Whipsnade Tree Cathedral

I needed a refuge yesterday and I went to Whipsnade Tree Cathedral.

This incredible cathedral, made from trees, shrubs and plants, was created after the First World War in the spirit of ‘faith, hope and reconciliation’.

There are four seasonal chapels, a porch, a nave, a chancel and a dew pond in the centre where each area has hand carved wooden animals supporting seating benches.

I sat in peace amoungst the oaks, ashes, silver birches, norwegian spruces, limes, hornbeams, cherry trees in blossom all coming from a carpet of early bluebells, daffodils and primroses. All you could hear was the birdsong and there wasn’t another soul in sight most of the time.

I will be going back there.

20 thoughts on “Whipsnade Tree Cathedral

    1. Yes Maxi, places like this are rare and I will go there as often as I can as it’s only about an hour away. Love to you xx


  1. It is in these special quiet places that we can hear where our inner compass system is leading us–I hope you find the peace from knowing your right path. xoxo


  2. This place seems to harken back to the Druid thought, that we are only complete when we are connected to nature, that our cathedrals actually hide us from our divinity… I pray you find the answer, the peace you are seeking, you are looking in the right places, listen with your heart…


    1. I didn’t know it was there Eric and it’s tucked away about an hours drive from here…good old Google. I am grateful to have found it and it gave me some much needed peace and solitude…much love to you my lovely buddy xx


    1. Oh it is and it reminded me of your walk and otter winking day. The peace was vital for me yesterday as it helped hold me together..love to you xx


  3. Remove four seasonal chapels, a porch, a nave, a chancel and a dew pond in the centre where each area has hand carved wooden animals and it could be my garden (though mine is probably much smaller)
    Love, Steph xxx


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