Our hearts are home….


There is so much shifting in the world right now, and I know from my own life and listening to others, that many souls are feeling it. Life, as always, continues to flow forward and there are a few things that ease that flow for me; love, trust, stillness, time and acceptance.

We all get so very busy doing this and that in daily life, that we can lose the sound of our inner voice. I had a plan and it felt right and I spent hours researching, investigating, exploring and trying to make this happen. My plan was to set-up a business that flowed care to others in a therapeautic way, with support and creative expression….perfect I thought. Life had other ideas. At every turn I got blocked and no matter how hard ‘I shook the tree’ my flow was not flowing!

I stopped, went still inside and let it simply be for a while. We fear stillness, because within it we ‘see’ ourselves and our patterns and that may not be a comfortable reality. As a naturally nurturing soul I was caught up in empowering others to find balance. I lived and worked in this way and have ended up worn out and emotionally exhausted.

Time to be still.

My inner voice said ‘What do you feel drawn to?’ and the answer was clear. Creativity. My authentic self craves expression in painting, writing and creating.

OK, I acknowledged the reality of what I was seeing. My first thought was ‘I need some workshop space to create in’ and within twenty four hours it all flowed, in ways that I could not have imagined or planned. Cosmic flow ‘knows’ so much better than I do!

Life has gifted workshop space to share with another artist not ten minutes from Mum and Dad’s home and I start to move in tomorrow. It is a huge industrial loft space with great iron girders above and old wooden floorboards holding us safe beneath our feet. The feeling in this place is so peaceful that I just stood there and breathed it in on my first visit. It is near to the river too and I can foresee many future moments gathering strength and inspiration from nature down there. I will be making furniture, re-vamping furniture, painting and creating loving objects for the home.

In the same day, just in case I had not got the message clearly, I had a request to look after one of my favourite dogs several times over the Spring and Summer, a possible flat to live in that is currently being re-vamped and will be ready by Summertime (again not ten minutes away from Mum and Dad and five minutes from the workshop) with a trusted friend as my landlord, newly found links to various outlets to sell my creations and a request to organise a psychic event to promote a local artists’ collective. So many blessings and possibilities.

I made the decision to flow away from the online service with gratitude for all I have learned from my years working on there. Letting go to allow space for the ‘new’ to flow in and carrying in my heart the loving connections made.

Trusting that all is meant to be and will continue to flow forward, and so long as I nurture the love in my heart, I am home.

45 thoughts on “Our hearts are home….

    1. It’s my friend’s cafe in Ruthin, North Wales. She gave it up recently and offered me the business Jean. If I had still been living in North Wales I would have jumped at it, but I am putting foundations down in Cheshire and they are taking root….so it was not meant to be. Rachel, my friend, offered me such thought and kindness when I moved moved to Ruthin that her cafe became my favourite place to be. Hugs to you. x


      1. Running a business is serious stuff. Would have added more stress to you.

        Why bother if you can’t afford it long term. My very best, Jane for a good July ahead!


        1. Hello Jean, well I know have a business making and revamping furniture and I seem to thrive on the challenges. I hope you have a lovely July and have many happy cycling days. ❤


  1. Jane,

    You are one of the most courageous people I have known.
    It takes a lot of heart to surrender to the cosmic flow. I wish
    you happy adventures and much success!



    1. Hello Sarah, it’s like ‘I’ve started, so I’ll finish’…here I am at the end of a day covered in dust and paint and feeling my way with all of this…and the photos I have taken of the storage chest I have finished painting today are rubbish…so, there is much tweaking to be done! Wish you were here, then we could work together. Hugs and much ❤ xXx


  2. What a beautiful post…Sometimes we are so worried living that we forget that ife itself flows forward as you say… There are many thing we can’t control. The best way to live is by letting love, trust, stillness, time and prevail, you are right … . The ability to learn from experience implies constant yet gradual progress. The combination of stillness within and determination without are the essence of this dynamic, I guess.
    Love ad happy week ahead to you, dear Jane. Aquileana ⭐


    1. It’s catching the flow isn’t it Debby? When we align ourselves to our authentic path and can turn life’s hubbub down enough to hear our inner voice…then magic happens. ❤ to you with hugs. xX

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  3. This all sounds so wonderful! I am so pleased for you! Isn’t life strange? We fight and fight to do the thing we believe we are meant to do and get nowhere and then something happens and suddenly we are off in another direction and all goes well. Take care, my dear! ❤ xxxx


  4. Can’t wait to see what flows from this creativity. Sounds like a wonderful situation with support all around you. Also love that it’s close to water.


  5. A truly wonderful post Jane and one that shows when we let go and are prepared to be still, then gifts are sent our way. And I am amazed at how much you have been able to let go of in order to create your still space.
    That truly inspires me.

    I love you so very much my precious friend and I am with you all the way in your new venture. Always only a phone call away too. Xxx❤️Xxx


    1. My Darling girl, I am a car ride away from you and I will be heading your way with a funky teapot or two, you can bank on that. With many soft hugs and much laughter between us too…your support and loving encouragement have been instrumental in me reaching this point. Here’s to many happy creative pictures flying through the ether. Oh that reminds me…Chris we are still standing and our pants are firmly over our tights and capes are ‘a flying my lovely… <3, always xXx


          1. Thank you! I’m still trying to sort this book launch out! I am being patient and letting it happen itself in a way if that makes sense. What I mean, I think, is Im not rushing into the first venue I come across. I only want a very small affair to draw a line under the project rather than to sell books. I really do relish the wonderful opportunity James Nash has given me to share reading a couple of the poems from the book. He reads them beautifully. That’s what it’s about for me ❤️ Xx


          2. I hear what you are saying and you are following your authentic self Chris….those pants of yours are sparkly…. ❤ xXx ❤


    1. I am touched by your words and support Ducky, thank you. I do so hope that your second book launch is going well my lovely? Hugs Xx


    1. Hello John, wise farming words from you, thank you. I know it sounds a lot and I saw it all as validation that I had hit the right track. I am moving forward hour by hour, a day at a time..with pauses…and deep breaths. A solid foundation is going down and seeds are being nurtured. Hugs for you all over there in Texas. x


  6. It’s like pieces of a jigsaw slotting nicely into place ❤ Trust, patience and a bit more trust :))) No wonder you felt so drawn, that photo is beautiful! xxxx


  7. Yes, the river seems to seal the magic of the place, and the space. I have not read the book yet, but have seen and loved the movie A River Runs Through It – in Norman McClean’s own words “I am haunted by water” like the words of scripture there are layers of meaning to his words. May the sound of your soul continue to rise in you ear …


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