“Living Life Backwards” by Peter Wells

Living life backwards

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“Living Life Backwards” by Peter Wells available on Amazon

Here we all are in our ‘Global Village’: blogging away, reading each others posts and offering comments of support and encouragement. Then one of our number is brave enough to stick his head above the parapet and publish his first book.

I started following Peter’s blog a while ago now. The first posts I read related to his handling of various situations around his daughters, which he wrote with loving wisdom and much humour. I remember thinking ‘I like this man’ and a lovely friendship was started through the comments section, expanded into ‘real life’ and continues to this day.

This is the link for Peter blogging as ‘Ducky’ on “Counting Ducks”…

Today, at my current ‘home’, the WiFi went down and I had a few hours peace. Perfect. I sat and read Peter’s first book ‘Living life backwards’ from cover to cover. It is a delight right down to the last word. A modern tale with finely drawn characters, brought to life through Peter’s insight, gentle wisdom and humour. I have always loved Peter’s writing style and this book was eagerly anticipated. Now I can’t wait to read the next one.

‘Go Ducky’…pants over tights and flick that cape…we’re all very proud of you and your achievement. This new chapter of yours will be a sparkly one. X

11 thoughts on ““Living Life Backwards” by Peter Wells

  1. Im just finishing off a book and then I will be diving right into “Living Life Backwards”! Love and crazy teapot hugs my friend!

    PS soon there will be so many of us flicking those capes we will all be bumping into each other! And how lovely that would be. We could have a pants over tights reunion every year too! 😊 Xx


    1. I love your thinking Chris. Big hugs to you my funky teapot friend and I just know you will love Peter’s book. Xxxx with softest hugs. Xxxx


        1. Hello Chris, your appointment must be today, so I am wrapping you with love and healing energy. Let me know how you get on please Chris. Xxxxx


          1. Had to postpone Jane! Been up all night sweating, headache etc etc. feeling very rubbish and disapoointed about the appointment. But it is what it is, as the saying goes. Letting go and taking care of myself. ❤ Xx


          2. Oh my lovely, you need to feel better than this before someone manipulates your back. It will all work out and yes, self nurture….and maybe chocolate. A bubble bath? Softest healing hugs from me and a cuppa on it’s way up. Much love to you. ❤ Xxxx


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