Come sit awhile, let’s just be. A place of French peace for you and me….


Into life flow moments that take your breath away and Belle and I were blessed to share one.

It was lunchtime and pottering in the kitchen I became aware of a new noise coming from the sky. Belle and I went outside to see hundreds of Cranes calling to each other as they flew South for the Winter. They fly in V’s with the newborns from this year nestled safely between them. They climb high if any buzzards are about and we watched them circle ever upwards till they were safe. It was magic and a blessing to see. I have never heard a noise like it and we could still hear them long after they had disappeared over the horizon. Nature’s wonder unfolding and Belle and I sat watching the sky for many magic moments.


The peace of this place is heartfelt. It seeps into your soul and you rest into it. The simplicity of life and the warmth of the sky meeting the earth in harmony weave a fabric for life that is natural and allows you to simply ‘be’.

From my ‘heart’ family there is a home for sale nestling next to the Dordogne river. It is a wonderful mixture of an old stone farmhouse with log burners and fireplaces, wooden floors, stone and wooden barns, old pigsties, workshops and sheds. Oak, walnut and fruit trees, land sloping down to the river and all within walking distance of Gardonne, which has all the services you need.


Not quite my time to make the move, otherwise I would be there like a shot. It’s perfect for someone though and my heart wanted to flow the magic to share with you all, just in case that someone was you.

The link below will give you the full details:

Gardonne Farmhouse Ref: BH842

23 thoughts on “Come sit awhile, let’s just be. A place of French peace for you and me….

    1. Hello Ian, how lovely to hear from you. I love that my friend in Sweden passes the place where the baby cranes are born every day on his way to work, then another’s friends Mum watches them fly over her home in Germany and there in France I witnessed another part of their journey. We are all linked. Hugs for you. X

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  1. Oh Jane! This is such a warm and beautiful post! I would love to see that many cranes flying overhead – what a truly magical moment for you and Belle ❤ That farmhouse for sale looks gorgeous and I hope it gets a loving owner soon. Much love and hugs for you from me xx ❤ xx


    1. Thank you Clare and you can imagine how my mind was running along the lines of ‘Could I care for it all while a new person to love it was found?’ ….right now I am in New Brighton looking after my lovely friend’s furry buddy Bella. It’s pouring with rain and we are about to head off to the beach for a ball chasing session….I hope you are having a lovely weekend? Much ❤ and hugs flowing to you. xXx ❤

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        1. I am back now and looking after Bella, my friend’s dog in New Brighton. We walked the beach this morning and nature was all around. This time of year always seems far more full of possibilities than Spring for me. It’s like an Autumnal re-birth with all the colours. ❤ for you Pete. Xx

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  2. Dear Jane,
    Thanks for sharing this!
    Yes, the Crane is a spectacular bird. They breed up here in Sweden. I use to see them walking on the fields every other day from my commuter train to and from work! I have a good friend in Somerset who told me that they try to make the Crane a regular inhabitant in England!


    1. Hello Lennart, how lovely to hear from you. The cranes go to southern Spain and Northern Africa I think. How good that you see them and they breed in Sweden. Look at the links we all have, isn’t life special? X


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