I have only gone and fallen in love….


Meet my new love Otis, a very handsome and poorly boy.

I have come to a friend’s farm to care for her organic beef herd and her happy hens. Ages ago I promised her that I would come and flow care on her farm if she managed to organise a holiday for her family and her Mum. Success, as she organised it all and I headed away from my new home feeling rather fragile.

I have learned not to question life’s flow and I know there are many positives to come from the next week, but today there is something special to share.

We had a few hours together before they all headed off (which ‘us girls’ relished) and as we walked around and I absorbed it all, the conversation went something like this…..

Lovely friend: ‘Jane, I am really sorry to do this to you, but our bull Otis went lame yesterday. The vet’s been and his hoof is not infected, but he needs peace and a safe place to heal. So we have put him in the barn with a steer for company’.

Me: ‘Ohh, poor Otis…well, this is a first on the care front. I am guessing that we are talking hands-on care here?’

I was pale underneath my tanned face…..

Lovely friend: ‘Whatever you feel comfortable with, but he is feeling very sorry for himself.’

Me: ‘Poor boy, let’s go and see him.’

Otis and Zaphod, short for Zaphod Beeblebrox. When the herd reached number 42 a ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy theme developed and yes, there is an Arthur Dent. Anyway I digress, ‘the boys’, are happy in their barn together and as we walked up they watched us. Otis stood stock still as we went into the barn. My lovely friend explained that the water butt was ‘auto-filling’ from the mains and the manger was accessible from the outside, so I did not have to go in. I chose to go in though, as this magnificent boy is in pain. We moved calmly and my lovely friend went up to him, as I stood back, and stroked his head and talked to him. As she stepped back I took my time and went up to say ‘Hello’. I stroked his head and flank and talked to him. We topped up his hay and watched him walk. He is really limping and the pain is evident in his eyes. Poor boy. Zaphod is never far from his side.

We left ‘the boys’ and went to see how the main herd were doing in another field. They have all been moved to ensure Otis has peace and Zaphod does not pine too much. Then we came back so I could be introduced to all the quirks of the farmhouse and be greeted by the friendliest hens I have ever met. I am going to love tending to them and staying in this loving home. My lovely friend’s family are so at ease with each other and their love has soaked into the walls of their home, so it radiates back and you feel like you are ‘home’.

This evening I walked across to see how ‘the boys’ are doing. I talked to them and stocked up their manger with fresh hay to take them through the night. A little treat was called for and I put a scoop of nuts in the manger trough. Otis came right up and as he ate I stroked his head and talked to him. I was flowing healing into this beautiful boy as we stood there and each time he raised his head, I moved my hand to where a few nuts had got lost amoung the hay. He knew and dropped his head to eat them. Zaphod watched this bonding and very sensibly went to the other side of the manger to get his fair share.

I stroked, talked, healed and fell in love.

Standing there I knew, without a shadow of doubt, that I need to find farm work where I can care for animals every day.

I have found my true love.


25 thoughts on “I have only gone and fallen in love….

  1. Hi Jane,

    It’s so good to visit you. Thank you for reading my Spanish letter. What a fascinating woman you are! In love with a bull indeed….You have empathy to spare. Wonderful.The more people I ‘meet’ on line, the more I realise what a lot of fantastic human beings inhabit our planet. It’s almost like magic the way vibes reach out…I won’t be a stranger. Cheers. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joy, your Spanish letter was wonderful to read and an adventure. May be always be open to adventures. Many years ago, a blogging buddy and now a heart friend of mine, grandfathersky, called this space we all share, ‘Our Global Village’. I love that…we are all kindred spirits. It’s so good to hear from you. Xx ❤


  2. absolutely superb!


    After reading of this affaire de cœur, I must confess I too am in love with Otis. How fortunate he is to have your tender ministering during his time of
    pain. Things generally happen for a reason, and I’m guessing this time
    you share with Otis will change each of you in the most positive way.

    I grew up on a farm. It is a demanding life but I can think of few other vocations (or avocations) that bring such satisfaction. Farming is a kind of
    back breaking poetry that heals its own aches.

    You are a courageous as well as a very talented person. Your zest for life is contagious.



    1. Oh Sarah, how lovely of you to take the time to stop and comment and to say such kind and understanding things. Yes, farming is special and I love the way you put it that it heals it’s own aches…it does. Otis and I have a special bond and it lifts my heart to see him start to put weight on his poorly leg today. Love flowing to you from over here. Xx


  3. Oh Jane … you had me from “my new love Otis.” Your special healing has flowed into that precious creature and given him hope.

    May life become more joyful with each passing day.
    blessings ~ maxi


    1. Oh Maxi, you would have loved it here today. My Emily came and we pottered about together. Otis is starting to put weight on his poorly leg and he made sure he came close enough so I could stroke him. Emily loved it all. Much love and hugs to you dear Maxi. xXx


    1. I remember the same kind of bulls Ian. The thought of me being around one is giving my Mum sleepless nights,as you can imagine. Otis is different and we have bonded. He is magnificent. 🙂


  4. You inspire me to go with the flow of life, Jane, wherever it takes me! This is a wonderful account, and the story of Otis–and how you offered to do this so your friends could go on holiday–weave together a beautiful story!


    1. Thank you for your kind and lovely comment Marylin. It is alwasy good to hear from you. I am sending up fervrent messages for farm work…it has taken me ages to work out where my heart lies, but it most assuredly lies with animals. Then I can write and paint from true inspiration…this is my current thinking! ❤ xXx


  5. Jane, my immediate thought on reading this is that the universe is sore in need of healing, and so I know that always you will find your place. ❤

    I've recently been thinking of making a change with my teaching, which means a move away from the organization and facility I've been working with for almost six years. The change sits on me and I often grow weary just thinking about it. And yet, in my bones, I know that there will always be a need and I will find it (you will find it). Just because something is less inconvenient, it doesn't mean it is not worthy of my love. I love your farm, and promise to come soon……. ❤


    1. Thank you Bobbie, and I am so looking forward to your visit. I needed to step away from my counselling role and it has taken me some time to do it…so I can empathise with your situation. I suppose the last year has shown me that there are many strands to everything and sometimes, we weave a new tapestry and sometimes a little mending is required for an old one, but always we are sewing, even when we feel that our needle is idle. The most beautiful tapestries come from within, before even one stitch is made. I ❤ you.


  6. Oh my lovely friend Jane,the world needs more people like you. The posts of your journey are more beautiful every time I read and you not only bring healing to all these wonderful animals you tend but you transfer it onto us too, well onto me at least. You are slowly and patiently finding your way and you are spreading love. I love you and one day we will meet each other, I can feel it. ❤️ Xxxx


    1. Oh my special friend, we most certainly will meet. I am so touched by your comment. I love you very much and thank you for coming with me on my adventures. ❤ xXx ❤


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