Loving balance…

Boris the Wonderdog has come to stay with me for a few days and I am loving it. We have flowed together a few times over the years and he is a joy.

We’ve fallen into our ‘together’ routine and there are many magic moments as he hurtles across the beach chasing seagulls at lunchtime, retrieves his ball once and then hangs onto it till we get back home, ambles down the cobbled lanes first and last thing each day (such exciting smells) and chats to me as I knit and create. He is also a wonderful companion as I curl up to read at night time and he lies right next to the bath keeping guard, as I disappear in the bubbles. Instinctively, he is utterly silent when I am working.

I could have taken my phone out as we go on our walks, but there is a freedom in leaving it at home. This means there are no action shots, but my heart holds the memories.

There have been a few work and ‘techie’ challenges to sort out this week and he is a supportive sounding board.

I love him ❤ and my heart family for sharing him ❤

48 thoughts on “Loving balance…

  1. I can identify with all of your thoughts & feelings Jane, I feel the same with my boy Denver.
    I tend to leave my phone in the car for our walks, it seems a little contradictory to drive out into some lovely peaceful place then have ‘Alias Smith & Jones’ theme (my ringtone) breaking the silence!
    At my feet under my desk everyday whilst I’m working, it warms my heart to look down & see him there.
    It’s a wonderful gift of life to be able to share such precious time with my beautiful light each day.
    I remain forever thankful that he found me.
    Love to you & Boris
    Malc x

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  2. So wonderful – to ‘borrow’ a dog as wonderful as Boris for a while. My guy and I borrow Charlie the golden one from my daughter. She calls it dog-sitting, and we get kudos for watching him when my daughter and her family go out of town. But in reality, we enjoy every minute with Charlie.

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  3. Ah, how familiar and comforting that all sounds… Boris the splendid (and with complete possession of the best seat in the house, of course) Keep him, Jane. Run away together! Open a beach bar in the Bahamas so he can run through the clear blue shallows and you can do …I dunno, whatever you do on a beach in the Bahamas…well, I’m getting carried away again. Hugs from the dark side.

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    1. I laughed out loud at your comment, Fred. Back in the eighties, I was offered a home and role out in the Turks and Caicos islands…I nearly went too. Life still holds adventures doesn’t it? Hugs for you from the ‘bollocks to it, at times’ side xXx ❤

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  4. i’m always torn too–whether to take my camera or leave it when I’m spending time with loved one, like my grandkids. I want to capture every moment on film, and yet I feel I’m missing something when my gaze is directed by a lens. I need to trust those moments more to memory, as you are doing with your sweet companion.

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  5. My sister has nine dogs – she loves them all. However, my favorite dog of all time was Opie who belonged to a house which my daughter and I were house sitting. I wonder whether the temporary relationship without long term commitment allowed me to enjoy Opie so much, walks with him were pure joy!.

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    1. Thanks about my hair Elizabeth. I have gone back to my natural colour and a short crop I had years ago. I did think long and hard about rescuing another dog. I am in rented accommodation, on the first floor though and I sense I need to be settled in a place of my own first. The time will come. Hugs for you with much ❤ xXx

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  6. Loved reading about darling old Boris… I miss not having a dog or a cat dreadfully after a fife-time of them – usually three at a time,mostly rescued, but where we live now is covenanted and we agree not to have pets so the birds and wild life in the forest can regenerate… so we feed the birds instead…

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    1. Yes, thank you lovey Clare. I returned him to his home yesterday and still headed off to the beach first thing today. He showed me the way there during his stay. ❤ I hope your cold is easing? Also, hope you are having a good weekend? Much ❤ and hugs flowing to you ❤ xXxx ❤

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  7. Hugs and treats by proxy. He is GORGEOUS!
    I love GSDs, they are probably my favourite breed. You may wonder why we have Maggie. The answer is that the GSD to went to see at the time was nervous of women, and was one of the extreme few dogs that have not come to me in greeting. We discovered that the woman was spraying it with what looked like furniture polish ‘to bring up her coat’ and the dog hated it, wanting to get away, but she held her down. Not my business to do anything, but I really wanted to punch that human bitch’s lights out!!
    We love Maggie to pieces of course, but I’m a pushover for most dogs, and most of the time they will try and push me over with their affection!

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  8. Jane,

    How blessed you are to share your home with Boris for a time,
    and how blessed he is, too.

    It reminds me of the old song “Gentle on My Mind”.

    What a peaceful interlude you give your readers.

    Thank you,


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