Sail your way on Patreon….

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Many times lately my eyes have crossed in confusion and forehead lines have deepened, as I hit the trail of ‘indie’ publishing. There is an abundance of information out there because (as many of you have discovered) it is not enough to write a book, you also have to learn how to promote and craft its wings.

Blessings are plentiful in the wonderful Global Village we all share here, the Twitter community, Facebook groups and kind authors who have trodden the independent publishing path. There are so many avenues available and I have chosen a few, and hopefully, to flow without getting overwhelmed. This seems wise as crevice like facial lines are not a good look at any age!

My unicorn buddy Debby Gies shared a helpful post on Writer’s Tips and that led me to the generous Deborah Jay, who shares her personal writing wisdom and knowledge gained from different writer’s conferences. Deborah wrote about merchandising and mentioned building a community at Patreon. My technical saviour Grandfathersky also mentioned Patreon a few weeks ago. Two mentions and I take it as a sign to research it. Patreon offers creatives a platform to showcase their work, where tiered benefits are offered to people who kindly become patrons to support your work. So, I’ve done it and made my progress transparent, so that anyone can see how I am faring on there.

Three things have become crystal clear to me lately and one is to be myself as I sail along, whilst holding deep gratitude for others’ generosity and to also keep things as simple as possible. ❤

43 thoughts on “Sail your way on Patreon….

  1. It was a shocker to me when my book was ‘ready’ and there was no one to take it to the best seller list.Baby step by baby step, and with the support of social media friends, everyone can make it. the key is persistence. Good luck!

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    1. Ohh Jina, I so feel your words. You suddenly find yourself in uncharted territory with no map, don’t you? I think you’re absolutely right. Step by baby step and common sense. There’s no flash or quick way here, it’s long term perspectives and also, I feel, being true to ourselves. Thank you for finding me, because I can follow you too now. Supportive energy, you simply can’t beat it can you? Hugs for you. Xx


    1. Ironically, and organically, my marketing is going down the lines of media publishing, so we shall see how this evolves. I was as green as grass when I hit that publish button and I am treating the marketing like a project I need to master. It’s getting wrapped up in my life coach work, so watch this space. If I can help in any way, my creative buddy across The Pennines (and I mean as a buddy) then just say. Hugs, always. Xx

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  2. Dear Jane, I listen and read with interest as I see how you are fairing on your writing and publishing journey..
    I have hardly started and have changed my mind so many times should I or shouldn’t I..
    So I sooooo wish you well on this huge learning curve and hope these new platforms help establish you as a Published Book Author..
    Good luck Jane in all you do.
    ❤ Much love your way ❤

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  3. Fascinating! I don’t know Patreon and have certainly read lots (and lots….and lots) of articles/blog posts/books about self-publishing over the past seven years. I learn with each piece I read, and I also learn that the process keeps changing. A great challenge for our brains! Best of luck to you – fun to follow your progress. xo

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  4. The image at the top of this post is gorgeous. Self publishing takes time and commitment – I did it in 2015 / 16. The self publishing program was easy to follow. Even so it was labor intensive so I’d need lots of encouragement if i were to do it again..

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        1. Thank you, Jane. You are so kind to share this information and to think of me. I noticed that CreateSpace has been replaced by Kindle Direct Publishing, according to the Amazon site. I will have a look at Elite Authors. I used Lulu publishing, who offer a free publishing services, along with other paid services. I have a feeling looking back, that I may have complicated things through by inexperience. Thank you and soft hugs for you. Xx

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    1. Hello lovely, I hadn’t come across Ari, so thank you for your thoughtfulness. It’s a new land that’s for sure and is taking some getting used too, but I’m hanging in there. Hugs and much love flowing to you both an dmore hugs. Xxx ❤ ❤

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  5. Thank you for the mention my Lovely. One never knows where serendipity leads! So glad you aligned with Deb’s blog. We’ve been old blogging friends since the beginning of my blogging days. 🙂 I know a few on Patreon and going to follow up with you on how you feel it is working for you. Spread your wings my magical friend. ❤ xoxo

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  6. I like your article very much. It seems as though there is a sea of information on everything from what fonts to use and what size book sells best to the title selection, artwork, and how to get great reviews, etc. It is good that we are all here to help by giving our own experiences with various publishers and what worked for us and what did not.

    But at the same time, I compare it all to what I learned when I got breast cancer at 74. Everyone has an experience, and I am sure they are all valid, and everyone has what THEY think is best or what to stay away from. But in the end result, it has to be right for each of us as we are. We must be true to our own selves in the end.

    I am still glad to hear from everyone else who self-publishes because good information DOES come out of all of it. And sometimes we hear things we might never even have heard about, or we learn better ways of doing what we have perhaps been doing all along.

    I like the fact that when we write to each other, it is so much more fulfilling than just the LOL, FOMAL, etc. or the short sentence responses on Facebook and other media. This reminds me more of letter writing, and I am one of those folks who LOVED getting letters. I think I still have some that were written to me when I was a teen. They give me the full perspective of what was going on for me and the other people in those times, as well as what was happening outside of us.

    Great article, and I think if the thing we learn feels right, nothing wrong with doing it, but we should never feel pressured to do what someone else is doing. Thank you kindly.

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