Life’s twinkly, sparkly gifts….


As I sit working on the support service this morning it is a mild Autumnal day in North Wales. My front door is wide open, and although the breeze is quite strong, it is lovely to just peacefully sit and reply to the messages asking for help coming in over the ether.

The front of my little place is all glass and right now I have a reflection in it from the kitchen window behind me. My kitchen window looks out onto the courtyard and trees and the image sparkling on my front glass is the sunlight coming through the leaves and twinkling right in front of me. In the afternoons these twinkles play out across my kitchen slate floor and it’s magic to watch.

Me being me, I see this beautiful display of nature as an analogy for life.

Time and time again on the service, I talk to our clients about seeing the gifts in every connection, especially when they are beating themselves up because something has ended badly. Life can be very messy indeed, but there are gifts within. It’s about gently helping people to gain confidence in their life steps. I do not see things as right or wrong, or as mistakes (good and evil are two different things entirely), but as life’s flow without labels, measurement or judgment. That’s loving and being loving to ourselves is right up there as an important thing to so. If we can be loving to ourselves, then we can flow love to others. Taking forward life’s gifts gives a self awareness that makes future decisions simpler. For it is all about awareness and common sense, rather than making decisions that are fear based. There is a huge difference. If you make a decision/action because you do not want a certain outcome, then that is fear based. If you make a decision/action, because something is not sitting right within you, then that is made from awareness, not fear. It allows life to flow along, because you are not trying to control it. You are just setting your boundaries on what does, or does not, sit right for you.

I read a cracking expression the other day…I love it. ‘If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck….it’s a duck!’ If something, or someone, is not sitting right within you, pay attention, it’s your twinkly lights from behind trying to tell you something.

Reflecting and capturing the gifts from what has passed is not looking backwards, it’s taking the twinkly, sparkly light of life’s gifts forward. It also helps you to live without fear, just simple awareness and that is a very loving thing to do.

26 thoughts on “Life’s twinkly, sparkly gifts….

    1. Ahh Shimon, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you. I felt the same way about you when I read your post about your city…I saw it through your eyes and it was a loving and compassionate view. x


  1. Life is far from a straight line like so many believe (i.e. wish for). It is filled with twists and turns that are out of “our control” yet perfectly timed for each of us, although we often cant see it. For some, they find this situation overwhelming while others see it as opportunities to grow and learn. How wonderful to have an openhearted, compassionate and non-judging spirit like you Jane to help guide those having difficulties to see more clearly. And for those who are not your clients directly, your words and love in each blog post radiate into the world to help remind us all. Sending much gratitude and hugs to you. ~ Rick


    1. Rick, I am so touched by your thoughts and words, thank you as they are uplifting. I see through loving eyes and I am so glad you can feel that. The soul who said he loved me, was deliberately cruel. It was so at odds in my loving world, that I turned away from him immediately, but it shook me. It’s taken a while to work out why, and I accept that we are all different and have our own ways, but love is not unkind in my world. So without control and expectations I try to reach out to those who are ‘stuck’ when love gets twisted. I also look up at the hills surrounding my home and in their stillness they flow loving peace for life and creativity. Loving gratitude flowing to you, with hugs. x


  2. Beautiful post, dear Jane…
    “Nature can be interpreted as an analogy for life”. ⭐ ❤
    True!… Wise words and a positive perspective over here!.
    Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you, Aquileana 😀


  3. Ah yes Jane, and one would wonder why so many people just don’t see that the decisions they are making are fear based. Tragically that is the way they have learned / been taught how to view life. Perhaps we should say that enlightenment is simply seeing life through the eyes of love???


  4. I’m starting to feel a little guilty….like I should be paying you for these insightful posts. I’ve used that duck quote on many an occasion. Along with…”Believe someone when they tell you who they are, either by word or action.” That’s helpful when a person thinks they can “change” someone.


  5. I love this………. I’ve often thought that the real problem is not with what we see, but with the choice we make in eyes……. ❤ I'm convinced that some are so accustomed to being broken that all they see is broke…….

    I love you, Jane. Close your eyes and know I am doing the same thing all these many miles away. Feel that? It's me smiling!


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