“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Pirate Ship

Tim West, a wonderful actor, and his wife Pru who is also a naturally gifted actress, have filmed a series of canal journeys. Their programs are a joy to watch. This weekend Tim stood on the stage of a very old theatre in Sweden and recited this piece from Shakespeare’s Tempest. It caught my heart, and along with recent events, sparked this post.

Things have unfolded in our shared house as a pattern is playing and several of us are battling with lack of sleep. All reasonable requests are being ignored and it is time for me to sail my ‘boat’ into a new berth. I can often be found suggesting to clients that no-one ever does anything to us. People make choices on how they behave and we then have choice of how we behave. It cuts right through the need for ‘hero’ and ‘victim’ labelling and personal ‘boxing’. I don’t mean physical boxing here, although several times recently the desire to turn a certain person’s hidden attributes into a handbag has been very tempting! Anyhow, I digress and this lack of labelling means we can avoid imprisoning ourselves into situations and feeling trapped. It helps life to flow.

My decision to find a new berth took me to a meeting this morning with a kindred soul. I sat in a front room while my soon to be landlady made us coffee and I soaked up the atmosphere of her home. I was surrounded by loved pieces of furniture, art and china that have been collected and as I looked around I smiled. There are artistic and sparkly touches everywhere. We chatted about all sorts and when we bobbed upstairs to look at my room, and the little sitting room, kitchen and bathroom that I will share with another lodger, I kept saying ‘Ohhhh’ and ‘Ohhhh’ again.

I can write and thrive there. It’s divine timing at work and blessings are flowing, as always.

My new found friend and I parted with promises that I would move in there in a few weeks time. I walked down the road to the sea and The Mersey and there was the pirate ship pictured here. There were ribbons and notes from children left there from Easter weekend fluttering in the wind. I looked across to Liverpool and pictured myself on the ferry travelling to the next writers group meeting and I smiled.

I turned the corner and visited my friend in her café, The Driftwood. Hugs and a catch-up natter followed, as we looked at the latest local art to cover her walls. I sat in the window watching the sea eating a yummy bowl of her homemade soup and rested a while.

You see, this is a change yes, but it’s not an uprooting. My heart and soul are here and I am simply changing berth in the same harbour. I walked back up through the shops where I am known. I blew a kiss to the lovely souls in the chemist, I waved to my buddy in the card shop and I popped in for a natter with the lovely man who runs the fish and chip shop. I don’t eat meat, fish or dairy anymore. I am totally vegan now and there was one night recently when I was exhausted and needed food. I bobbed out to the shops and failed to find anything. This was not one of my best planning days. Anyway, I bobbed into Nashad’s and he made me a yummy stir fry of vegetables and I will never forget his kindness. We always have a wonderful chat about his farm back in Turkey and life in general.

Love flows with all these loving links and this is the place to bring my dream of writing a book into reality. The bonds that have been made with ‘the girls’, as we call ourselves in our current home, will still flow and we will continue to love each other and spend time together.

On course and sailing straight….with love, always with love.

24 thoughts on ““We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” The Tempest by William Shakespeare

  1. Shared houses are fine when everyone has similar habits and all stick to the ‘rules’ but as soon as one person decides to act differently, living there together becomes very difficult. My eldest daughter has had the same problem in some of her shared homes. Best of luck in your new ‘berth’ Jane! xxx


    1. Hello my lovely, yes!! It’s especially difficult when it’s the live in landlord that has made the rules, but feels they do not apply to him. So onwards we go. You would love where I am moving to. I hope your eldest is settled at the moment? Hugs for you and I also hope your week is going well. <3, always Xxx

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      1. Thank-you dear Jane; yes my week has gone very well. My eldest is settled at the moment though she would love to have a flat of her own. Maybe one day she’ll earn enough money to afford it. When she first moved into the shared house she is in at present the owner was also still living there and causing real problems. Heavy drinking, keeping an injured pigeon in the downstairs loo, moving furniture about in the early hours of the morning to name a few! She has since moved out and life has improved greatly for Alice and her house-mates. Hugs and love to you Xxx ❤


        1. Bless Alice, it’s not easy is it? I am glad things have settled for her and their home. It’s all change at Picadilly here, because all of us girls are on the move. I am being brave and tackling packing again. I have the reputation of being a nomad, when in truth I am simply being flexible. Oh and eating lots of blueberries for ‘oomph’. Much love flowing to you Clare and I hope you are having a relaxing weekend. Hugs Xxx ❤

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          1. Thank-you Jane. I think your moves are forced on you rather than you wanting to move; I am sure, like most women, you’d rather settle down in one place. You are a very noble lady and I hope your moves goes well. Much love and hugs to you xx ❤


  2. I love to read your posts, Jane, and to know that your bountiful love if flowing straight and true as it always has. 🙂 xx


  3. A lovely post! Really enjoyed reading your words, Jane, and as ever I’ve had to come back to earth because you transported me away :))) What a great direction you’re sailing in 💜xxxxx


  4. You have the mind and the heart of a poet, Jane. Not only did you use one of my favorite, most profoundly true lines from Shakespeare, but then you swept me away with your line “… it is time for me to sail my ‘boat’ into a new berth…” Wonderful post. Thank you for taking us along on your journey.


  5. Aaah! Love is a trembling happiness I read somewhere and it sure makes the world go round, even when you are sailing straight…..and these days I feel the love. Loved it Jane!!


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