If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and flies like a duck…..chances are it’s a duck!

Sea Spray

A few days ago I stood at the local animal sanctuary and soaked up their surroundings for the first time. I watched a little pony called Poppy, on a lead reign, all ready for her daily constitutional down the lane. The simplest route to start her walk was through the main field full of donkeys and Poppy wasn’t having any of it. She had dug her back hooves in and several volunteers were trying their best to get her to shift. It’s for her own good they assured us. The lady who set this sanctuary up, and has run it for fourteen years, wisely kept silent and observed. She and I stood back and talked quietly. This is a pony who just wants a little girl to love her. The other horses, ponies and donkeys nip her backside whenever she comes near and Poppy’s displacement is there for those that can see. Eventually, they walked her round the edge of the other empty fields and went down the lane, where Poppy went without a murmur. She has her reasons, because animals feel, have memories and only have their bodies to communicate with us. I have offered to walk and groom her when I am down there. Best of British luck to anyone trying to get her to do anything that she feels uncomfortable with, as Poppy clearly knows what’s best for her.

I watched a little boy riding his bike on the sea path yesterday. His Mum, a baby strapped to her front, and Gran were walking behind as he sped along with a very whizzy helmet on his head. He got a little way ahead and the waves were throwing up a lot of spray, so his Mum called out to him to stop. He carried on. She called again and I watched his back tense and he kept going. His Mum called again, but kept her tone light. She and I looked at each other and laughed. We agreed that he was doing a quick risk assessment on his situation and weighing up his options. We watched for a few moments and he stopped, but he didn’t turn around. All three of us women smiled at each other.

I have had a lovely idea for the last two days to get some new creative painting done. This has not happened due to unexpected things popping up, other folks plans demanding my attention and ‘WTH’ moments. I say ‘WTH’ because my Mum reads this, but really I said something completely different. One of my dearest buddies on the service I work on has this daily mantra; ‘Try not to get angry, tired or hungry’. With this in mind I stocked up on fresh fruit and veg at the market yesterday and bought some ‘Sleepytime’ tea. I have not yet reached the point of needing to dust my new artistic materials, purchased with much excitement and anticipation, so I hold hope for a window of opportunity today.

There is grace in acceptance isn’t there? Things are as they are. Now about the duck……..

30 thoughts on “If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and flies like a duck…..chances are it’s a duck!

    1. Oh Ian, thank you. I popped out between work shifts yesterday to get some fresh air. It was an early Spring like day and there were dogs and their loved ones the beach throwing balls. The sea was gentle and barely moving and the dogs were loving it. Such a happy scene to watch. Hugs for you. x

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  1. Your muse will come, Jane. Live in the moment and when your hand is ready it will reach for the duster. Splendid post. Most gentle hugs, my friend.
    blessings ~ maxi


  2. I was cheering for you, Jane, and also for Poppy and the little boy on the bike! I loved reading this and feeling connected to your life and experiences. And now this is my new motto: ‘Try not to get angry, tired or hungry’. Such a smart plan! 🙂


    1. Hello Marylin and thank you. My smart friend also suggested Reiki healing and meditation and work of those are working well too. I started painting yesterday 😉 Huge hugs for you with much ❤ xXx


  3. Jane: you write so well! The wonderful relationship between the mum and her son, poor Poppy and her fear of being bitten and lastly your painting having to be put off again and again because of ‘stuff’ – all three stories are full of vitality and Jane-ness. This post has so much to tell us about empathy, understanding and tolerance.


  4. Hahahaha…that was a nice twist in the tale! I was, admittedly waiting for the duck story…Lovely stories, especially the one about the boy on the bicycle! 😄


  5. So good to have you back on the blog-o-sphere … Your words seem to belong here, that subtle perception of emotion … The Native Americans called animals people and brothers, they understood their connection to us and to the world, to Gaia. Sending you love and heartfelt warmth as spring nears. Soon the sap will be running in the trees …


    1. My Bro, I felt weepy down there on Saturday. Being around the animals lovely energy caused all sorts of buried stuff to float up. Better out than in hey? Onward and upward and I will love walking with Poppy down the lane and I am tempted to find a spot where we can go onto the beach, as I have a feeling she will love that. Hugs Xx


  6. > Lovely …I know exactly what you mean about the art…every day something happens ,distractions ,important or not…and then the evening comes and I’m just too weary …but when I can ,it’s my meditation time because I am lost in the unconsciousness of concentration …..wonderful time when you just don’t think of anything else except the moment…

    How lucky the sanctuary is to have found you!!! Hugs. Leny

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  7. Oh I love, love, love this post my precious friend.
    I just know that when ( not if!) your book is written, I will not put it down!! I love you very much. Xxx❤️💚💜💛xxX

    PS I will email you a photo of my ducks! 😄 xxx


  8. Jane,
    Maybe because spring is nearing, but I’m gathering up my ducks over here as well. They seem to have a mind of their own if you take your eyes off them for just a second.
    Sending you many hugs and much love,
    Jeannie xxxxxx


    1. Ohh Jeannie, I am so with you on that one. Huge hugs and much love flowing across ‘the Pond’ for you my special buddy. Here’s to happy duck handling…..have you ever seen Indian Runner Ducks? They are hilarious to watch. ❤ Xxx

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  9. I love your descriptions. The one of Poppy is so rich and evocative, and I think that could be the start of a beautiful friendship. I agree completely with you about animals. the more I see of them, of all sorts, the more I’m sure that we humans under-estimate their intelligence and sensitivity outrageously. The moment on the sea front is very much one of those frozen moments that say so much about human nature, mothers and children, and young men in general.
    I am glad you moderate your language for your mother.
    A lovely post, a great start to my day


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