Nature’s nurture…

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Boris came to stay for a few days this week, which was a lovely surprise. He reminded me of the joy of walking outside, listening to the birds and watching Spring come forth. People smile more readily at each other in the sunshine and I have soothed myself with the promise of a walk each day.

I took Boris home yesterday and stayed for a happy seven year old’s birthday celebrations. We were able to play outside and the birthday boy asked for flowers for his birthday. He wanted to know the names of plants in the garden and has also taken to climbing trees. He has the security of knowing that his cries for ‘Help’ will be heard and rescue forthcoming. The boys are now seven and five and their baby cousin is sixteen months old. The three boys sat on a blanket on the grass and chatted together and we sat and watched them and caught up on each other’s news. There is a wonderful freedom for children when they are outside.

A day full of magic moments. ❤

The little one was fractious after lunch and I asked to take him out for some fresh air. I walked us around the garden, as I held him safely in my arms. We took our time and smelt all the flowers and leaves. I put a sprig of lavender and some forget-me-not flowers in his little hand. He is on the cusp of forming words and we chattered away together about the plants and the bird song that filled the space as we pottered around. We found some wind chimes in a tree. He loved it so much, that we went round again. His energy was lighter when we came back in and he carried on chatting away and told his cousins what he had seen. If you hold his hands he walks, otherwise he happily moves around on his bottom in a very fast crawl. He went round telling everyone how he felt, holding up the treasures in his little hand.

The younger ones instinctively know that nature nurtures. ❤

42 thoughts on “Nature’s nurture…

  1. Truly precious moments, acknowledged & appreciated in the moment.
    That’s a gift in itself, to catch the beauty of every single joy…in the moment it takes place.
    Tends the make the memories a little more clear & intense for later reflection.
    Much love Jane
    Malc x


  2. I wish I was there. It sounds beautiful. My father was a ‘fresh air’ advocate. When I was ill during my first pregnancy he encouraged me to go outside. As with most of his suggestions, he was right. I miss him. 🌀❤️

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  3. It sounds like the perfect day. You love the wild things around you, and you imparted something of that empathy to this child. Those few moments will remain in his memory. I watch parents who repeatedly destroy their children’s curiosity with abrupt dismissals, when the child has so much to learn, and in so little time. I often wonder if they understand the consequences. Wow I do get so heavy sometimes! Hugs, Jane!

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    1. That’s not heavy Fred, we are simply talking. They are like little sponges aren’t they? I got caught by something that happened when I was grocery shopping recently. I don’t know the lady’s circumstances, or her deadlines, but her toddler was pottering behind her, singing, in the aisle and she was so full of joy. Her Mum rounded on her and told her to hurry up so sharply, she burst into tears. As I say, I don’t know the circumstances, but my eyes filled with tears and I wanted to catch up with her and say ‘Treasure these moments, as they are gone in a blink and please, please don’t stifle her joy.’ Xx hugs for you, my lovely. Xx


  4. How beautiful that you could grace the little one’s hearts with love and kindness and beauty sweet Jane. These beautiful gestures set the tone for the goodness they can carry forward in life as they grow. ❤ Flowing unicorn hugs to you sweet lady xoxoxo ❤ 🙂

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    1. It’s so precious to be around these little ones. I dive into their playroom asking what we can build together…I love being with them. I know you can tell that!! Hugs and much ❤ flowing to you. xXx ❤

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  5. Time spent with children is so invigorating – and also perhaps physically taxing. LOL!

    In early April we had our 3 grandchildren visit with their parents (our children) and we had such great fun doing much of what you described here, Jane 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your time with the kids with us.


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  6. My young grand-children in Honduras are able to play outside in their “street’ which overlooks the ocean. They have a favorite climbing tree and spend hours hanging onto its branches. When I was a child we played in the street, our garden and the general neighborhood – mother called us in for meals using a police whistle! Here in the USA such activities are impossible, the USA designated playgrounds are fine but not as available as the immediate outdoors. Did you know that the light which we get outside (even when it is overcast) is essential for our overall health? Many, in our automated car dependent USA society, get almost no outdoor time. Some designers attempt to mimic the effects with specialty lighting but it isn’t the same.

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    1. Gosh, I didn’t know that about light. I know we always feel better for being outside and also, the sea breeze is cleansing. I remember my childhood was outside, it was just something we did naturally then wasn’t it? I am glad your grandchildren can play outside. Hugs for you Jane. Xx


  7. It is wonderful how time outside in the fresh air rejuvenates us. I know this, but I will put it off just to spite myself sometimes, getting grumpier and grumpier indoors! Your visit to Boris’s home sounds lovely and the children so contented. Love and hugs to you my dear Jane xx ❤ ❤ xx

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    1. Spring is staggering through Clare and we’ll be able to get out more and more I hope. Fresh air and hands in the earth, there’s nothing quite like it is there? Huge hugs and much love flowing to you. ❤ always. ❤ xxxxx ❤

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  8. What a simply lovely story about unconditional love and the joy of being with young children, Jane. It brought back my times with my grand children, who are now in their twenties… and I still miss their babyhoods, and those soft sweet fingers…and so many other precious things about them !!!!

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