After a tiring day, I pulled my wellies on and headed off to walk the beach in the last hour of daylight. There among the dog walkers, fishermen and birds, I returned to my calm centre. There was a chap pottering on the beach with intent and as I walked up the slipway, I waited for him to follow. ‘If he smiles at me’ I thought to myself, ‘I will ask him what he was doing.’ He did and walked towards me opening up his hands, which held broken fishing lines and weights.

‘I was fishing at high tide earlier and the currents kept breaking my lines.’

We stood looking at his hands full of his beachcombing rescues.

‘I found a huge fish attached to one, still alive, so I walked him back to the sea.’

We wished each other well and headed back home.

I have spent time lately creating a 50th birthday jumper for a friend’s husband. With love, I gathered measurements, found just the right yarn, followed the pattern faithfully and after finishing it stood back, frowned and got my tape measure out. It’s massive and I mean ‘tent-like’ massive. I know he’s a chap who works outside with chainsaws and the like, but with the best will in the world, he’s not that big! They were dealt a shattering life blow in the last few days and are struggling. All plans have tumbled to dust and as we spoke yesterday I heard her cry for me to talk about anything that gave them some respite. So, ‘tent’ like knitting it is! I may not have created a garment he can wear, but we have a heart story that will make us chuckle for quite some time.

My lovely buddy, Suzette B, runs a blog where she posted about ‘waters flow’ today and it made me think of all the times our plans and projects turn to dust and how life flows on. Of how we keep on creating new plans and projects regardless of labels, judgments, shattered hearts and expectations on how things are supposed to be.

It is how it is and love is the ever-flowing constant. ❤

67 thoughts on “When things tumble and fall…

  1. The older I get, the more I learn that when things tumble and fall, they will eventually be built up again, or provide a foundation for something new. The emotions don’t always keep up with that experience, but knowing that love is the constant helps.

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  2. Sorry to hear your friends are going through a difficult time.. And so happy you were able to laugh together over the oversized sweater..
    Reminded me of when I first got married and wanted to impress hubby with my knitting skills which were not as prolific as they are today I might add.. But I too faithfully followed the pattern except I didn’t measure the sleeves.. lol.. So when I finished the sleeves hung down about six inches below his wrist.. He never did wear the jumper..
    As it was in navy I unpicked it, washed the yarn and re-knitted at a much later date into a school cardigan and jumper for my Son and daughter.. 😀

    Nothing is ever wasted not even our time spent doing the knitting we love to do.. Because in each stitch we weave our love into the ether.. And that is what counts..

    I hope your friends journey smooths out dear Jane, and in the mean time I hope you too are happy within your own creative space doing the things you love doing..

    Happy to be here within your own space again.. Much love right back to you ❤

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    1. I chuckled at the thought of overally long sleeves, Sue (lovingly crafted) and then applauded your ingenuity at recycling the yarn for your children. Three of my loving friends are having a hard time and I sense it’s part of a transformative process. Wrapping you both in much ❤ and it's always a joy to hear from you, lovely Sue. ❤ xXx

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      1. The pleasure was all mine Jane in reading your post.. I know the love we pour into each stitch…
        On a lighter note, I knitted a cardigan for my now adult daughter while absent along with some other pieces, and she loved the results that fitted perfect too.. So I am improving with age LOL..
        LOVE right back.. ❤

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  3. Your post says it all with such eloquence, Jane, I can’t think of anything meaningful to add. Yes, life is a long string of disasters loosely stitched together by moments of sheer joy. Not much we can do about that, but if we never fail we can’t appreciate those moments when they do arrive. Xxx

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  4. Hi Jane, what a touching post and what a wonderful friend you are. When plans tumble to dust, you are there ❤ As with knitting and life, I can attest a little bit too well to things not turning out quite as they should… 😉 Hugs for a lovely weekend ❤ xxx

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  5. Lovely thoughts, Jane .. turning small incidents into gold… loved the fisherman -what a man.. and loved the knitting – I;m always looking for HUGE jumpers so I can put other layers underneath since I feel the cold…
    and I had to laugh about the comment about knitted swimming trunks during the war… we too had them..we lived at Weymouth, and I remember vividly at five or six my outrage at the way they suddenly sagged and weighted a ton when I went in the water!

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    1. Hello lovely Valerie, i love huge jumpers too. They keep the cold out, yet they are so comforting. I did a farm sit in Dorset and went to visit Weymouth beach one day. It is a beautiful place. Our memories are all stored inside us and it never ceases to surprise me what sparks them into consciousness. Huge hugs and much ❤ flowing to you. xXx


  6. Thank you for a beautiful story that illustrates so well the point of the blog post you recommended titled Find Your Own Way To Flow. And I love the beginning of your post, telling us how you walked by the water to find your calm centre again. Hugs.

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  7. This is yet another uplifting story – and I also enjoyed the commentary. No-one had a story about a knit that came out too small – strange.
    As a hangover from WWII, I still remember the ugly, itchy, loose, brown, knitted knickers (panties) that I wore until I was eight. And, horrifying though it may seem, my mother didn’t wear any panties under her dresses!


  8. Your friend will appreciate that jumper, no matter what the size, Jane buddy. Perhaps in happier days to come, the two of them might wriggle into the ‘tent’ and relive some naughty adventure of their youth 🙂

    L & H,

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  9. I think the thoughts of those who have gone before us that we perhaps try to remember in some way that was important to them is a very healing way to deal with their loss, perhaps for them and for us as well. Thank you. It was a beautiful and touching; really unique.

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  10. Your knitting story made me laugh, Jane. My mom did the same thing when knitting a sweater for my dad. She is a very good knitter but something went wrong and it was enormous. It came down to his knees but he wore it at night during the winter for years.

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    1. What a loving story, Robbie. ❤ Have you ever heard of Pam Ayers? She tells a story of a visit to the seaside and her Mum lovingly knitted her Dad some swimming trunks. The first time he came out of the sea wearing them….well, the memory haunts the family! ❤ Hugs for you all. ❤

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  11. Funny story about the jumper, Jane. You’ll just have to make a new friend…..a very big friend. He, he.

    Love that the fisherman put the struggling fish back in the sea since he didn’t catch it fair and square. That’s the mark of a true sportsman.

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  12. Jane,

    You generate love and peace . It flows through you, all around you and back to you.
    I can really laugh with you about that oversize jumper. My cat Bella is 16 years old.
    Every year the neighborhood cats and I do something special for her birthday. In 2010,
    her tenth birthday, I found a pattern for a crocheted mouse. The pattern was easy, and
    the mousie was small so I thought I would crochet one for each of the kitties to take home and one for Bella. I used the right gauge needle, the right yarn, etc, and the first
    (and last) mousie turned out to be a six inch rat.. I never did figure out why. I went to
    the dollar store and bought ten mice. They weren’t made with the love that Mr. Rat was
    made with, but they had a better story. Everybody was happy. Your story brings back
    grand memories. Thank you!


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