Light, dark and many degrees of shade….

(Garry Wilkes)
Trent & Mersey Canal after sunset (Garry Wilkes)

A thoughtful friend sent these photographs across of the Trent & Mersey canal this evening, so I could ‘share’ in his walk. I was tucked up at home with Mum and Dad, with Mum and I knitting like the clappers, because I was simply too weary for anything else. Bless my parents for their safe mooring. I received a message from Emily recently asking if I had time to knit her a waterfall cardigan. I jumped at the chance with absolute delight and when ‘us girls’ had some time together we had great fun choosing wool. Em was seven when she asked me not to make her any more hand knitted garments, no matter how trendy I made them look….I have been waiting fifteen years for this request and I am bubbly inside just thinking about it. There is love going into every stitch.

Anyhoo, back to the theme of this post.

I blossom in light, think in light, work in light and live in light. I have learned that fear kills light and have developed a number of ways of dealing with adversity and life’s tumbles. Holding onto light weaves through all of them.

When a soul is stuck in the dark of fear, we can shine our light and flow love to them, but the darkness will remain until they can work their way through it. If you find your light dimming then sometimes your only choice is to step away.

In the aftermath of a different step over Easter, a creative idea formed today with a business plan flowing from it. Mum and I went out exploring in the afternoon sunshine and discovered some rather interesting premises. As today drew to a close a meeting was arranged and things are starting to fall into place. I need a change and action, together with synchronicity, will bring this forth as it is meant to be.

Life’s canal is flowing and I can feel the warmth of sunshine on my boat.

(Garry Wilkes)
Trent & Mersey Canal in the evening sunshine (Garry Wilkes)

31 thoughts on “Light, dark and many degrees of shade….

  1. “Life’s canal is flowing and I can feel the warmth of sunshine on my boat.”


    When I visit your space, I feel that warmth and revel in it.

    You are so open and honest and so very uplifting.

    Thank you for sharing you!



    1. Ian what a lovely part of your hertitage. It is another world on the canals and there are a lot of them around here. Such peace and nature unfolding… 🙂 x


  2. I love your optimism Jane! Yes, it’s a fact, it’s the law of attraction; we get what we focus on. I have learned those same lessons. We cannot dwell on dark things or we will never see the light. ❤


  3. Love to see that waterfall sweater. Is that a type of stitch? 🙂 So glad she asked you. That means she really wants to wear it and say proudly it’s my mother’s gift. 🙂

    By the way, there is a Trent River canal in Ontario, Canada.


    1. Hello Jean, there are many canals around here in Cheshire and I am looking forward to exploring them. A waterfall cardigan is a style…there are no fastenings at the front, it just folds down the sides like a waterfall and you knit it in one piece from side to side…and yes, I will know Emily is wrapped in love when she wears it and she will feel that love. Hugs to you ❤


  4. I pray this new venture works out for you. I wanted to do some knitting and I eventually got some wool just after Christmas. I hadn’t knitted for years – no-one wanted anything made – but I find my hands can’t do it anymore and I can’t see well enough in artificial light either! I have had to leave it for a while until the evenings are light enough for me to see properly and I think I will have to invest in one of those extra bright lamps! This getting old business is really boring! I love the photos you were sent. Much love, Clare ❤


    1. Oh Clare I am with you on this…when I picked up my needles again I had to start off with a cushion cover as I was so out of ‘the game’. When I started to knit a jumper next I pulled it back so many times on my first piece, that it became a joke. It’s like riding a bike, it does come back to you I promise. Good light is vital! I am sitting here in the attic workshop, with the skylight open, listening to the traffic and the birds….the birds are winning and thinking of your garden…..much love, Xxx with hugs

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      1. Thank-you Jane! I must keep at it then! I always used to enjoy knitting and would love to enjoy it again. Your attic workshop sounds lovely! I’m glad the birds are winning. I’ve been hoovering out my car and cleaning it today in readiness for its MOT tomorrow. I hope it passes! I tend to forget about it as soon as I get out of it so the cleaning doesn’t get done as regularly as it should! Much love and hugs to you xx<3

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        1. Good luck with your car’s MOT Clare and my little car is parked in a side street at the moment and she is neglected poor thing…you have reminded me that I need to tackle that! The attic workshop is one of my Dad’s workshops (he is a precision engineer) and I have a little table tucked under the skylight amidst all his things…it’s lovely up here. Hugs and much love flowing back to you. Xx ❤

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  5. Peter said it perfectly. The opposite of love is not hate, but fear. I hurt for those who cling to fear because (I sense) it is all they know. Sometimes, life (love) calls for a bit of faith. Ahhhh, but another opposite. The opposite of faith isn’t a lack. The opposite of faith is knowledge. ❤ Always, I hold you in my heart. I love you, Jane. ❤


    1. Oh yes Bobbie, the human condition of things we fear that need labelling…yet peace and love nestle in the ‘letting go’ and ‘letting be’…what is, is and love simply is all around. I love you Bobbie, always ❤ xXx


  6. There is an inextinguishable quality about your light which shines out through the changes your life goes through. My fingers are crossed for you over your new plans. As to the knitting project, I have some memories of being the recipient of such projects, and that is a responsibility all of its own !


    1. Hello Ducky, your comment made me laugh out loud….thanks for your support with my writing and my new plans. Pants over tights hey Peter? Xxx ❤


    2. Ohh and I forgot to say, but will correct that now, the very best for the launch of your new book. See, definate ‘pants over tights’. Hugs Xx


  7. You are someone who I know will always hold onto the light Jane, however dim it may become. Don’t let anyone or anything extinguish it. And I am talking to myself here as well.😊

    Your plan sounds interesting… Fingers crossed for you.

    As for knitted jumpers, our youngest is 28 and she still wouldn’t thank me for a knitted garment! I might just get on with learning how to loom knit with one hand and make her a rainbow coloured scarf!!! 😄

    A fabulous post as always, beautifully written and how lovely of your friend to send these gorgeous photos so you could enjoy the walk too.

    Love you my very treasured friend ❤️ Xxx


    1. Chris, my special friend, Em has been making snoods on a one handed loom…now there’s a thought. There is something so soothing about making things, it gives our minds a rest and with everything going on that is a kind thing to do. Thank you for being so supportive about my writing. I find it so soothing to get things out on paper and it helps my mind to make sense of a jumble. Your lights shines every day Chris, even on the days when you have to stop to trim the wick! Love you hugely, ❤ XxxXx


  8. Jane,
    I can hear a shadow in your voice, but I see the light glistening in your heart. You have a very powerful source of light within you,. It will never let you down,
    Love and Light,
    Jeannie xxxxxxx


  9. Jane, The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. Clouds do not serve your garden. Everything old is new again … I only have one sweater left that my mother knitted for me, there were so many … I miss her. I know Em will cherish it (as I am sure she does her Mum) … Sending you synchronicities in time …


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