Nature, knitting and magic….

De Vere Park

There have been many magic moments in the past week or so and each time my heart has tucked them in a special place.

For the first time in it’s history, the Disney cruise ship docked at Liverpool harbour for a few days and I, and many others, sat on the beach in the evening sun watching her set off for the port of Dover. There was Beatles music playing, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on the deck waving ‘Goodbye’ and the captain playing ‘When you wish upon a star’ on the ship’s horns. She did a 360 degree turn on The River Mersey before she set out for the Irish Sea and it was magic. The little ones and adults alike were all smiling and waving everyone on their way. The moment wove into my heart, because a kind lady handed me her newborn son and I held him as she and I chatted, his little brothers playing in the sand, as ‘Disney’ sailed out.

My friend from the promenade took me to hear some young musicians play at the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum in Birkenhead. What a wonderful place that is and full of interesting pieces. Mo and I had a lovely time and it was a pleasure to sit in that beautiful setting and hear live music. Bless her for her thoughtfulness.

Quiz night was eventful and there was much laughter. Bless Steve and his fellow ‘quizzers’ for welcoming me into their fold. Blessings and a brickbat for the ‘He Who Shall Remain Nameless’ who set the questions, because he was poorly at the time and they were tough, I mean really tough. All our brains ached, but we managed to have lots of laughs though. I would just like to say that football related questions (like naming all the team shirts for the Euro Cup…!!!!) are not kind. Bless the chap who was on the team behind me, because he said they were leaving early and would we like some help…big smiles for him. We came second by the way and won ‘Eight pints of beer’, which we promptly put behind the bar for next week.

I bobbed up to the gift shop recently with a bag full of my handmade things, to find their shop shuttered-up. The chap in the shop next door explained that they had moved away, which confirmed my feelings that all was not well as messages had not been returned for some time. ‘Oh well’ I thought, ‘I’m up here now, so I may as well look for a teapot for my latest teapot cosy pattern’. There are lots of interesting shops up on top of the hill and I had a lovely time pottering about. I popped into one shop and couldn’t find anyone to ask for help, so I stuck my head out again to see if anyone was about. It’s like a small community up there and they all pull together, so the lady in the shop next door yelled for help. A lady (covered in paint) came flying out of the antiques shop on the end of the parade and smiling at each other, we got chatting. The upshot is that Mandy runs the shabby chic and interesting pieces shop and her husband runs the antiques shop. We bonded and she asked what I had in my large bag. I showed her and we ended up making a deal. A wonderful, kind and trusting deal. She loves my things and I love making them and she will sell them for me.

Thanks to Mandy’s kindness I am now knitting like the clappers and busy doing my ‘Miss Marple’ bit out in public. Yes, Chris Moran, your idea has stuck! ❤ I can be found sitting outside on various benches, knitting. I sat in the park recently, surrounded by all the wonderful trees and flowers, where a brass band was playing all afternoon. I sit on the sea front, knitting, and get to chat to all sorts of people. Bless Steve the photographer for sharing his knowledge of the many vessels that pass our way. The old fashioned clipper 'Bessie Ellen' was a joy to behold early the other morning.

This morning my friend Dave from one of the writing groups and I met to talk about writing and how best to flow support to each other and others who are crafting books. We initially met in the Central Library where they had an exhibition of 'Contemporary Book Art'. Some clever souls have made life sized sculptures of figures from brown paper. I stopped to photograph these and some passing 'wag' commented 'Careful now, don't wake him up' as I snapped Julius Caesar with a knife in his back.
Julius Caesar
William Shakespeare
Romeo & Juliet
We took our coffees outside into St.John’s gardens and sat in the park surrounded by all the trees and flowers. The morning flew by and between us we have a ‘writing’ plan going forwards.

This evening the lovely Hannah, from our old house, is coming to live with Lynn and I for a few weeks. It will be such a treat to share a home again and have some time together. I sense that the magic that has found me here, will also touch Hannah.

