Life’s cake made with love, happy tales, more love and trust…..

Our valley

My sister, who has been so very poorly, has recovered enough to come over so we could spend the day together and she could have a change of scene. A gentle stroll was undertaken on the highest hill here. I think it’s a mountain, but I am assured by the locals it is not. Anyway, we drove up to a midway vantage point, and then sensibly booted, we set off to walk the rest of the way up, gently, so very gently. It was a warm day and very peaceful up there, but it wasn’t long before our nattering and laughter could be heard. It was a very still and misty day down in the valley below and there we were strolling along and every now and then I would say ‘Over there is so and so’. ‘Ah ha’, Debs would reply peering into the mist. After a while it became a running joke and she was heard to comment ‘Give up Fan, I trust you’. She has called me ‘Fan’ since we were teenagers, because she said I always ‘Fannied about’. I mean really, how rude, and I might add, blatantly untrue!

My special pressie

I have been putting hours in on the support service and my energy flags, unsurprisingly. My lovely friend, who was right in the middle of moving home last weekend, dealing with the builders in his new home and managing his business, paused and baked me a cake. He wanted to do something that would sustain me through my working weekend. It was as yummy as it looks and yes, I did share it. Also, Trev has now discovered a sure fire way to render me speechless, as I stood with the cake in my hands, eyes filled with happy tears and silent…..silent for quite some time. Then I hugged him.

Jason Garner

I have been following Jason Garner’s thoughts and writings for some time now and we have flowed thoughts and comments to each other over the web. Recently an unexpected email dropped into my Inbox from Jason offering to gift me a copy of his latest book. I am so touched by his loving thoughtfulness. Everything this man does is wrapped in love and the parcel package even had the words ‘Wrapped with love by…a name and a smiley face’. I am savouring and enjoying every word of Jason’s first book ‘And I breathed…..from a life of matter, to a life that matters’. A joy to read and it is a joy to be connected to such a loving soul.

Chris's picture

My postman is very aware of where I live, because another parcel arrived yesterday. A gift filled with much love and thoughtfulness and I can see this beautiful picture hanging on my wall as I write this post. Christine Moran Poet, Writer and Photographer is a treasured friend of mine. This photograph is one of my favourites, taken by Chris in her garden, and beautifully framed to hang on my wall. Her loving card is on my writing desk and her enclosed angel friendship heart is hanging on my door post. Love poured from her parcel.


Trev brought these flowers to my front door yesterday with a smile. He wanted to flow care and for me to have something beautiful to look at while I worked from my desk. His loving offer of a home cooked meal in his new home tonight, and the space to explore some new ideas to ‘nail a challenge’ I currently face, was gratefully accepted by me. I think I’ll wear a frock.


One of my neighbours and I have a special connection. Alison and I have both been on various trips around life’s watermill and that gives us an understanding beyond words. There is much laughter and ‘Oh you’d never guess what’s….’ as we bob into each other’s apartments sharing love, cake, milk, sugar, clothes pegs, coffee, Welsh tea bags (delicious), my washing machine that I turn on with a ball point pen, her oven when mine gives up the ghost, trips into town, potters around local markets, ‘Ohh, look what I made today…’ moments, walks through the grounds to collect fallen apples and conkers, a shared love for living here and Penny. Alison’s dog Penny is a delight and she comes with us on our adventures and I often glance around to see her sleeping on the end of my bed as I am working. She sits between us as we natter and plan. Love flows from Penny in a constant stream and when you cuddle her she leans in.

As Jason and Trev always say, Hugs x

28 thoughts on “Life’s cake made with love, happy tales, more love and trust…..

    1. Life’s synchronicity…….Barbara I was thinking of you the very second your lovely comment came in. Healing hugs to you and I hope you are feeling much better every day? ❤ xX


      1. Thank you. I have had a couple of really good days. Still sad over the death of my brother in law, in Memoriam, but I do believe in synchronicity and the perfect order of the universe my friend. Hugs, Barbara


        1. Barbara, I read ‘In Memorium’ a few days ago and have been waiting for the words to float up to leave a comment for you. Hugs, ❤ xX


  1. Oh Jane, thank you for emailing the link to this wonderful post and for including the picture in it together with your loving words. And Im so sorry I missed your call; I have saved your message and keep listening to it, there is something so lovely in your voice that surpasses words. You are special.
    Im pleased for you and your sister that you were able to have this lovely time together. You do seem so content where you are right now.
    And what I will take away from this post as a constant smile is. ” I think I”ll wear a frock”. Wonderful. Our visitors have just gone and we had a lovely time together. I will email you. So much love being flown from me to you xxx❤️Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chris, you are so very special and everyone who sees my picture loves it. You will love this: I am painting today, which I have not done for quite a few years and I can see your picture as I paint. There is so much love in this little apartment. ❤ I did wear a frock last night and my goodness, can this man cook! I was spoilt by his thoughtfulness. He just flows with care and thoughtfulness and I feel very blessed by all that has flowed since I moved here, especially Trev. Your parcel flowed with love and that kind of love is for always. My love to you Chris. ❤ xX


  2. Somehow, I’m not the least surprised that you’re an October heart………but yet another (as if I could keep track) reason to love you. ❤ These days, these sweet precious moments are the sanctity of life ~ a brush of divine. May they flood your soul……….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dearest Bobbie, it was a Happy Saturday cake my lovely…I am a December heart. Today I started to paint, for the first time in a few years and I thought of you. When our hearts are touched, creativity sparks. I love you, always. ❤ xXx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve had the feeling life is full for you and here is the proof. So good your sister was well enough to visit. I am sure the time gave her needed energy, even if it meant spending some too. Life is a circle of yin and yang, we need to change the color of the energy at times! Sounds as though your community suits you well and you are thriving, that you have found your playground for this time. Penny is beautiful … All the best! Peter

    Liked by 1 person

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