Our furry friends know….

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Nowadays, it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed and to keep pushing, doing, solving, fixing and hoping that this will balance everything out.

A pause to let things settle; to see what actually needs our attention and what we can just let be, is what we need when overwhelm hits. There are probably some spinning plates that can be left to drop too, if only we get the quiet and space to see that.

One evening this week I dive bombed into the pool for Aqua Zumba and it hit me; I was worn out on all levels. I had missed it building up and as I walked home, I felt weepy.

A dog, taking an evening stroll with her Dad, came alongside me and nudged my leg with her head. I slowed my pace right down to her amble and stroked her head. She kept walking beside me, nudging my leg and looking up.

Her ‘Dad’ laughed and said ‘Anbody would think she was with you.’

I smiled at him and asked her name.

‘Tess’ he smiled back, and with silent empathy he left Tess and I to amble back to the end of my home street together.

Tess and I nattered about the weather, her day and mine, and I carried on stroking her head, as she rubbed against my leg.

Yesterday, blessed with the flexibility of self employment, I was able to drop the reins for a few hours and nap. Then I was clear on what actually required my attention.

Bless Tess and Boris, as I am going to spend the weekend caring for him at his home and bless life’s grace to be with our furry friends, who just know. ❤

55 thoughts on “Our furry friends know….

  1. I think they’re smarter than we are sometimes, Jane. I’ve always had dogs, and currently, Copper, our chocolate lab, keeps us balanced. All he has to do is look at us with his amber eyes and it’s like he sees into our souls. 🙂 Love this post!
    Lauren 💜

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  2. Such a lovely post about how our beautiful furry friends can give us the love we need at any moment!

    I am so glad you got the rest you needed. I want to also thank you for visiting my blog as well! How nice of you to stop by.

    Here’s to more visits with each other… how fun!

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  3. It was no coincidence that Tess came along side you to give you that nudge.. Dogs and Cats have great senses that they pass along a bit of their own healing, you were able to ‘slowdown’ and de-stressed a little by stroking Tess’s head.. And your mind cleared from the over-load..

    Sometimes we keep carrying on, until it all catches up with us.. Iooks like you are now listening to take more peace and ‘Me’ time..

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    1. Yes, exactly Sue. You need more time to juts ‘be’ and then some more…..I hope you are getting yours too and it’s lovely of you to take the time to read and leave a kind comment. Hugs for you xXx ❤

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        1. It’s lashing it down with rain here today and I am gifting myself the time and space to have a go at weaving with newspaper. Time to pause and just be. I hope you have time and space too, lovely Sue. xXx ❤ xXx

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          1. Hi Jane,, happy smiles, yes lashing here too Jane, so pleased to see some rain at last, our allotments really do need a good soak, and I am gifting my time to try and do an update on my garden blog. Enjoy your weaving.. Much LOVE your way ❤

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  4. It’s almost eerie, how our furry friends know just what we need. I’ve had the pleasure of living with two goldens over 25 years, and they were my soul mates, as silly as that sounds. The first one, Tory, would literally put her paws on my lap and stare into my eyes until the two of us meditated together. My blood pressure would lower beautifully. Our second golden, Henry, always took care of me when I got sick, sitting by my bedside, not leaving to eat or pee or ANYTHING. Just sitting there, petting me as I petted him, both of us healing. Thanks for your beautiful post.

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  5. I just had a brief altercation with Honey, who is my canine companion, because she is on a diet and not allowed to lick my breakfast plate. Generally, though, we are on good terms. She certainly knows as much about me as I do myself, and that is why I am certain your doggy weekend will lift your spirits. They rarely bear a grudge or even a negative thought. Every day in a dog’s life is founded upon hope. Hugs, Jane. I know you will rise.

