It’s only the end of the road if you don’t go around the bend….


Life is busy and can be overwhelming sometimes and we struggle. It happens to us all doesn’t it? My balance was knocked on Sunday and it has taken me several days to restore it back to a peaceful place. Catching the strands of beauty in simplicity, loving moments and laughter is all part of my restoration process.

The track above leads from the edge of this village to a stunning country house and grounds where a happy ‘sploring day created special memories.

A little one going into school this morning rode up here on her brand new sparkling bright pink bike in her matching boots.

I have found a supplier of vintage hand embroidered linens which will make beautiful blinds for the kitchen and bathroom windows.

A neighbour has loads of chickens and not only could I hear them when I hung my washing out this morning, but another kind neighbour informed me that she sells half a dozen eggs for £1. Now the loving cake I am making for tomorrow will taste extra special.

Over the past few days my face to face work has been very busy and my little place is full of flowers that were brought in by my beloved friends and clients….sweetheart roses, freesias, yellow daffodils and white jonquil.

There is hilarious banter flying by email between my SS and I and funny ditties on ‘WhatsApp’ between Em and I….as only ‘us girls’ can.

An old English Sheepdog has just gone walking past with his owner, and just for a few seconds, sat down at the kerbside (on a lead) and smiled up at his owner and his owner smiled back and nodded and the dog got up and walked on…bouncy walking.

Tomorrow I get to escape for another day with my special ‘sploring friend.

On my cycle ride to the local shop this morning I spotted tiny little daisies joining the primroses, forget-me-nots and daffodils in the hedgerows. My neighbour asked if I was keeping fit as I came haring round the corner on my bike to our sheds….’No, George’ I replied, ‘I think the emphasis is on getting not keeping fit’…delivered with much puffing between words.


20 thoughts on “It’s only the end of the road if you don’t go around the bend….

  1. You inspire the looking for those things that happen all around us that can lift our spirits and make life special. I also love how you capture the details, like the dog and his master looking lovingly at each other, and the price of a dozen of eggs. I bet that cake was delicious! XO


    1. Hello Diane, I think it’s what we see that defines how we live and I know you are the same way. I love baking and these eggs are bright yellow and my cakes are always lovingly received. There is builder working next door and his face lights up when he sees me coming….it’s the cake!! Xx


  2. Your details are delightful, a joy to imagine: the child on the pink bike with matching pink boots, the vintage linens for the kitchen and bathroom windows, the flowers brought by you friends. The colors and sounds and scents of life ~ beautiful.


  3. Omg Jane, it wasn’t long ago that life had heaped such sorrow upon your shoulders. You could have given up but didn’t. You accepted the challenge and rounded the bend…

    Now your life is filled with love and wonder and acceptance. I am so thrilled for you. May each day bring you more assurance and peace.

    blessings ~ maxi


    1. So many blessings from this move Maxi that my gratitude is just pouring forth and thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment with all that you have going on in your life right now. I finally have the peace, lift and stability to tackle some long held things that have been pulling me down…onward and upward. Biggest hug and much love to you. Xxx


  4. We all need beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature is allowed to heal – where even the smallest blossoms give strength to body and soul. I love your place, Jane. It sounds just like heaven!! What kind of cake? When I was a little girl, I visited my aunt in the ‘extreme’ country each summer. I was always amazed (still am) that she could whip up the most delicious cake on the spur of a moment…….. Surely, angels guard your ovens. ~ Love, Bobbie


    1. Yes Bobbie, angels spin their magic mix and I have made a lemon drizzle cake. A good friend of mine used to get cake parcels from her Mum in Germany and lemon cake was a firm favourite. Much love to you Xxxx


  5. This is a wonderful “stop and smell the flowers” post.

    I used to think I was that type of person but, I have found in retirement that I’m appreciating every moment far more than I used to. I’m laughing more and finding large rewards in small things.

    I especially liked the exchange between the dog and his owner.


    1. Thank you Al….so did I. It was the way they looked at each other…no words…just in complete loving accord and togetherness. It made my day to see their moment and that dog really smiled and bounced. 🙂


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