‘Nothing changes if nothing changes…’

Cherry blossom

A special friend sent this quote through ‘Nothing changes if nothing changes’ and another special friend suggested that I took time out for a ponder with the kind words ‘maybe you need a meditation not medication’.

I sat in one of the huge chairs here, looking out into the garden watching the fresh day appear. The dear little cat curled up on my lap and I had a chat with myself. I have known for some time that my poorly chest is linked to heartbreak and I was getting frustrated that each day I awoke feeling the same way. I have felt rotten every day.

Light dawned within as the day unfolded outside.

I had done all the healthy things of walking away, easing the transition with graceful love, being grateful for the life gifts from the connection and cherishing the good memories. I have been letting go of the hurt, disappointment and not traveling down ‘blame’ avenue. In my work I reach out to help souls every day with all these loving suggestions and I was getting frustrated that I remained poorly.

Ah, but it was working and I was messing it up. I was holding onto the hope that things could be mended, that there could be a different outcome. There are natural laws that run through the universe and one of them is ‘Nothing changes if nothing changes’. Holding hope for a different outcome was holding me exactly where I was and keeping me poorly. How can there be a different outcome when nothing is changing?

Truly letting go is not letting go of hope, it’s letting go of the belief that a certain outcome is the only thing that can happen.

24 thoughts on “‘Nothing changes if nothing changes…’

  1. Jane,

    A hectic time here and I’ve been feeling ‘scrambled’.
    This piece was tailor made to lift one above the chaos.
    It is wise and true. Absolutelya grand gift to all who
    open their eyes to it (and their hearts and minds),
    Fine writing and thinking!



    1. Sarah, you lovely person. Xx You are so kind, thank you. I am sending energy to help you ‘fork through’ your scrambledness’…. 🙂 x


  2. Sounds like you need a little help like I did. Depression sneaks up on you without you realizing it but there is a treatment which takes a few months to get you back up again and its worth seeing your doctor to look at that possibility.


    1. There has always been a strength that comes from within you Ian, and your comment illustrates it. Thank you and I am glad you came through it and out the other side. I have nursed depression in others and some poor souls stay that way for many years. I think it is grief I am dealing with, grief for what might have been. It is passing through now and I can see the cycle of my choices that led up to it, which makes it easier to let go. I have many adventures ahead of me and I am making some great connections with this new way of life. Love to you and thank you. x


  3. I am reminded of another favorite quote – “In the end, it is important to remember that we cannot become what we need to be, by remaining what we are.” ~ Nor can we get to where we’re going by facing backward in the wagon. Sometimes, it is enough to remind myself to look up. Other times, it’s enough to know that love is never ever lost……… All I have loved goes beside. See now how the stars are shining brighter above the places I have known…… I love you, Jane. ~ Bobbie


    1. Bobbie, I saw your comment just before I closed my eyes into sleep last night and your loving words were just what I needed. Thank you for your love, understanding and support, they mean more than I can say. I love you, Jane Xxx


  4. The light flows so surely, welcomed and accepted, through your heart and soul, Jane, that healing is a given. Beautifully written post, my friend. Much love. xxx


  5. Jane,
    It’s a wonderful awakening to see that you have to keep living your life every single day. Take the time you need to heal the wound. Be gentle and kind with yourself. The path continues to unfold as our eyes are ready to see the new direction.
    Hugging you…


    1. Thank you Jeannie, for your kind and empathetic words and your loving friendship. Much love flowing back to you. ❤ Xxxx


  6. “Holding hope for a different outcome was holding me exactly where I was and keeping me poorly. How can there be a different outcome when nothing is changing?”..

    Jane… I truly liked your thoughts and feel that no matter how or what we are on the road to change when we do assume it. The first challenge is to move on and to believe. Secondly to act acording to a different pattern of behaviour.
    I am speaking for myself as I tend to be too attached to certains partcular states of being and acting… But we really begin to change when we want to

    Best wishes to you, Aquileana 🙂


    1. Aquileana, how lovely to hear from you and what a lovely comment. Thank you. We all hold on sometimes…it’s called being human. I think your last line says it all….we change when we choose to change and only we can make that decision for ourselves. Love to you. 🙂 x


  7. A truly beautiful post Jane. And it is true, we never know what is round the corner, maybe all manner of new possibilities, but while we hold on to only one outome, especially one that we feel is beginning to feel uncomfortable, then we will never feel free to venture round that corner.

    Wise words from you today my lovely friend; my wish for you is that you feel healed very soon and can therefore shine brightly again.

    Gorgeous photo too! It made me smile, I love blossom!

    Much love and hugs to you ❤. Xxx


    1. It was your timely and wise words that sparked off the healing Chris, thank you so much. I owe you my friend…time for a cuppa and cake together very soon. Much love and hugs, Xxxxx ❤


  8. Beautifully put, Jane. I hope you can now live these words out and find the happiness and companionship you so richly deserve. We never know what’s right around the next corner if only we make the turn……


    1. Yes Al, thank you and yes. It’s only the end of the road if you don’t go around the bend! I hope your lawn mowing went well? It is always good to hear from you. Here’s to another lovely day, X


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