Tumbling ….

The weather has been all over the place lately and we’ve had four seasons in one day on several days. The other morning the sky was so dark we were all braced for a belting storm and then the sky suddenly cleared and it revealed a spectacular biblical display.

Life has been intense for many of us lately and it’s not the easiest thing to manage ourselves in the midst of so much uncertainty. When we tumble we naturally want to reach out for something solid to hold on to. To sit in silence and stillness with uncertainty is scary, yet there is much balance and honesty in that space. Our hearts can be heard as they gently guide us forward.

“If you can fill the unforgiving minute, with sixty seconds worth of distance run…..” Rudyard Kipling

In each moment it is what it is and there are gifts nestled within:

Sharing breakfast with loving friends, as we all laughed and nattered together starting our day.

My thoughtful friend sharing lunch with much laughter and gifting me a patchwork jacket that is so ‘me’ I may wear it every day.

The gift of having a day with my Mum and Dad and bathing in their unconditional love.

Living in this peaceful house and the creative energy of my happy bubble flat. We were all together downstairs in the main kitchen the other evening and my landlady Christine was cooking their evening meal, her partner Brendan was tidying up, Nancy her Mum was grating cheese at the table and I was gathering my laundry from the washing machine. Nancy weaves with deepening dementia and there is much loving gentleness as she is held in safety here. Christine ran into technical difficulties with the pasta and the whole flipping lot stuck together. Dripping on a spoon, she held it up in dismay and Brendan commented (from a safe distance) ‘I can’t believe you’ve done that, you’re sacked!’ There was silence for a few seconds and into the quiet I said ‘One, two, three women with one man. We can take him girls.’ Christine and Brendan started to laugh and I looked across at Nancy and she fixed her twinkling eyes on me and said ‘Easily.’ More laughter……

25 thoughts on “Tumbling ….

  1. So; quite happy to tumble then? Our dawn today is a slab of grey (now do you see why I could never write poetry?) and even the rain has lost its colour. But winter is an expectation that weighs upon us all, I suppose. So: Christmas next! Comfort and Joy, Jane! Hugs!


    1. Well, it’s a tumble and if I fight against it Frederick, I will tear within it. So, graceful acceptance is my way, whilst testing different things and relying on instinct (logic is in there too). This is the second time lately I have heard the ‘C’ word…autumn and winter are natural, but the circus that the ‘C’ word generates I will happily avoid. More loving to get together with those we love and share laugter, nattering and food and may we always do that, no matter what time of year it is. Hugs for you. Xx


  2. Yes weather patterns in most of the world have been messed up for some time now. One never knows what to expect and forecasts are most often failures. Climate change is what is driving it I suppose.


  3. As always a unique message of contentment. My daughter is trying to teach this skill to her daughter! Great quote from Kipling’s “If. It is a favorite of mine which I have framed and hanging on the powder room wall. Thus, I can sit and contemplate!

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  4. That’s a funny vignette, Jane. I’m sure Brendan skedaddled as discretion is, after all, the better part of valor.

    Love the photo. You should contact the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce to use it on their travel brochures.

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    1. My lovely friend Clare, I am discovering a calmness in the tumbling and a trusting acceptance. The gifts that are appearing in the moments hold joy and who knows where this latest journey will lead. My treasured friend, who gifted me the jacket, told me about a local library in a very old building and it is beautiful. They are open late into the evening and I walked up there yesterday. Antique bookcases full of quirky books covering a broad range and free DVDs…as I checked out my ‘finds’ the librarian commented that I may need to return with a sackbarrow, or possibly a small van. I loved every moment of that discovery. Hugs and much ❤ flowing to you my lovely. xXx ❤

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  5. Tumbling… reminds me of the Laurie Anderson song about how walking is falling – we’re always walking, and falling. There is nothing but uncertainty in this life, is there? It’s walking, and falling. And now, according to my American brand of English, it’s Fall.

    Many thanks for the warmth and wisdom in this.

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