Ink in the clouds….

There are some folk in this life who can pick a fight with their own shadow. There are many reasons behind this behaviour and multiple layers to it, but it shows itself in ways that cause upset to others. If their driving need is for validation and attention, then it has been my experience to observe that it’s open season on how this is achieved. Dramas are created, unsettled situations are started, stories are told that are not aligned to truth and everyone’s inner balance in the immediate area is at risk. They are like a bucket with no bottom, because no amount of attention is ever enough, no matter how lovingly it flows. They hold little respect for themselves, so it naturally follows that they are unable to respect others.

A speck of ink in a cloud can colour the whole and all underneath see the sky go dark, feeling the chill as the light is blocked.

It is a sad fact that those who carry on in this way cannot see it, as their driving need for attention blocks out self awareness. They are the only ones who can effect change in how they operate, yet maybe their inner pain is such that they cannot turn and face it. Whatever the reason, others are affected by how they behave, and with no glimmer of change on the horizon, decisions have to be made. We are told at every turn in life to flow love, compassion and kindness, so it can catch us in the cross hair of uncomfortable choices when faced with someone who behaves like this.

My instinct and subsequent action has been to kindly and firmly move the cloud on. What do the rest of you think?

31 thoughts on “Ink in the clouds….

  1. I believe you found the kernel with those two words: ‘inner pain’. This is a sad note, because I have worked with such people and seen the mark of that struggle upon them. More often than not they disguise it with noise and anger, but the truth always lies in the unquiet soul. Two such souls I have known were led at the last to destroy themselves, and I always regret my inability to get close to them. The walls they built were just too high and too stout to breach.


  2. You are right. Most times argumentative people do not realize they are just plain obnoxious. Those are not the kind of people who make friends easily and sometimes its because they have personal issues to deal with.


  3. I once heard someone say about people and situations like this that “we can talk about the weather” and that’s it then we move on. So it goes, as it’s also said ” we can’t change the weather”, so your choice was appropriate. Sendings hugs your way! ❤️ 😃Peter


    1. That happened to me too, in my second marriage. It took me years to work out what was going on. Once that path has been walked, we learn to spot it quicker next time hey my lovely? Hugs and much ❤ for you. xXx


  4. You are completely right move the cloud on. These people can be like shifting sands. A bottomless drama. Anyone who gets caught gets sucked in. You can tell I speak from experience! Follow your intuition, if I had I would have walked away at the first meeting, I didn’t and there was a great deal of pain for all concerned. Much love penn but I love the cloud picture and the analogy is perfect xxx


    1. I love you Penn, my lovely friend. It is only with wisdom and experience that we can taken decisive action. A loving nature always strives for the loving energy in all we say and do. Hugs and much love flowing to you. ❤ xXx


  5. I think you got it in the opening line – it is precisely the shadow people are really fighting with and the only way to change anything is to own it, not once but constantly – French poet Paul Celan: ‘Speaks true who speaks shadow’- we all have one and if we can’t see it we will be it


  6. What a fantastic post Jane. I loved this “A speck of ink in a cloud can colour the whole and all underneath see the sky go dark, feeling the chill as the light is blocked.” A noteworthy post for all to read Jane. Thank you. ❤ xoxo Floating hugs to you from the clouds. xo


  7. The amount of hurt and upset these people cause is untold! I hope you are okay, my dear Jane ❤ You are right to separate yourself from them if they won't respond positively to your kindness. Much love and hugs to you, my friend xxXXxx


    1. Hello my lovely, the cloud has recently joined our knitting and natter group and with the backing of ‘our loving collective’ I moved the cloud firmly on yesterday evening. We have many blessings in our group and it is a drama, gossip, imbalance free space where we can all share and laugh together and long may that remain so. A huge blessing for us all, as we all agreed. Feel the love. Huge hugs flowing to you and I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend? More hugs and much ❤ xXx

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  8. Very hard when someone will not see or take responsibility for their actions …it is about awareness and consciousness …some times we have to stand back and put these people in a holding pen until light dawns …..but not get hurt ourselves


  9. I think you may have answered your own question.

    Just so you know, I’ve argued with my shadow many times. I finally quit after I lost so many arguments……


  10. Dear Jane,
    I think your instincts and action have been absolutely right. You have described very succinctly the how and the why of such people’s behaviour. Having a kind, gentle disposition yourself, the temptation is to try to help, but you really can’t, and in your own interests, “moving the cloud on” is the only thing to do.


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