Trees, leaves, sunlight and magic….

Spring leaves

From the window where I work there is a line of trees opposite. In the few short weeks I have been living here the leaves have burst forth and they are full and rustling in the breeze today. There are two trees in the middle that have a ‘silveryness’ and today something magic happened. The sun was shining down and catching the reflection on the leaves. It was as if hundreds of glittery lights were swaying and tumbling down the trees and it was spell binding to watch. ❤

I was grateful for nature's display, because the customer requests today were angry and had a fair degree of 'stickiness' as their theme. I flowed with loving versions of empathy, ease, different perspectives, letting go and acceptance. They chose to rant. I wanted to share with them the view of these trees in all their beauty, but they are not yet ready to listen. In Autumn, the trees will let go and all the leaves will fall to the ground and nourish the soil to enable them to rest through wintertime, ready to burst forth again in the Spring. ❤

Three decisions in my camp over the weekend will flow some changes through in the next few weeks. I am starting my own writer's group, having my hair cut short and have had my request to join the local weekly pub quiz team accepted. These are all good moves I feel. Setting up the writer's group has propelled me out to meet and talk to different people. If it doesn't pan out, at least I will have made new friends. Having my hair cut will 'let go' of the security that long hair makes me feel attractive. If I don't like it, then I can always grow it again. Last, but not least, bless the quiz team, because they will save me from talking to myself and the television when quiz programs are broadcast. ❤

A friend sent a text this afternoon to say he was walking on the prom by the pirate ship and he shared a magic moment. There is a wishing post by the ship and people leave keepsakes there. A little one, with the help of her Mum and Dad, said 'Goodbye' and tied her two dummies on with ribbon. An official ceremony to mark the occasion as her Mum and Dad and all the lovely people on the prom clapped and cheered her. Pure magic. ❤

29 thoughts on “Trees, leaves, sunlight and magic….

    1. Oh yes Bobbie, always. Grandfathersky (Pete) thought of you when I shared about starting my own writing group, as he said you have done this too. I love you Bobbie. Everytime I see a moment in nature my heart feels yours. Hugs and ❤ xX


  1. When I had my hair cut a few years ago I was very nervous as I had always thought that short hair wouldn’t suit me (I had thought only people with little round heads were able to look good with short hair!). In fact, it was a great decision and I found (and still find) short hair so liberating. I hope you find it so too.
    I am sure you’ll love being on the quiz team and will be such an asset to them. Richard and I are taking part in an inter-village quiz on Friday (I am usually a bit of a dead-weight as I can never remember things when under pressure). We won last year so there is even more pressure than usual – oh dear 😉
    I hope the writer’s group is a success. If you don’t try these things you’ll never know what you are capable of.
    Much love and hugs xx ❤


    1. Hello lovely Clare, when I mentioned my hair plans last night, a friend (male) asked if my ears would be showing. What is it with a lot of men and long hair. 🙂 I understand your nerves and the pressure for Friday night and I wish you all the sparkly best. I hope you have fun. The one we are going to tonight is a sheets one, so no calling out, which I hope is less pressurised. Thank you for your wishes for the writer’s group. I have started to send out the emails and make the phone calls. My confidence hit an all time low at the beginning of this year and I have been pushing myself into doing things. Running on the belief that if I carry on as if I have confidence, then it will come back. I am sitting here watching the gentle rain and listening to the birds and sending much love to you. ❤ xXx with hugs xxx

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      1. My husband regrets my cutting my hair. ‘You used to have lovely long brown hair!’ he wails. I used to be 25 years younger too!
        I think the quiz tomorrow is a sheets one too – hope you enjoyed your quiz this evening. I think your plan to pretend you are confident is a good one as long as you don’t push yourself too far and overtire yourself. ‘Fake it til you make it’! 😀


        1. Hi lovely Clare, our quiz was cancelled, because the organiser was poorly. We went to Crosy to see Antony Gormley’s iron men on the beach there instead. How did yours go? I feel liberated with short hair and I’m guessing you feel the same? Yes, we are not the young lasses outside that we once were, we still are inside though aren’t we? Huge, soft hugs for you and much ❤ Xxxx

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          1. I’m sorry your quiz was cancelled. Ours went okay but we all struggled with some really obscure questions! Our team came 4th which we were quite happy with.
            As soon as I had my hair cut short I felt so much better. That was 14 years ago and I now have it cut even shorter! You’re right – I don’t feel like I’m 57 on the inside but after an afternoon’s gardening I definitely feel 57 on the outside! Much love and big hugs for you dear Jane xxxx


          2. Ohh, I can feel a long hot soak in a bath coming on for you. I hope your aches are easing today. Aren’t we lucky with the glorious weather this weekend? 4th is very good Clare. I will keep you posted on how we do this Thursday. I have been sent some practise questions, but haven’t got around to them yet. Hugs and much ❤ xX

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  2. I love your description of the silveryness of the leaves, Jane. It’s that magical time of the year, and today the breezes were warm and the lilacs smelled so sweet here in Colorado. I took an extra-long time and planted geraniums in big bronze pots, loving every minute.
    I’ll pretend I’m there at the wishing post, wishing you continued magical moments, dear Jane.


  3. I had an old barber with a hearty laugh who used to say to his customers “if you don’t like your haircut, it’ll grow on you!” Too funny. Interesting how day show us synchronicities, and it’s up to use to recognize the sign posts. Good luck with your writers group. Touch base with Bobbie (Tornado Day) she has be chairing writing groups for quite a while. Good luck !


  4. I love it when the sun glistens off water and onto nearby leaves. It’s like nature’s own laser light show.

    Hope the writer’s group thrives. You will set an example for them all!


      1. Al, it also occurs to me that swopping mobile numbers would be a good idea and deciding on a London location for our meet-up. I have searched everywhere for your email address and failed! Hugs ❤ xXx


  5. Oh my goodness Jane, what a wonderful post – I mean full of wonder, and allowing that wonder to roll out into the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xx


  6. What an uplifting post my precious friend. And such a fabulous story about the dummies. It brought a tear to my eye. How wonderful.
    As I keep saying you write with such an engaging style I could read and read and… ❤️xxx


    1. Oh Chris you are so very kind my lovely. I am being good and clearing emails this morning (and finding goodness knows how many other things to do instead)…great plans of mice and men hey? Our loving connection is a daily joy. Huge, soft hugs for you. xXx ❤ xXx


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