Moodling in the circles of life….

This weekend, after two years ‘away’, my tools, personal treasures and creative bits and bobs circle their way back to land in my ‘happy bubble’ home.

I have promised to gift myself time to sift, sort and feel my way with each piece. The old loo at the end of my little hallway is not used and makes a grand storehouse. On deciding what to keep and what to let go of, maybe some new creative sparks will emerge, maybe they won’t. It is what it is in this moment.

There is an ease of acceptance that there is no workshop space to create in, yet there is floor space here that I can use. I am weaving with the wisdom that to let go of old hopes, dreams, ideas and accumulated stuff will create some much needed space for the new to say ‘Hello, what about trying this?’

In the sifting and sorting there may well be sparks of joy from new creativity and hopeful possibilities. That’s the kind of joy that burns away pain, letting the past settle and sending a message into the future on what might be.

34 thoughts on “Moodling in the circles of life….

  1. Oh my life! Late in responding again this week, Jane. Sorry! But this sounds sort of whimsical and sad, doesn’t it? I hope your ‘sort out’ has proved to be full of good memories, not bad ones. I’m sitting in my ‘airyy nest’ waiting for dawn, and I have to tell you there are things in here I buried ten years ago and I just don’t want to find! Hugs!

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    1. Hello lovely Fred, there is no rush, as we will always catch-up. George and I have parted and my workshop and personal stuff were in store over at his. I collected them all last weekend (a few trips) and am now sifting and sorting through. I guess it’s my nature to create and stay calm. I am creating a creative table, writing and working. Step by step I flow with love and keep showing up in life. Hugs for you xXx

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        1. Thank you Fred. I am holding the space with self nurture and calm…creativity is soothing, so I find that fulfilling and it in turn feeds the calm. I let the pain rise up, acknowledge it and then park it, so the calm and creativity can continue to flow. More hugs for you, especially for your understanding and kind words. Xxx

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  2. I love it Jane! You are finding ways and places for a Janeworld to become a reality! Let your creativity flow and may whatever you “create” bring you great joy and satisfaction!!! Hugs and blessings, Natalie 🙂 ❤ xoxoxoxoxo

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  3. I have recently had a bit of a sort out too. Some things I was ready to say goodbye to, others I was sure I needed to keep. Some I just couldn’t think about so they can wait until I’m ready. I hope you have made inroads and are feeling freer. Space to spread is always at a premium – I’m glad you have a bit of storage space as well! Love and hugs for you my friend xx ❤ ❤ xx

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  4. Your pleasure is contagious, for I know what fun it can be to savor things which remind us of the past and know that you have the personality to be able to keep it in perspective, and when this gets blurred you will go back to your “buds’ post. As usual a good read!

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