Exploring dances…

Photo by Emily Baker…Hoar frost

The beauty of nature moved Em to go outside and explore on Sunday, as it often does.

Recently, I took a leaf out of my own book and re-arranged my ‘happy bubble’ home by the water; de-cluttering every shelf, drawer and cupboard as I went along. This also involved moving furniture as a new writing space was created in front of my bedroom window. A loving friend gifted me a notebook and on the front it says ‘She believed she could, so she did.’ I take it everywhere with me, as I jot down notes for a new writing project that’s coming to life.

This kind of exploring energy has been touching my clients.

There is a raw vulnerability when we enter into another’s private space and it touches everything. I am mindful that it’s not about how I would do things, the suggestions I may make, or how I see situations. Exploring together opens things up so that we can connect and find other ways of daily life flow. Some may fit, some may not, and signs of distress and upset from my clients call for a safe sharing with no labels, judgment or blame. It always touches on the way others see themselves with their inner scripts and beliefs and everyone is different, needing things that are unique to them. Exploring is being invented between us, moment by moment (sometimes with mis-steps in the dance), yet the overall energy is love.

57 thoughts on “Exploring dances…

  1. This entire post inspires me, from Em the photographer who braved the cold to shoot the beauty in each routine scene (that becomes so unique and NOT routine); the de-cluttering; the making a special space for your writing; and the inscription on your new journal. I find that walking can de-clutter my mind before I write. Or looking out the window for an amazing scene (the early morning moon on the snow! the red cardinal on the bird feeder! the little neighborhood dog being ‘walked’ in a baby carriage!). Life is so amazingly amazing in all of its ordinariness. May you and I feel free and confident to write about it every day. xo

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    1. Pamela, what a wonderful comment. Thank you so very much. Life has twisted and I haven’t had a chance to catch up yet, but I flow with your thoughts on nature and the inspiration in the ordinary. Hugs and creative love wrapping around you. Xx

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  2. Lovely poem, Jane. Lovely photo to go along with it as well. Hope decluttering was a great time for you and made you feel more calm after that. I am in the midst of decluttering my room and I figured I’ll do it bit by bit. I decluttered part of the closet to day focusing on summer clothes and hoping to move on to winter cloths next. It is a very thoughtful approach towards your clients, being conscious of not invading their privacy and letting their privacy be there privacy. Hope you take care of that notebook you got there – it sounds very special 🙂


  3. Hello Jane buddy,

    Could you email me your home address please—if you don’t mind? I like to mail to you a print copy of my new novel Song of the Ankle Rings. I’ll try to get it shipped out of Amazon UK – if not it’ll come from Amazon USA.

    You’ve been very supportive and offered great encouragement throughout the years. And you’re my special buddy. Please allow me to do this.

    You have my email. If not, use my yahoo email address linked to my comment.

    Thank you,

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  4. Touching therefore upon the real difficulties presented by counselling and advising. This is probably off-topic, but I live very close to the University City of Durham, a collegiate centre for some fifteen thousand undergrads, if my memory serves. Watching as these hopefuls move between lectures I have been distressed to find how similar the character type, and even the physical appearance of the student has become. They conform to a set image so precisely they might almost be clones. Are we closer to Huxley’s Brave New World than we think? In the assiduous adherence to a character type, are individual inner scripts and beliefs acceptable, or must they be repressed – are we reinventing the race into a model where the only road to happiness is conformity?
    Nice post as ever, Jane, and good wishes for your writing project! Many hugs!

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    1. Hello Fred, I don’t think you’re off topic at all. Friends and I were discussing this very situation yesterday. I am not blaming technology, but I sense that it may be changing the way out brains work. We seek connection, true connection, and this is becoming ever harder to find as we converse through screens. I wonder if the students re assimilating in this way in an effort to connect? To belong. I guess the need to connect with ourselves first matters, without the need to measure and label. a place of non-judgment is a loving one, as we are all connected, yet unique.

      Many hugs flowing to you, always. Xxx

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      1. You know, I even wonder if the meaning of true connection is being lost. There are so many barriers, so many prohibitions they might almost be written into some kind of mental algorithm. Maybe only those of my generation see it – maybe I am the only one expecting more!

