Just to be…

I was on the service yesterday evening and the folk reaching out for help are facing heartbreak from all sorts of situations. It was peaceful here and still and with each one that made contact I gently suggested that they pause, just for a few moments, just to be.

When we’re in pain, or facing a situation that is uncomfortable, we naturally seek to lift it. ‘If only this, or that could happen, I’ll feel OK’ we say to ourselves and anyone else who is listening. Placing our peace in some future time and situation, battening down the hatches on how we feel now and stopping ourselves from moving through the discomfort.

It’s all love from my perspective. So, as we face heartbreak, love can soothe, if we can pause to just be. In the deafening din of our inner scripts, our constant activity and our quest for relief, we forget to love ourselves.

As I got ready to start the day this morning, my mind started up and was happily adding things to an imaginary ‘to do’ list. I paused and made a conscious choice to go and sit outside. I felt the breeze on my skin and then watched it move through the trees. The birds are used to me now and they come to feed and drink close by. When the food is finished one pigeon has taken to having a natter, with his head on one side. I am sure he’s asking for more. Just be, my friend, just be.

25 thoughts on “Just to be…

  1. Nothing beats going out and breathing deep and watching the birds.. Clearing your own mind of the debris others thoughts often leave in our own minds.. Perfect for the start of your new day.
    May the breeze continue to flow as you Just BE.

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  2. Beautiful, Jane… your advice is so true. But there is another aspect to the service you give….I remember a teacher saying that when we truly love, whatever words we say won’t matter – we could say ‘sliced bread’ and the love would still reach the other, and the other would feel the healing love….
    I think your presence would feel like that for those you are serving…

    As I read your lovely piece, it reminded of me Kitchen Table Wisdom which I’m reading aloud to my love each night…I know you’d simply love it, if it hasn’t come your way before…much love, Valerie

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    1. Ohh Valerie, I am so touched by your thoughts, thank you.<3 I have not come across Kitchen Table Wisdom and I am looking for it now. Graceful love comes through as you read to your love each night. I picture you among the trees and can hear the birdsong from here. ❤ with hugs and more ❤ xXx


  3. Beautiful writing, Jane! ❤ ❤ Accepting the pain of heartache is so difficult but better than trapping it deep in ourselves. You give such good and loving advice xx ❤ xx
    Fabulous photo from your nest in the sky!

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  4. We think we can control the universe, we are taught to control, yet the paradox is we have none, other than our own acceptance of ourselves and all that is around us … “why did the flower fade, because I held it too close to my heart”

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  5. Too often I have run to the busyness of must do, must help, must fix…(but I’m getting better at just being.) Thank you for this beautiful example of the healing power of being at peace within ourselves and the present.

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