On the edge of moments…

I watched the tide come in yesterday and as the beach disappeared I was reminded of the flow of it all. Within twelve hours the beach will re-appear and the cycle will repeat.

Earlier, on this post, I wrote a story to illustrate a philosophy that I believe. I have sat knitting tonight and sharing what I did was not sitting well with me, as it wasn’t my tale to tell. So, let me put it another way. I struggle with seasonal goodwill and festivities and have done for many years now. If I could hibernate till it was all over, I would. A friend feeling the same way reached out for support and we agreed that there must be many others feeling as we do.

‘There is no such thing as a normal family or a normal Christmas. We are force fed these images of perfection and they are not real. Christmas has been hijacked by commercial enterprise and we don’t need to buy into it. Life is messy. We are messy. Goodness knows it’s a mess in our heads, so mess is bound to follow when we interact with each other. Yay to the mess! Joy comes in moments.’

‘I feel our purpose in life is to learn how to love. We try and fail and try again. Create and destroy and create again. Learn and forget and learn again. We just need to show up every day and stay open-hearted.’

76 thoughts on “On the edge of moments…

  1. Don’t know how I missed this post, Jane, but here I am finally. Just from the myriad responses to this post tells me you hit a chord with many, many people. So much of our lives have been commercialized, if you think of all the “make believe” special occasions we are supposed to observe with family, friends , lovers or all three at once, it boggles the mind. You are dead right. If we just lived each day by the Golden Rule we would need none of it. Not to mention what a better world it would be.

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  2. Our beautiful messes are so much better than the slick unappealing, unbelievable images TV/commercials/social media try to force feed on us. I’m with you – let’s ignore the commercialism and stick with our own beautiful messes – throughout the holidays AND all of life! xo

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      1. Pleased it made you chuckle , Jane ..No worries I am forever being found in spam…haha…Not sure why as I have always hated spam my mum used to try and get me to eat it as a kid..yuk horrible stuff…Have a great Sunday 🙂

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  3. Such good advice, Jane! In recent years I have come to almost dread Christmas because of the hype and all the things that are expected of me. I love Christ’s Mass but not this buying/cooking fest with no time for self-reflection or any peace at all.

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  4. Well said Jane.. I feel much the same..

    Yes our purpose in life is to learn how to love, and its not just meant for sharing seasonally…

    Christmas began in some stores here in late August, and I cringed when I saw the baubles and cards for sale.. You are right its become all about selling, not the gift of giving…

    It matters not what ‘Things’ we have, if the most important gift of Love is absent…
    Much better to share love all year around..

    And like you, I hibernate with my knitting needles … Sending much love your way Jane.. and I thank you for your open hearted kindness.. 💚🙏💙

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    1. Thank you, Sue. I feel that knitting is my saving grace. I am currently discovering the joy of making socks as the yarn is such fun nowadays. ❤ My soul is craving simplicity and I am pondering and about to decide on what 'spinning plates' to drop. There are so many aspects of our online activity that try to 'manage' us. I love my blog and the community we have here on WP, but for the rest of the online activity, I see it falling away. Nature, creativity and peace are calling. ❤ for you both, always with hugs and more ❤

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      1. Jane, you said it.. I too love my Blogging community, but I am feeling more and more drawn to hibernate away from technology and delve deeper into my creative pursuits.. So I dip in an out at the moment, like you… We are releasing the self pressure I think we have put upon ourselves.. As we give ourselves permission to BE… Much love back and hubby says hi too… ❤ 🙂


  5. This puts the holidays (all of them) in the proper perspective. We should all be content with what we are doing. If we are not, we have the option to change it, based on our own
    wants and needs, not on the hype of a salesperson on any level. You make it all so simple
    and so acceptable. You take the angst out of holiday anxiety. You do good, Jane.


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  6. Well said, I am on your page darling, thanks for the heads up. We will do what we always do together, make the most of it in our own way. Love Granny Trish, Mum, general factotum. xxx

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