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        1. You’re not alone in seeing it. We see what’s happening on the world stage, where divisiveness rules, and the cries against that are becoming louder. There’s a groundswell of connection happening at community level. I see it, Fred. Hugs Xxx

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        2. I just had to share this with you, Fred. I am venturing into unchartered territory with a writing project and procrastination (fear) is hitting hard. I was just sitting looking at the title on a new chapter, blinking at me on the screen, and I clearly ‘heard’ you. ‘Come on lass, you can do this. There’s now’t to lose and you’ll never know what this will carry you into….’ Thanks, Fred ❤

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          1. Oh, Jane, I missed this, and I’m sincerely sorry. I’ll need to renew the rubber band in my computer, I think. Yes, I’m sure you did hear me. Nothing is beyond your reach, girl, believe it. I’m way behind, now, and I’m certain that chapter, at least is written. If I contributed anything to it, I’m honoured, You know what they say – the hardest bit about this writing thing is thinking of a title! Contrite hugs!

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          2. Ohhh Fred lovely, I did get it done. No contrition needed from you at all. Life twisted a few weeks ago, as my Mum had a nasty fall at home. She’s also Dad’s carer, so I have been staying at their home ever since. Things are slowly getting some balance back and hopefully, Mum will be out of hospital at the end of the week. Huge hugs for you, you’ll always be a source of inspiration to me. Xxx

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  5. What great work you are doing, Jane! Holding people’s hands as they make such difficult decisions. Non-judgemental, caring and sharing their problems. I just know you are fabulous and have become such a blessing to so many people. xx
    Best of luck with your writing project; ideas flow so much more easily when you are in a more relaxed frame of mind. And a personal de-clutter and rearrangement of your lovely home. Lots of love and hugs, Jane xx<3 ❤
    Sorry this is so late xx

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    1. Hello lovely Clare, what a thoughtful and loving comment, thank you so much, It’s freezing up here, yet the sun is shining out. I hope you are all safe and warm? Hugs and here’s to a lovely weekend. Much ❤ flowing to you and yours. ❤ xXx ❤

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  6. That’s a beautiful pic Jane! I set up my first writing space ever last August in front of a balcony (I’m a sofa and car writer lol). outdoor views are so inspiring right? That’s the perfect notebook to gift a writer 🙂 no wonder you take it with you everywhere 🙂 . Your clients are very lucky to have you 🙂

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  7. Hello Buddy,

    When we declutter we make decisions – what to keep, what goes where, and how we “discard” the unwanted. We reveal ourselves and learn more regarding ourselves.

    Now, when we help declutter for others – it gets really complicated and needs a kind soul. And you’re it, my buddy.

    Luv and hugz,

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  8. The photo is superb! She should enter it into a photo contest.

    People are blessed to have you for counsel. You have such a warm, soothing, loving way of approaching life. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

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  9. “‘She believed she could, so she did.’”

    That is a wonderful quote and it will always remind me of you
    (I pilfered a copy and put it on my bulletin board) Your friend
    found the perfect words to show who you are.

    Great photo and great article. Hats off to all.


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    1. Lovely Jill, WP put your comment into my spam folder, which is just rude and ironic, given what we have been sharing lately on system updates! You are creative and I am sure the de-cluttering helps to free your space and you. Hugs for you, Jill. Xx


  10. As usual your generous, loving, personality glows in this piece making it a soothing read.
    I volunteer at a resale consignment store “Next 2 New” We help a lot of people ‘declutter’. Only problem is that the store is seductive and one may well end up selling one item and buying another. Often those who are ‘decluttering’ are experiencing sad moments such as divorce, a death , downsizing to move into smaller accommodation due to health issues – the list goes on. I constantly remind that we are lucky to live at a time and place where excess is a problem. So many places and times experience extreme want.

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    1. Hello Jane, it’s lovely to hear from you and thank you for your kind words. . I feel the same: we are blessed to have so much and so many options. The place you volunteer at sounds good. I love buying secondhand things, especially books. Anything we can breathe new life into. I think a lot of us crave simplicity, but trying to bring that in on a practical level can be daunting. Hugs for you. Xx


  11. I am about to start phase two of my decluttering. Phase one was last summer and easy to do. This go round will be more difficult but needs to be done. I will need to fight the procrastinating sentimental part of to get it done.😾

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    1. It’s tricky Patricia isn’t it? There’s so many emotions and feelings wrapped around it all. With a few folk we nibble at the edges and that helps them to take it gradually. I admire you for finishing phase one and for gathering the courage to do the next phase. Hugs Xx


        1. I had some simple flyers made and put them out locally in the post office, hairdressers and places like that. I also told all my local friends. You are open to helping in all sorts of ways Brad, so that will help get the word out too. It’s a great idea and people need all sorts of support. All the very best with this… it’s a wonderful thing to do. Hugs x

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