Pictures of my roof garden..

For Shimon ❤

I have put the hydrangeas and bird bath out in the far corners, so I can see them. The other pots are nestled against the wall, giving the plants some protection against the salt wind.

For Christy ❤

For Deborah ❤

For my Mate ❤

It’s a start and I have my eye out for a deckchair now ❤

41 thoughts on “Pictures of my roof garden..

  1. Beautiful garden and Hydrangeas, we grow them, and my husband takes cuttings to grow them on.. They are only in very tight little buds at the moment.. Lovely to see yours in flower..
    And what a sacred space up up and away from everything.. ❤

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  2. What a charming roof. And thanks so much for dedicating a picture to me. That’s so sweet. Wishing you great success with the roof garden. It already is striking, and I’m sure they’ll be more.

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    1. Thank you, Shimon. I love being out there, watching the boats and ships go by and being out in the fresh air. Which reminds me; the tall ships are due into Liverpool docks at the end of the month. The sight of them always moves me to tears. We are all connected, past and present. If only that could be truly felt, then the fighting may pause long enough for other ways to be found. I’m not an idealist, I just feel things so keenly. Hugs for you. ❤ xXx


    1. It sure does Cynthia; The Mersey river, with Liverpool in the distance. It’s lovely out there and yes, I will get some seating out there quickly….which will make it even harder to come in to get work done. 🙂 xXx

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  3. A good start and such lovely colours. The colours of life and watching your things grow are two of lifes’ best therapies. get that deck chair a.s.a.p. much love Mate x

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