Q & A by D.G. Kaye

I am touched by D.G. Kaye’s heartwarming post on her site. Debby took the care and time to interview me and gather information about my book, Writing on Water: Self-awareness, and then share it. Debby is a prolific and astute author and she generously shares her time and wisdom with others through her books and online presence.

Thank you, Debby, my unicorn buddy. ❤

Q & A with Jane Sturgeon by D.G. Kaye

41 thoughts on “Q & A by D.G. Kaye

  1. Writing on Water is a brilliant title! I commented on Debby’s interview post, also, and commented TWICE because my energy level is rather haphazard right now, at best. I better not go through any doors with a bundle of items. 🙂 Many congrats to you my dear blogging friend.

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  2. Congratulations on an excellent interview, Jane. (Debby is such a supportive person.) Your latest book is waiting for me on my Kindle. I’m sure there will be plenty of wisdom for others to learn from.

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    1. Thanks Brad. I’m glad I popped by to visit the reblog because I saw your comment, and wow, did my site bounce you? Would it let you comment? I don’t even recognize you in spam because that’s mostly in foreign languages lol. So thank you. 🙂

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  3. I just went over to read this on Debby’s blog dear Jane.. and had missed it on my earlier visit to Debbys blog.. As I trawl through my reader post by post..
    Loved your interview and I can imagine just how much work still has to be injected into the promotion of sales etc… ..

    Sending you love and hugs my friend, on what here as been a beautiful Sunny day, with a touch of frost first thing.. But wonderful to see Blue skies again…

    Much love dear Jane… ❤

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    1. Dearest Sue, heartfelt love flowing to you both. Thank you. ❤ Your support and the care you take with your words is much appreciated, as are you. Loving energy, always. ❤ I am glad you saw the sun today. it shone here yesterday and today we have been wrapped in freezing fog. It has been peaceful. Much ❤ for you both, with hugs. Xx I am now going to do some knitting and I know this will not come as a surprise to you. 😉

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