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    1. I am rising thanks, my friend. Honey sounds lovely and I wonder with her plate licking if she is a Labrador? The weekend plans changed, as family stepped in to care for Boris, so I stayed home. I found a lovely new yarn and have started knitting a coat for my little great niece. I also had an exciting idea for writing float up. I am blessed to live where I do, in this peace, and life flows well, just like The Mersey, Hugs flowing across to you and here’s to a lovely, creative week, as we melt!! xXx

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  6. I am so sorry to be so late in reading this, my dear Jane! Dear Tess knew what you needed and so did her ‘Dad’. I hope you had a lovely weekend with Boris and that you are getting enough rest. With all my love and lots of big hugs, Clare xx ❤ ❤ xx

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    1. Tess’s Dad is a young lad in his twenties, so his empathy is way beyond his years. The weekend with Boris didn’t happen, because they had family stepping into the breach. It’s OK, because I found a wonderful yarn and am busy knitting a coat for my little great niece. I also had a real heart sprung spark of an idea float up, for writing, so I am following that. It’s all good Clare and balanced. Life flows on. Huge hugs for you my lovely, with much ❤ xXx ❤

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  7. Lovely… Tess is obviously an angel …and yes, the love that dogs give us is so precious, undemanding and unconditional … teachers and comforters, and playmates…
    I had seventeen – three at a time, and all rescued… I love reading about your canine encounters now I no longer have any – living in a covenanted forest where so many birds are flightless means we agree not to have dogs and cats… and I miss them … your writing fills a gap!
    Hope the heat isn’t part of your exhaustion too, and that you are able to re-fill the wells of your energy…much love, Valerie

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    1. Ohh Valerie, I was so hoping I would hear from you, so I could share what you have done for me. We have so many parallels in our lives, you and I. My ex. husband was (and still is) thoroughly self absorbed. I too let go of all my material possessions, except for a few small precious memory pieces and my box of photographs. I too have always had rescue dogs and miss them so. I am not able to have them where I am now and I sense a further shift in life, before I can open my home to animals again. Also, I have moved from continent to continent and am finally putting roots down here on The Wirral. Valerie, Kitchen Table Wisdom is a joy and I can even be found reading it, whilst stirring a pan on the stove top. Your last blog comment to me, where you asked me to keep sharing my stories sparked an idea. A really heart sprung idea and I am so grateful to you. Your friendship is serendipity flowing. Much love flowing to you, always. ❤ xXx


  8. Cats possess you and treat you as their personal slave, but a dog certainly is a close friend. Even when they are scolded they sidle up to you and apologize with profuse licking, their eyes saying love me anyway. A cat will not sit at the window and wait for you to come home, but a dog knows when you will come and will be there at the window barking a welcome to leap all over you in love as you enter the door.

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    1. Yes Ian, they do. What I love is even if you have only left ten minutes earlier, you still get a loving greeting again when you come back home. They don’t care what you look like either. Hugs for you, Xx

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  9. Serendipity my friend. Sometimes when we are at a low point God sends us something we need. Seems like your new furry friend was just what the doctor ordered. ❤ Be well and happy my sweet friend. 🙂 Hugs xoxoxo

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    1. My buddy, I walked by the sea up to an old park I used to live by, first thing today. It’s the fairy park, as the couple that live there have created many wonderful driftwood and wood fairy houses, unicorns, a centaur, a dragon and places for little ones to leave their treasures. It’s magic and I thought of you. ❤ xXx ❤

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  10. Oh! Darling, what a lovely post. I think the heat and pressure of work, especially the work that you do, is wearing you out. My energy levels are almost nil. We had a cool day yesterday and I was a different person. not much breeze today. Big concert on the docksidee in Liverpool tonight, Carol and co are there. You may hear the Irish music over the water.Hope your weekend will restore you a lot. Love mum x x x x

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  11. Jane,

    You are so right. Animals have a natural empathy.
    Tess was your angel that day. What a lovely blessing.
    You set the reader right down in the middle of the
    experience. Thank you!


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    1. Hello lovely Jane, Karl’s blog is the first thing I read each day and ‘Love written in morning dew’ brought tears to my eyes too. It has stayed with me, still. The loving support from Tess towards me that evening was ❤ Hugs for you, ❤ Xx


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