No one expects you to save the world, otherwise you would have been born wearing a cape and tights!


I sit here writing this post at Emily’s laptop surrounded by her things, as a glass of daffodils hold hope on the windowsill.

The title of this post are the words on a poster above her bed and it ends by saying ‘Just do the best you can’. A supportive gift from her boyfriend.

‘Us girls’ are spending time together and talking through her plans for when she leaves Uni in a few months time. This afternoon Em has gone off to a seminar and I will make a lasagne for us to share when she returns later. Loving support and yummy food go a long way to making life sweet. I listen and offer support in the way of practical things I could do to help, but I am not here to tell her what to do. She has much wisdom, balance and her own instinct to guide her.

From my perspective there is no such thing as mistakes along the road; we can but try different paths and adjust as we go along. No experience is ever wasted. Loving support means everything and a life where those around you offer space for you to talk and work things out for yourself is the kindest way forward. There will always be those who do not understand your choices, the situation you are in and why you take the steps you do. There is flowing grace in listening to your inner voice and holding the hope that all is unfolding with love.

Life can get messy and everyone’s ‘operating system’ is different. There have been times when I have been told that I never stick at things, when my loyalty and loving actions have flown under the radar and I found myself alone on the front line taking the flack for the consequences. False accusations and stories can fly and the hardest thing is to stay silent, retain an open loving heart and continue to step forward.

For me it is not balanced to have expectations on what someone can do for you, or for what you can get from a situation. Balance comes from holding an open heart and flowing loving support for all concerned and in that way ‘A rising tide raises all ships’.

I know in my heart that Emily has choices to make and her own ‘operating system’ will evolve. I cannot protect her from imbalance coming in from others ‘operating systems’, but I can be there with flowing love and support and the ‘shared knowledge’ of self that is hopefully the sturdiest shield in her armoury.

37 thoughts on “No one expects you to save the world, otherwise you would have been born wearing a cape and tights!

  1. Wise thoughts with regard to Life, experiences and the fact that, at the end, we learn from our mistakes!…. Thanks for sharing dear Jane! All the best to you. Aquileana 😀


        1. It is good to meet you too Shimon and I love your blog. My Great Grandfather’s name is on the wall in Jerusalem. We are all connected in this life aren’t we? Hugs for you x


  2. Even the title is deserving of a Pulitzer. It is great. Jane, you have a beautiful talent (many of them actually!). Both the photography and the prose are a total delight. Thank you so much for this haven you have created!



    1. Hello lovely Sarah, if I could write all day and earn my living that way, I would…now there’s a thought…. Thank you for your kind, loving support, I appreciate it and you. Hugs ❤ xXx


  3. I’m sure your daughter knows what a gift she has in you. It’s kind of odd, but the “breaking away” stage of our kids’ lives seems to be the very thing that brings them closer to us overall.

    So glad you are having this blessed time together.


  4. She is very fortunate to have you, your wisdom, and love, my friend.

    In this day of “helicopter” parenting, it’s refreshing that you are a great example of gentle guidance.


    1. mj, my buddy, thank you and it is lovely to hear from you. Hugs for you all. Please let me know how you are getting on when you have a minute. Xx


  5. Far too many have a knee-jerk reaction to everything. I’ve learned by my own mistakes and those of others that such reactions speak only to who I am, and rarely to the circumstances. Em is blessed to have you and your ‘nmw’ love, Jane.

    One thing (among many) I’ve learned from my daddy – ‘never let a problem become bigger than a person to love’……… When we love, it is then that we are closest to the hand which created us………. ❤ Always, you are love (and loved)………


    1. Yes, what a wonderful way of putting it…knee jerk reactions. I have not heard that expression for a long time. Love is a salve for many situations isn’t it? I love you ❤ always xXx


  6. Your grace and wisdom will quietly guide her through. As Gibran said so well, our children come through us, not from us. By your presence she is protected and guided, there are many who love and watch over her, see it in her painting, in her art. Sending you peace and blessings, know that The Way will guide you …


  7. Jane, it must be tough as a parent to try to shelter your child from harm yet know you have to let them go and make mistakes… I don’t have kids so I am musing here… Thank you for the peak into your life xx


  8. My lovely friend,

    A post to be very very proud of. You now have an email from me saying how I feel about it. 😊

    And I am so delighted to have connected with Em through her fab painting which I am so looking forward to. And, of course, it in turn, connects me even more to you. Wonderful life ❤️ Love you xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chris, you are a special friend and Em is thrilled that you have bought her latest creation. Flowing love over to your home from ‘us girls’ here. I love you. ❤ xXx


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