on “There is no love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love – Bryant H. McGill

  1. Much easier said than done, Jane. But it really works – and it is a process for some. Some things are much easier to forgive than others, and I suppose it depends on the heart of the individual – the one who does the forgiving, I mean.

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      1. You might have a good point there Jane. But I was really thinking about child abuse, where children are very badly abused while they are very young and cannot find the love in their vulnerability to forgive an abuser. Obviously when you are much older and in a position to analyse and assess things then you are able to forgive. But for many years you can hold on to hurts because you simply do not have the mind set and experience to deal with painful thoughts and experiences. I’ve probably gone a bit too deep here, but just wanted to make my meaning clearer. Thank you :)x

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        1. Facing that kind of pain is simply too much sometimes, so maybe it is finding love for self rather than forgiving those that ignited such deep pain. One size does not fit all by any means and I shy away from labels, or calling this a journey, but we circle round, hopefully gaining wisdom at each turn and sometimes it is enough to simply ;be’ with self love. Flowing love to you Marie. Xx

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          1. Such a lovely, thoughtful reply, Jane – thank you for understanding. Yes, I agree that self love is most likely the best way to deal with this sort of situation – I think once you start to love yourself, then you can raise your consciousness and be more forgiving. The love flows both ways, Jane and I accept your kind gift. xx

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  2. Understanding why we hold on to something much hatred tears me apart. But reading your post open me up to a better understanding.


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