Stories, love, fear, acceptance, control and ‘letting go’

Em's latest painting

This painting is one of Emily’s latest and I love how her creative journey is expanding and developing. I delight in the messages and ‘Skype’ conversations that fly between us. We trust each other implicitly and bounce ideas and creations off each other at each stage, with much loving encouragement. Also, with helpful advice, laughter and cries of ‘Time for a hot chocolate….mini marshmallows with that?’ ‘You betcha…’. Her painting perfectly illustrates this blog post, which has been rumbling in the background for some time and now sees the light of day.

All our lives we have a ‘story’ running through us and our ‘story’ builds momentum as we live each day. Through the beliefs and words the ‘story’ tells us, we take our steps and make our choices. The ‘story’ is a mishmash of our childhood, our beliefs about ourselves, our experiences, how others see us and how we treat ourselves and others. It’s no wonder self nurture, healing and therapies are becoming so popular.

I work with souls who are struggling every day as they try to make sense and edit, or re-write, their ‘stories’. We are all doing this every single moment of every single day. We are bound to get weary and lost sometimes, as things get muddled and complicated.

In loving simplicity, my heart feels that we approach everything from two foundations; one out of love and the other from fear.

One of nature’s laws that we can change things by making our own choices, can be daunting to a lot of souls.

Life and people do not ‘do’ things to us.

We can change so much by editing our ‘story’ and the words we tell ourselves. With love we can look at a situation, or how someone is reacting, and choose, edit, tweak and change how we react to it. Then our thinking, feelings, words and actions flow from that reaction. We choose how we weave this into our ‘story’.

Pausing to reflect on the ‘why’ is self nurturing. Stepping forwards with love and kindness flows love to all concerned. Our personal responsibility is to our own ‘stories’.

Love to me is ever flowing. It is loving to ‘let go’ and accept how other souls flow for they too have their own ‘stories’.

It can be frightening to ‘let go’ and see where life’s flow takes us. There are so many things that are done because ‘control’ is a motivating force and that springs from fear.

‘Letting go’ is loving.

Flowing from love, trusting, moving forwards, working, being kind, taking responsibility for my ‘story’ and nurturing my open heart have all brought me to North Wales in the middle of this Summer. A totally new area for me with no previous life links, or memories at all. I had no idea why at the time, it just felt instictively good for my ‘story’ to settle here.

Days have unfolded in a beautiful setting as I nest happily in my little home. New friendships, laughter, a kind landlord, magic moments, work, family and friends visiting and a growing love for this land have all woven into my ‘story’ with a loving richness.

Now I have a beautiful soul who holds my face in his hands and says ‘I love you Jane’. As I am learning his ‘story’, he is learning mine.

Loving acceptance.

My heart is full of gratitude for the new threads weaving into my ‘story’, as I now know the ‘why’ for coming here.

34 thoughts on “Stories, love, fear, acceptance, control and ‘letting go’

  1. What a lovely, thoughtful post, Jane. I am glad I dug through past posts to find it! I am so thankful for the people I meet in life who positively impact it and who I learn from so often. Your post reminded me of that and so I say thank you!


  2. As you said so well in this post Jane, all of life is about the stories we write for ourselves and the practice of learning love and also how to let go, isn’t it. It’s easy to fall into the mental illusion (delusion) that we can control it all and sadly, that belief causes emotional, spiritual and at times, physical challenges / pain / discomfort for so many. You are such a great writer and teacher both through your words and in the way you live about how to approach life through love, reflection, presence, spirit and simply “being.” Thank you my friend. My heart is also filled with joy knowing your days are filled with love from others and also for me, in watching Emily’s talent and vision grow. { } ~ Rick


    1. Dear Rick, it is so lovely to hear from you and your kind and sensitive words have touched me. Thank you my lovely friend. Flowing love comes through in all of your photographs. They capture the depth of life and your natural affinity with nature and the animals we share our lives with. You flow from your heart and it shows. We are all connected and to be connected with you is a joy. Jane ❤


  3. I’m thankful, too, for the soft and strong and delightful threads weaving their ways through your stories, Jane. This is a wonderful and thoughtful post, a touching reminder of the many elements of the writing process.


