Weaving with love…

A lovely soul posted a video up on YouTube showing how to knit these hearts. I have not seen a pattern like it and for eight rows it’s a mess of strands till they are pulled together in the ninth row and then by the tenth it’s magic as a heart appears. I am hooked and making a wrap for someone I love. I also have other creative plans using these hearts. The kind lady who made the video and I have been in touch and I guess it’s no surprise that our messages are showered with little heart symbols. ❤ This knitting is going everywhere with me, because it's such a joy to do and I love the yarn which is called 'Northern Lights'.

A young lass called this week as she was heartbroken over a relationship that had ended. She felt stuck, with her feelings and emotions ranging through the whole spectrum each day. She was also exhausted. My guides and I wrapped her in love and started to talk gently. Sometimes a loving connection is not balanced. One of the partnership have a need for comfort, distraction, company, care; all manner of things. The other partner steps forward with loving nurture and a deep hope that one day this will bring it all into balance. This may not happen and in time the in-balance breaks the connection. It doesn't diminish the love that flowed and it all has purpose.

There is no blame. Both partners are running to inner scripts and these may not be compatible.

We flowed through with helpful care for her on how to release her layered feelings and emotions. In a private way, because turning back to the partner and trying to get the two scripts to run together, only adds to the pain and confusion.

The answers lie within ourselves and it's a time of self nurture and loving care as an ease is found.

Life is messy and each day we choose which strands we are going to pick up and weave with. May your strands be filled with love, contentment and colour. ❤

21 thoughts on “Weaving with love…

  1. No, the knitting is far, far outside my comfort zone. The message of this piece, though, is profound and reminds me of the depth of thought that has to go into a relationship. no less with two old buzzards like self and wife. A beautiful – what – commentary? More than that, I think. Hugs, Jane!

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    1. You are a joy Fred and yes, many layers to a relationship and as nature changes, so do the layers. Yet it all floats above a strong foundation and that is the connection that is nurtured and thrives. Huge hugs for you xXx

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    1. You are so very lovely my Unicorn buddy. Your posts have not been coming through, which is very rude of WP. I only spotted it, because of the LinkedIn feed…so I have re-subscribed. Looking forward to your holiday stories…not pressure! Huge hugs flowing back to you. xXx ❤ xXx

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      1. Thanks my Lovely, for going through the effort. Are you saying you can’t find me in the reader? Also, note, the month of March I was away, there were no posts made or sent out. I believe the first one to go out will be tomorrow. ❤ xoxo

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        1. I don’t use the reader, I get your posts straight to my email Inbox. I think I may have got confused, because I knew you were away, but my LinkedIn feed was showing posts. I think they were from Tina. It’s all good and I know we will not lose touch. xXx ❤ xXx

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  2. A long time ago, when my daughter was a college junior, she was ditched by her boyfriend. She adored him and was heart-broken. For a long time she mourned “Why has God done this to me? :How could He, (God), let this happen?”‘ Ultimately it turned out to be the best thing that could ever have occurred. Firstly because the young man wasn’t smart or good enough for her but secondly because the rejection spurned her on to go to med school. Ultimately she met her doctor husband and they are now serving as medical missionaries in Honduras. Sometimes a rejection can be the best thing that could ever happen even though it may take a time of anguish before this becomes apparent.
    Keep knitting, I agree that those tangled threads symbolize our lives which may appear muddled until they ultimately reveal themselves!

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    1. Yes, Jane. Thank you for sharing the lovely story about your daughter. xXx Knitting has a soothing way of grounding and bringing me back to centre. Plus, it can solve birthday gift issues. Hugs flowing to you. Xxx


  3. That is a very pretty stitch, Jane!
    What gentle comfort you have given that poor unhappy girl. Some relationships are just not meant to be but discovering this is so hurtful. Hugs and more hugs for you, my dear friend xx ❤ ❤ xx

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