Our house is full of family and friends from Scotland visiting my landlady and when she was growing up her home was always full of music, as her Dad played the guitar and sang and her brothers have followed suit. Singing is the one thing that brings my landlady’s Mum back from her dementia to the present moment. Each morning someone has been playing the guitar and it was a different style from any that have flowed before and I’ve found my feet tapping as I worked. Yesterday evening I was wrapping up parcels in my workshop as they had a family gathering below. The old Scottish ballads floated on a pure voice and I paused to listen, as my eyes filled with tears.

He gifts joy with his voice and this morning I bumped into him downstairs and was able to tell him so. ❤

54 thoughts on “Joy in moments..

  1. Music is as universal as a hug. So no matter if a child, a teen, an adult running around with crazy energy, or one in the throes of dementia, we humans all respond to music. It IS an amazing gift, as you say. Sing away, Jane!

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      1. Yes. All of it. I’ll need to write a book or several on my relationship with my mother, the complexities of my mother, and all the wild tales that come with her. I once tried writing a story about her in a writing class, this was decades ago now, and the instructor said, “If this is only only person, you need to break them up into several. In a story this can’t possibly be just one person.” That instructor had no idea how large and bright that lightbulb was that she turned on inside me.

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        1. Ohh Laura, that truly was a pivotal moment and testimony to your strength of character that you took it the way you did and harnessed that energy. I once heard Jeffery Archer comment ‘If I wrote about real life, nobody would believe me.’ Hugs for you. Xx

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          1. Eeeek- yeah, juiced kale needs SOMETHING else, like LOTS of green apples. I can’t even look at juicing raw broccoli. It’s too strong. But I love a good steamed Go Green (ref: Barbara Kingsolver) broccoli tossed in fresh lemon and olive oil with sea salt. It’s the only way my husband will eat broccoli after growing up with overcooked veggies all his life.

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  2. What a happy and beautiful post Jane. It’s truly amazing the power of music, how it can lift us and bring us into a beautiful moment. Float on my dear friend, you are a magnet for joy. ❤ Hugs are flowing to you across the pond. ❤ xoxo

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  3. I always return to a Rosicrucian saying that sound is the first element of creation. In the beginning God “said” let there be light. In the beginning there was the word … Sound is unique to our earth, only by atmosphere do we know it, it moves the softest parts of our ears and it moves us to tears … I have a playlist of Frisson music that moves my soul … (I love your photo as well) -gfs

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  4. How wonderful! People used to sing (or whistle!) all the time as they went about their daily tasks and families used to do as your landlady and her family have done this weekend and sing together. People used to have party-pieces and weren’t embarrassed as they are today, at not being professional.
    Much love and hugs for you, my dear Jane! I have been reading your fabulous book today. How soothing it is and so full of good advice!
    ❤ ❤ xxXXxx ❤ ❤

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    1. You are so lovely, Clare, thank you. As our visiting singer was packing for his return home today, he was whistling. How right you are. ❤ I am so touched you have been reading my book. We create these pieces with no idea on how they will be received. You are special. Thank you for being you. ❤ xXx ❤ Xxx ❤ ❤

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  5. Right-on, music is great for bringing people together. It is so like you to have taken pleasure in their music.There are those who might have reacted with assertions that the noise was an intrusion. For some odd reason your post brings Wordsworth’s ‘Solitary Reaper’ poem to mind. it is all about the music and concludes,
    “The music in my heart I bore,
    Long after it was heard no more.”

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  6. Wonderful that you are surrounded recently by love, joy and music Jane and that you were able to gift him that gift of telling him just how much joy was spread with his song…
    Have a wonderful week Jane and may JOY surround you all the time.. ❤

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