30 thoughts on “Nature, knitting and magic….

  1. Oh, how I’d love i pic of you sitting on a bench, doing your Miss Marple thing. I have a friend who knits EVERYWHERE. She can count and talk at the same time. I’ve got to find something calming like that.
    Growing up, I’d only seen Disneyland on TV, so I was thrilled when I finally took myself there after graduation from college. And as I walked through the tunnelled gates, “When You Wish Upon A Star” was playing. I was stunned at the effort put into making it a magical place. Right down to the scent of the bathroom cleansers and the shape-shifting shadows cast on the sidewalk.
    And yet…having walked across England last year, I can also vouch that so many villages there were warm, welcoming, and magical, too. Keep adventuring and keep sharing. Thanks.

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    1. Yes, I know what you mean about some of the villages over here. Knitting is so soothing and you can look and see something grow. I hope you find your ‘soothing’ activity. Mine takes me right back to my childhood sitting with my Mum, Grannies and Great Granny learning how to do all these things. Bless them, those memories will never fade. Hugs for you, Xxx


  2. When You Wish Upon A Star–and watch a Disney cruise ship!–what a way to kick of wonderful-ness! There you were, making conversation with the very person who would ultimately be interested in working with your crafts!
    What a happy post! Hugs and love, Jane.


  3. Disney, in the land of Princesses and Camelot. Not since JFK and Jackie have we seen it here, except in Orlando! You have such a connection to people, to souls, it seems the more you connect, the greater your power, a quiet charisma. The sea adores you … To borrow from Nietzsche – as you gaze into its horizons, it gazes back at you … Much love, Peter


    1. Ahh Pete, thank you, as there is so much love pouring forth. I don’t do blame as you know, but I do have a few rants at Disney. I handle calls from clients who have this belief that a knight is coming over the horizon on his white charger to make their lives all better, or a prince is going to kiss them and magically transform everything. What kind of pressure is that to put onto another soul? Much love flowing back to you, ❤ Xx

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          1. Yes… Thinking back I still recall the Bambi trauma “Man is in the woods!” And Bambi’s mother getting shot. Hard not to think there is a agenda here …


          2. It was Bambi that sprung to mind from your earlier comment. Goodness Pete, how many tears have been shed over that scene. The early days of emotional manipulation and what we are fed….actually, what we accept is the key here, but then that wisdom usually comes with age! ❤

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  4. I love this post! You are sounding so much happier Jane – I am so pleased you are settling down in your new place. I really liked the photos – the park looks so peaceful!
    Take care of yourself! Love and hugs from me XxX ❤


  5. What a lovely world it is, dearest Jane………the one you live in and the same you share with us. Surely, life would be an awfully ugly place to not have friends………… ❤ I love you so………and am delighted to know your writing group is taking shape…….


    1. Hello my lovely, friends are a joyful gift aren’t they? It’s a blessing to be able to write and share and as things happen I can feel the words forming. I am like you with notebooks everywhere now. I love you Bobbie, always ❤ xX


      1. I am rarely in a place without a journal or two. This past weekend, I was looking for a lost bottle of perfume in my glove box. I never found it, but found at least 6 separate half-filled journals. 🙂 Perhaps words are my real essence! ❤


  6. Jane,
    Your life has become quite the adventure. Every day unfolds many new threads to explore. How amazing! Thank you for sharing them here with all of us. I feel as if I*’m right there with you.
    Love to you,


  7. Lovely pictures you conjure up,you see so much joy….it’s all in the eye of the beholder! …X

    Sent from my iPad



  8. Once again you have nailed it Jane with a beautiful post.

    Let’s hope you can knit in peace without being involved in a murder! ❤️

    Your words flow as beautifully as ever and are a soothing joy to read. Your quiz night sounds hilarious and Im sure there will be a follow up post at some point.

    Please keep writing and giving everyone here (and those who eventually read your book) so much joy.

    Sending buckets of love xxx❤️💜💚xxx


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