Nurture and relaxing when life gives you a circus for a day…..


I am settled into my new assignment and the dear little cat I am caring for is lovely. She is blind and manages very well and her family had to leave before I got here on Saturday, so I was left instructions and her medication. Left to our own devices we have worked out what works well between us. If you lean down to stroke her it makes her jump because she can’t see your hand coming, so I very quickly learnt not to do that to her. We talk to each other, I have set-up my work on the table near her bed and ‘play things’, her food is nearby and she comes to me when she wants love. She climbs up so gently and lies across my chest with her head on my shoulder. She’s a lovely little soul.

Yesterday presented me with a circus for the day and it was challenging to navigate it. I ended the day self nurturing with my favourite dinner from the supermarket, a latte on special offer and a long cuddle with this lovely cat. All this, whilst I dealt with the third engineer of the day from the computer support company, as two of his colleagues had dropped the ball earlier. It was late in the afternoon, pouring with rain outside and I was worn out from the day’s events, the computer problems just being a side issue. I know as the computer engineer took my call that he could see what had happened and he was braced for me being upset. I went down the humour route instead and we ended up having a lovely chat as he fixed what he could remotely, whilst booking an engineer call for replacement parts. During this I sat here sipping a latte, with this dear little cat draped across my chest and shoulder purring away. The engineer in Bangalore was a delight and we had a meeting of minds on how to deal with things when the circus arrives. I gave his supervisor great feedback on how he handled things.

All this stirred love memories in my heart. I was brought up with nurture, it was always there. My Mum stood in her kitchen this Saturday as I dropped in to pick up my car. Amidst new fencing going up, a house viewing happening, Dad being uptight with all that was going on and me coming through the door, she dealt with it all in a very loving way. I was collected from the train station and then sent on my way with a packed lunch for my journey which included fruit sweets in a little twisted bag, fruit, sandwiches and handy wipes. All created with a smile whilst a circus swirled around her.

When I spent a few weeks with Mum and Dad so many little loving moments took me back to my childhood. I was invited to lick the bowl and spoon when Mum had finished baking. Mum curled my hair before I went out to hold work parties. There was a little rose on my pillow. Great reads were placed by my bedside. Huge fluffly bath towels were put out. Chocolate was bought for emergencies, tucked away in my drawer along with the words ‘Now you really don’t have to share this’ and favourite meals were lovingly made.

Loving nurture, it eases us through the days, lifting, flowing care and when the circus comes to town it comes into it’s own. Thank you Mum for lighting the way with such love.

23 thoughts on “Nurture and relaxing when life gives you a circus for a day…..

  1. Jane buddy,

    I mean this in all the right and positive manner – your writing reminds me of Enid Blyton’s – strange, huh?

    As a kid, I would borrow at least one Enid Blyton book a week, from the school library. The idea was to read it during the weekend. Quite often, I would devour the book in one sitting on a Saturday morning!

    Luv and hugz,


    1. Eric, my lovely buddy, that is a really lovely and touching thing to say. Thank you very much, your support and encouragement mean more than I can say. I remember my Grandad lending me his library card when I was eight, I have always loved reading. Much love to you. Xx


  2. Jane, I’ve finally figured it out…….. I love this blog, and your writing……..because it is so comfortable. It is a favorite chair on the porch, a view of the southern stars……the first sip of morning coffee, the blue steam of a whisper. I love those things, the things you remind me of…….my favorite, my life……you. Thank you, Jane. I love that cat. 🙂 He too has found a favorite place upon your heart. ~ Love, Bobbie


    1. Bobbie, you have crafted a wonderful comment from your heart and thank you for it…those are such lovely things to say. Our friendship is a blessing for me, thank you. Love always, Jane xxxx


  3. It’s wonderful to hear that everything is going well, Jane. Your mum is a precious soul.

    She reminds me of the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling … created just for her.
    blessings ~ maxi


    1. Hello lovely Maxi, I quoted Rudyard Kipling’s poem just the other day…golden strands between us all. My Mum is very special. Much love flowing to you my lovely friend. Xxxx


  4. I always try to treat the reps from Dell in India well, as I am sure they get major abuse from us Yanks … Most of them really try to do well, and what most of us don’t realize is they speak at least 2 languages, and coping with computer issues is never easy.
    Your sensitivity is apparent with your treatment of your new friend, and its obvious she knows you have a warm heart. Glad you are faring well, keep going, always enjoy your posts. – Peter


    1. Hello Peter, it’s always good to hear from you and I was only thinking about you today. It was Dell, well spotted, and yes, they cope with a great deal and my heart feels for them. This engineer’s view on life helps him every day, he was a delight to connect with. Thnak you for being so kind about my posts. Much love to you. Xx


    2. Peter/Jane, my apologies but I must interject a funny story here. Years ago, I was working a problem with a techie in India. At a point of understanding, I asked his name. He replied, ‘my name is Jack…Jack Daniels’. I squealed ‘no, it is not….your name is not Jack Daniels’ (can’t you just hear the way he says that in his Indian accent)……. He laughed, and I conceded to call him Jack for the rest of the conversation…….but each time I did, I could hear him giggle just a little. 🙂 All that matters of our days is the connection, the reaching across into places unfamiliar to find someone who knows our name. ~ B


      1. Oh I love it…Jack. Laughter across these connections, is there any other kind of way? Thanks for your story Bobbie, it made me laugh. Xxxx


  5. Oh Jane I have tears of joy for you reading this blog. It is so wonderul to grow up being nurtured and for that process to continue later in our lives too. You made me think here that I sometimes take the wonderful nurturing I had for granted, not in an uncaring way but more thinking that is the way it is for everyone.but it isnt is it? Many people miss out on this vital gift in life and Im so grateful both you and I have experienced it. I like to think I now pass that nurturing on down the line.

    What is the little cat’s name? She sounds like a treasure.

    Mudh love and hugs


    1. Hello lovely Chris, your comment made me think too. To me nurturing is natural, because I was brought up with it. Someone close to me has been struggling to understand love and nurture and I feel it may be because he was not brought up with nurture. We were blessed to have it weren’t we and I know how blessed I still am to have it still. I, like you, have hopefully passed it on to my loved ones.

      I leave names etc.. out of my pet care/house sits because I keep it private for them. Would they have me to stay if I wrote about them….maybe not!!

      I just tried to email you, but it bounced straight back.

      Much love, funky teapots, cuppas, cake and hugs for you my lovely. I hope your pain is manageable? Xxxxx


        1. Hello lovely Chris, I just sent you an email to that address and is bounced straight back…I’ll check it again. Xxxx


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