Loving notes………


Lynn left work early on Friday and came home with flowers, glorious roses, which now nestle in one of her jugs in my little sitting room upstairs. They are beside Em’s beautiful bowl she made when she was young and Jojo, my sister in law’s, gifted butterfly picture. I smile every time I look over there.

It has been a busy week and as Friday afternoon unfolded, with continuing techie problems flowing through, I messaged HQ at 4pm-ish and let them know that I was cutting loose. Loving messages and ‘Bon voyages’ were exchanged and I followed an impulse. About forty minutes walk along the promenade from home one of the ferries to Liverpool shuttle back and forth. I set off and caught it for the first time since I moved here. It’s a ten minute ride across The Mersey and I could feel the week lifting off and away as I stood ‘up top’ and at the front holding the rail. I loved every second of it. It berths at the docks in Liverpool and I trusted my instincts to guide me up through the city to one of my favourite haunts. Liverpool’s Central Library. Sigh….. I have not been able to settle into a book for some time now and it was time to ease past this situation. I pottered inside and picked up quite a few books, then bought a coffee and headed up to the roof terrace. You’ll love this bit, as I got so engrossed in the first book I picked up, I completely lost track of time. It started to get a bit chilly and I gathered myself together and walked back through the city to the docks. There I watched the ferry sailing across towards home. The realisation that it was the last one that day dawned on me as no-one else was waiting and also, all the roller shutters were down on the gangway and the cafe was closed. ‘Ahhh…’ I thought as I stood there, ‘Right, now where’s the nearest train station?’ I found it and was soon settled on a train, reading again, as I headed for home. When I got back, Lynn chuckled sympathetically and gave me a ferry timetable. On this unplanned adventure I discovered new parts of the city and also, if I buy a ‘day saver’ ticket I can go on the local buses, trains and on a ferry excursion cruise which lasts fifty minutes. Now there’s a cracking thought for another day. Marvelous.

This weekend I have been creating and finishing off various projects in readiness to stock a space in a local craft shop. I also spent a lot of time reading and have finished one book already, which was bliss.

Probably going hand in hand with the reading, I have not been writing much either. I pushed myself and offered to write an article for a friend’s online magazine this week. I asked him what subject he would like me to cover and his reply was ‘Whatever you want to Jane’. I had a look and saw that the current contributors are all trained in various spiritual practices and disciplines and this is what they write about. This walloped me right out of my comfort zone, as I am untrained. I managed to avoid writing anything yesterday and then as today started I pottered about and had a ponder. I was untrained in furniture restoration and re-holstering, but I had a go. I work each day reaching out a loving hand to those in difficulties, which works best when I get out of the way of it and just let my spirit guides do their lovely thing. So I went into that mode to write. I sat here at my desk, watched the clouds for a while and breathed, then got out of the way of myself and let the words flow. There is so much written about writing tips and whatnot and the one thing I have found is not to write as if someone is reading it as you write. Try not to logic it. So, I said ‘Hello’ to my heart and spirit and then let go as it flowed. I will keep you all posted on whether this 1,000 odd worded flow will be accepted or not.

Spring is here and I am walking each morning in the freshness of the day, then coming back to this lovely home and seeing what blossoms forth. Whatever happens it all springs from love. ❤

15 thoughts on “Loving notes………

  1. You have settled in a wonderful place, my lovely friend. May joy and peace fill your days and gentle hugs surround you always.
    blessings ~ maxi


  2. Isn’t it a wonderful thing, that even when we aren’t necessarily watching, the heart knows the way to home………… ❤ May the words fall sweetly on your coming and going, Jane. Always, I hold you here ❤


  3. This is such a spring-like post with its new beginnings. I am so pleased you have started reading again! When my first marriage broke up I couldn’t read for a year – I couldn’t watch TV – I couldn’t settle for long enough to get lost in a book or watch a TV programme. Good luck with the article. You don’t need to be trained to write about what you know and how you do it. Just be ‘Jane’ and all will be well!


    1. Ahh, I love this, I was singing it as we sailed. There is one brightly painted ferry boat in service called ‘Snowdrop’ and they play this very song on her trips. Gerry has stayed close to his roots and lives near here on The Wirral. It makes me wonder if he ever catches the ferry and hears his song…lovely thought. I will hug you and Patty soon…yay. ❤ Xx


  4. Jane – Isn’t that always the case, I guess that’s where the expression Missing the Boat came from! So glad you took a little time to be free, and let things flow for yourself. Would love to read your article when it is finish. Been getting filled up enough to start writing again here too, although now that the office is done the rest of the downstairs needs to follow. Time, you see is what keeps everything from happening at once 😉 Hoping you have a beautiful Mother’s Day. All the best! – Peter


    1. Hello my lovely, I loved seeing the pictures of your new project/room, it’s impressive. I hope your temp to perm position goes smoothly and I am sending sparkly thoughts across The Pond to you. I will send you my writing….I did a piece on ‘Letting go’ – they say you should always write about what you know don’t they? Whoever ‘they’ is. Hugs and much love ❤ Xxx


  5. Beautiful words and sentiments my lovely Jane and just what I needed to read to bring me back down after chaos here over the weekend; nice chaos by but nevertheless, chaos. 😊.

    I loved your ferry story which really tells me how settled you have become after the trauma of the past months.

    Forwards you go at whatever pace suits you. I love you my very precious friend ❤️ Xxx


    1. On course and sailing smoothly hey my lovely? That goes for both of us, no matter what is going on around us. I love you and the sparkly connection we have. Your loving notes flowing through my days. ❤ xXx ❤


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