  4. “Love to me is ever flowing. It is loving to ‘let go’ and accept how other souls flow for they too have their own ‘stories’”.

    So beautiful and wise!… Your words touched my heart, dear jane… I thank you for this great post… A real Joy to read!.
    Love to you, Aquileana 😀


  5. We need to find the best, positive stories that we have each lived in flesh, feel the vibrations down into our minds and souls. We grow upon such real stories and roots.


    1. I read your post yesterday and thought ‘Oh WOW’, life’s synchronicity is flowing well between us. What loving connections we all have. ❤


  6. This is a truly wonderful post Jane and as always left me feeling calm and settled. You really do seem to have found your corner and deserve all the contentment that comes your way. Love you my special friend ❤️ xxx


  7. Jane,

    This is wise and beautiful. Your serenity spills over into the reader.
    I am filled with peace as I read your story. You are richly blessed!!



  8. Love is “letting go” is a great way of looking at it, when you let go it is the opposite of “fighting” which is not love. Beautiful post.


  9. Jane – Your talking about connecting to our youth along with this picture that Em drew brought back memories of sitting at the dinner table with my Mother’s Blue Willow dishes in front of me waiting for the plate to be filled with dinner and contemplating what the meaning of the whole scene was. The two birds shown here reminded me so much of the two birds on the plates in the top center. I am sure you have seen them in your travels. I am so glad you are getting on well in your new home in Wales, and feel that it is a freeing environment for you. There is more connection to the future there for you and far less (if any at all) connection to the past in this place. I am sure people sense your free(d) spirit and respond to it accordingly. I am finding (and with due credit to your advice) that I see things more naturally now, and less with the eyes, and more with the all seeing eye. I find I have moved from trying to discover the meaning of life, to learning to discover the meaning of the Universe(s). I am convinced that Quantum Physics is going to prove what the metaphysicians have known for eons of time, that the multi-verse version of our realm of experience is true, and they don’t need a Large Hadron Collider to prove it, although for now I understand that they think they do.
    So glad you are well, and that Em continues to refine her art, finding a personality in it that is all her own. May the hands that hold you bring you warmth and joy, and lift your Spirit to new heights!
    Always, Peter


    1. Oh Peter, that is such a lovely message and here is a heartfelt thank you from me for it. I remember Blue Willow china well, it is my Mum’s favourite. I think the metaphysicians have it right. The universal flow is constant and abundant. Nothing sits wholely balanced in all that I have read and will continue to read, yet there are parts and sparks that go into my flow. It’s like a tool box that I am constantly adding to. We as humans evolve don’t we? So it really is all about the journey and the paths we take. My soul soars when I see Em’s creations and watch her face as she talks about her latest piece. We are thinking about a ‘Mother and Daughter’ exhibition at the library here and Em has just has an exhibition at Uni as part fo Fresher’s week. She’s in her final year Peter, where has the time gone!! I love how creativity and your unique talents are weaving into your life now and the surprises this will continue to give you. You are very special. Hugs for you. X

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  10. Beautiful thoughts, Jane. Yes, out of the confusion comes clarity … but that is constantly in flux, I think. I always say the answer to one question is also the next question. Our stories evolve … not unlike the editing process of of novel … when you go back and those things you just couldn’t ‘get right’ are either edited out or re-considered, re-imagined … i.e. that word that alluded you no matter how long you looked at what you’d written suddenly makes itself known. It seems like magic, but, perhaps, is just belief. Thanks, as always, for your lovely reflections. XO ♥


    1. Hello lovely Diane, yes, exactly that. Our stories are ever evolving, as we are. It’s not about reaching goals, but about how we stretch and grow as we step forward. Much ❤ and hugs to you. It is so exciting about your sequel. Definately a 'pants over tights and flick that cape moment' for you. xXx

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  11. You surely knew I would love this……… ❤ Your story is beautiful, and in knowing it, it becomes a part of my story. Mine would be less were not for you, and I am grateful to the universe for bringing us to this place, with stories to unpack and new ones beginning. Thank you, Jane. I love you. ❤


    1. Bobbie, you were here in my heart as I was writing this yesterday. I read your post and I knew that you would know. I love you ❤ xXx


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