Feet on the ground…

Blakemere at Delamere Forest

Staying grounded has been a challenge in the last few days and as I am about to bring a project forward into daylight, the pressure has certainly been intense. Loving connections have been welcome and I’m going to write about them, in no order of importance, because they are all held in my heart.

The loving soul who gently transported me to the forest on Sunday and listened as I found my feet.

The buddy I worked with for a long time, who still sails with me every working day as we message back and forth. With just one word or picture, the understanding, support and shared laughter are heart-warming.

My Mum as we sorted a fair few things out and were faced with a few ‘WTH’ moments! May I just mention, that these moments came from others’ bright suggestions, so Mum and I have made a pact going forward. Next time someone suggests something that they breezily say is a doddle to organise we respond with;

‘Ohh, that sounds wonderful. Thanks for sorting that out.’

I also suggested to Mum that we play a new game. Now, brace yourselves, because it is rude. You ask people to play a new version of ‘Hide and Seek’ and it’s called ‘**** off.’ Feel free to insert your own personal choice of word. You ask them if they would like to play and then invite them to go first……..

My soul sister in the Yorkshire Dales who took the time to talk on the phone, listen with awareness, make me laugh and then read some of my new project. Her feedback and support is a loving gift.

And my lifelong friend, from when we were both nineteen years old and working together in the telex room of a well-known petroleum company in Johannesburg. Our bond has never wavered (even though we are now on different continents) and she created a golden moment today that had us both helpless with laughter. I do have her permission to share it.

She messaged ‘I am crocheting a chicken. I have managed to make the legs, but I am stuck on the body. By the way, the pattern is in Russian. Can I email it over?’

How did you find a pattern in Russian???

Well, bless Google translate as we sorted it between us and she’s creating again. It was no surprise to either of us that the title of the pattern was ‘Cock’.

40 thoughts on “Feet on the ground…

  1. I am happy to hear your feet are still on the ground, lovely Jane. You made me chuckle a lot of times during reading your post. Well, keep hanging tight, my friend.. Friends are the flowers in the garden of life. Lots of love and hugs from across the creek. ♥️Xxx

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  2. It sounds like things have been a little frantic lately. I had a few giggles as I read through your post! Hooray for friends and family; love and support; humour and understanding!
    I remember a lovely walk in Delamere Forest years ago. Richard took us there when we were staying near Chester. It had been a place that his father had known well and loved a lot and where he took Richard and Chris (R’s brother) when they were boys. Your photo of the mere is beautiful!
    I hope things calm down soon and the new project is a success.
    Hugs and love, my friend! ❤ ❤ xxXXxx ❤ ❤

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    1. ❤ Thanks my lovely. I nearly didn't post it, because it felt risque and then I gathered myself and thought…do it, Jane. If it lifted me, then hopefully it lifts others. ❤ I hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs and much ❤ flowing to you, always. ❤ xXx ❤

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      1. Brave of you, and it has worked! You have had so many positive comments. ❤ I hope you have a wonderful week, too. We are currently in our caravan just outside Staveley, near Chesterfield. Elinor is with Alice in Sheffield and we have a week to ourselves pottering about. Hugs and lots of ❤ ❤ xxXXxx

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  3. Oh so loved this Jane, so many ‘chuck’-les in-between too 🙂 keep those feet firmly planted and those games of hide and seek to the fore… 🙂
    Its wonderful when we are grateful for those friendships and those simple little inserts of laughter that bring us humour and laughter..
    Thank goodness for ‘Friends’ and Friendships! 🙂 ❤

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    1. There was a wide area power cut just as I replied to your lovely comment, Sue and I have a feeling my reply got lost. I have to share this bit. No power, so one would think that would be peaceful. Errrr no, as all the local property alarms were sounding! Ohh, to live in a forest. Anyhoo, yes, thank goodness for humour, friendships and shared laughter. ❤ hugs for you both Xxx ❤

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      1. Hi Jane, thank you, we saw on TV about the power outages across the country, very strange, I thought one grid was able to support another and so on,
        I couldn’t quite ‘Believe!’ what I was hearing to be honest as to WHY it went down across the country like that.. We were fine here, Yet not far away theirs went out..
        I can only imagine those ‘Alarms!! ‘
        Sending warm thoughts and hope you have not got blown away by the gales.. ❤

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        1. It is blowing a ‘hooley’ up here and I hope you are both alright down South? I missed the news, so I didn’t see it was across the country. M
          Metaphysically, that mirrors the breaking down of structures in society that we are all witnessing. Much ❤ flowing to you both. xXx

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          1. Agree with you totally about the breaking down in society Jane.. More will come..
            Best we keep focused upon the beauty within and our hobbies and gardens eh.. 🙂 The winds were wild, but no structural damage, I huddled all my potted plats some huge begonias I have together for shelter and they survived, though the streets here and there were littered with shredded leaves and twigs from trees…
            We went out with our daughter and partner Sunday and she found a tired dragon fly who allowed her to lift him from a path..
            Makes you wonder how butterflies and small winged insects battle such winds..
            Much love your way Jane.. Enjoy your week ❤

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          2. Ohh Sue, your daughter has a loving heart and the apple has not fallen far from the tree, my lovely. May we all weather the storms as the energy of love and compassion rises. ❤ Xxx ❤


  4. Good to hear you got your feet on the ground Jane. I’m still flying all over the place – my seatbelt is barely keeping me buckled in this mercurial sh*tstorm, LOL. That’s my word insertion! 🙂 Love and light sweet friend. ❤ xox

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  5. I absolutely love the humor in this post, Jane. Love may win the day, but it’s humor that gets us through it. And speaking of love, we’re sending it to from from yet another continent.

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