When I was working on the psychic line I received a telephone call that found it’s way into my heart memories and I discovered it there recently.

The lady who called was terminally ill and started the call with,

“I don’t have any questions as such, I just wanted to ring.”

In that instant, I dropped every label/shield that I was holding, as I instinctively knew she had no expectations. I wasn’t a medium, psychic, woman, mother, or anything else. I was simply one soul connecting to another.

We talked about fresh washing hanging out on the line, the sound of children’s laughter, wrapping in soft towels after a bath, birdsong at dawn, a large amount of rubbish on the telly (even though there are umpteen channels), the wisdom of avoiding the news, knitting, an absorbing play on the radio, a clean kitchen floor and the grace of expression through writing.

I shared with her a story of being out shopping with friends and two of us squealing with delight when we saw a new range of notebooks. One (somewhat pithy) member of our group commented,

“Surely one notebook is enough?”

“One? I don’t understand the question.” I replied.

We giggled over the pure joy of finding a notebook with a great cover and found ourselves agreeing that writing with heart and our own voice gifts connection. Sitting quietly she had found herself imagining stories for children and we ended our call with her intention to write them down.

54 thoughts on “Connecting…

  1. Another example of your gift for empathy and your unerring judgement of someone’s needs, Jane. She found the peace she needed with you. Notebooks – writing down. We should still do it – hard disks get wiped, systems collapse. Only the written word is guaranteed survival. Hugs

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  2. Jane,
    It was so lovely to see that you had connected and then even lovelier to read your words. I’m thrilled. Thank you! (I actually have an entire stack of journals I bought one day. They were on sale. 🙂 )

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    1. It’s great to connect with you, Deb. I had a techie blip and couldn’t post a comment on your blog, but I am hoping that as a follower, I can on a new post. I found a kindred spirit as I read your words. I was nodding a lot. I was a ‘runner’ for many years and very good at it. I have rooted now. 🙂 I love that you found a stack of journals on sale. ❤ Hugs Xx

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    1. Hello Jim, I write on a laptop, yet have notebooks of all descriptions dotted about my place. I’ve fallen into the habit of jotting things down wherever I am. Our minds are funny old things and when we’re focussed on something, random things pop in don’t they? Hugs Xx


  3. You and she are proof of real friendship that is loved and valued! Perfect for Galentine’s Week! That’s when Gal Pals celebrate their friendship before Valentine’s Day!

    Thanks for the beautiful share! ❤️

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    1. I wondered what Galentine’s Day was and got diverted before I could Google it, after reading your post, Nancy. I sat with a friend on her sofa yesterday and we had a catch-up over a cuppa (and cake). Those are the moments we cherish aren’t they? My granny used to say that the older we get the more important our girlfriends become. ❤

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  4. This was one of those moments in time that define the hunger we all have for simple human connection. What a lovely memory to cherish and recall.

    Patty and I are so glad we had our moment with you.

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  5. I’m convinced that what society needs the most right now is a reset to the time where folks interacted with each other on a personal level. Time to turn off the phones and slow down and connect with one another on a more human level.

    By the way, Jane, I finished Writing on Water last week and left you a positive review on Amazon and Goodreads. Have a great week!

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  6. I complement your ability to write about a simple phone making it both interesting and full of messages about life and joys to be found in everyday occurrences.
    Also, I notice that your blog has a refreshing new look – I like it.

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  7. Well Jane, I haven’t got a different perspective on this story. I feel so much with you two and your conversation is just so connected and important. Sharing so many seemingly small things that really are the connections that make up relationships.

    Love this post.


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