A few months ago, I looked across at my yarn stash and ‘saw’ a bedspread in my imagination. After a few false starts, I settled on doubled-up strands with blue and cream crocheted together as long as each ball lasted, as I wanted it to flow like the sea. A friend gifted me a load of cream from her stash and that gave me the yarn to finish. Ironically, my yarn stash has increased since I made the bedspread. No, I am not sure how that has happened either, but I suspect my long-held love affair with craft shops has something to do with it!

None of my projects are mutally exclusive and ideas came thick and fast, regardless of how many projects are in the pipeline. It’s a true lesson in life’s abundance. All the creative ideas, the many times I stand with friends holding yarn as we exclaim with delight ‘Ohh, this would make a great …….’ or I spot something beautiful that a kindred spirit has crafted and shared online. All those moments spark other moments and it flows and grows.

I am aware that the loving connections in my life may be a little weary of the facecloths I knit so I have been casting around for something different to tackle. ‘Socks’ was my lightbulb moment and no, I have never made them before. A patient friend took me sock yarn shopping and then sat and showed me how to do it on large circular needles with the ‘magic loop’ method. I discovered that there is ‘blow all’ magic in the loop method for me, as I got in a terrible pickle and decided that I can’t be alone with this challenge. A quick internet search revealed a wonderful tool called a ‘Sock Wonder’. I quickly ordered two and looked forward to no looping.

Sock creating was going swimmingly well till yesterday evening when I came to knit my first heel. The pattern may as well as have been written in ‘double dutch’ for all the sense it made to me. I held my efforts up, squinting at them, and was absolutely sure that they would never fit any kind of foot. After undoing the mess I searched the internet where a kind, farmer’s wife in America has posted clear, simple (thank you) and instructive videos. I felt soothed watching her hands work and listening to her voice. Step by step I followed her and produced a heel. She even says in her video ‘Now pause and congratulate yourself with a beverage, or at least some chocolate’. What’s not to love about her? Her channel is called ‘Purl Together’ and she’s on YouTube.

Yes, I will post a picture up when my first sock is complete.

All those years ago, when my sister and I sat learning handcrafts with our Mum, both Grannies and our Great Granny, who knew that they were gifting a loving calmness that would last a lifetime. Whenever I feel my emotional state going to places I don’t want to dwell I turn to handcrafts and am a devotee of there not being any such thing as ‘too much yarn’ or ‘too many projects’.

You know you knit too much…….when Microsoft sends through updates and you hit ‘Restart’ immediately, so you can knit while your laptop is out of action. I may have done this today! ❤

70 thoughts on “Sparks of creativity…

    1. Thank you, what a kind offer and I will look at this with you. I am a bit up against things time wise with work, yet hopefully a pattern is emerging and I can slot a few new things in. I hope you are both well? ❤

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  1. I can still hear my mom’s knitting needles clicking away in my memory, and I swear that her giving me tangles skeins of yarn to untie gave me the ability to deal with large tangled network patch panels … Ha! Hope you are well. 🙏❤️

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  2. I hope I don’t forget to breathe when I check out the link you offer because I will pass out from oxygen deprivation. I have started at least three socks and unraveled yards! But am always stumped at the heel. I cannot seem to wrap my head around the wrapping part, deciphering the code expert sock knitters assume we all know, the idea of short rows . . . The “teachers” in the videos I think I can follow, talk and or knit too fast! Surely it’s not this difficult. Too often the simplest, easiest complex things seem hardest for me. Learning to knit on my own is rewarding but limiting as well. I could have a drawer full of socks by now but once I get sock-knitting down, you can believe I’ll never forget how. Thanks for one more link to learn from.

    Good luck–not that you seem to need it. Please show us your heels though. You might be the one I can learn from. Thanks. Be well.

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    1. Hello lovely, I hope ‘Purl Together’ works for you. She puts it across in an understandable way. Her sock teaching is across three videos. I watched, without trying to do anything. Then went through them stage by stage, hitting the pause button till I caught up, She doesn’t go fast. I trusted her, even though I couldn’t see exactly how it would work out. I did exactly what she said and it worked out. Let me know how you get on, please. Hugs. Xx


  3. That is a gorgeous bedspread, Jane! I love the blues and cream together; such calming colours for a bedroom. These newsflashes and constant panic headlines on-line are doing my head in. I have demanded that my younger daughter avoid Twitter completely as she was becoming so distressed.
    Strangely, I follow someone else on WP who is also knitting socks for the first time. I have a feeling I have knitted a pair of socks before but it must have been aeons ago and not a success as I can’t remember the socks themselves! Gloves are fun and much easier than socks! You could start a retro fashion for delicate summer cotton gloves; an absolute necessity in these germ-ridden times!
    Love and big hugs, my lovely! Keep safe and take care xxXXxx
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you, lovely Clare. How elegant those gloves used to be, not that I ever wore them. I was the tomboy hanging from the trees!! Yes, social media blinkers are very necessary right now. I had a few things I could have blogged about, but I chose this post as the most normal thing I could write about. Take care, my lovely and big hugs to you all. Sending much love your way. ❤ ❤ ❤ Xxxxxxx

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    1. Thank you, Liz. I say that knitting and crochet is my saving grace, so I feel what you are saying. Hugs to you. Ohh, I had something to share with you. Hafod Hardware, that wonderful family store in Wales, has been put forward for a good citizen award. Their posts are wonderful as they reach out to their local community and look after everbody. I am in touch with them and I will visit, as soon as things settle. ❤

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  4. Oh WOW Jane.. I love your bedspread… So love those colours and yes waves of the ocean… Perfect… I was smiling as I read, as you knew I would… We Knitters and our Yarn…. Always buying, and my Stash is huge… And as I have said before Hubby always dragging me away from Wool stalls.. 😀
    Now Socks I have never made… But Oh I have to thank you for sharing that Gem of a Purl In ‘Purl Together’ I checked out her site and immediately subscribed… I have had to resort many time online to see how some stitches are created.. So thankful…

    And Yes my Gran also taught me… And I will be eternally grateful…. We can switch off from the mainstream, and enter our Calm bubbles of colours clicking away in the peacefulness of our creative spaces..

    I think if more of us did that we would all of us weave a better world..

    LOVE and Mega Hugs… from us both… I swapped my needles this morning and we spent it on the plot.. I planted around 70 Gladioli bulbs, and got my netting up in readiness for those sweetpeas… 🙂

    LOVE and HUGS dear Jane… ❤ Loved your post.. ❤

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    1. You inspired this post, dearest Sue. Thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤ I feel more of us will find solace in switching off and entering our creative bubbles, in all kinds of ways. Thanks to the loving souls, like Purl Together, who share their knowledge online, any one of us can pick up a new craft that will soothe.

      Ahh, Gladioli are such hopeful flowers and sweet peas are sublime. I can picture you both tending to your plot and beds this morning. We had sunshine here. ❤ ❤

      I found myself feeling swamped by reports and emails of mainstream news this morning, so much so that I didn't do the writing assignment I needed to do for a client. That's what made me pull back, write my post (thanks to you) and find my calm centre again.

      Much loving love flowing to you both. Yes, there is such a thing as loving love and may we all feel it in the time ahead. ❤ ❤ ❤ Xxxxx

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      1. Bless you dearest Jane, read this out to hubby… 🙂 who sends his regards… And yes I see beyond the chaos dear Jane, I see positivism for those of us who SEE beyond the Fear…. Who embrace love…
        I see a great Shift… and awakening..

        LOVE to you too… Now I must go into the kitchen and sort dinner.. ❤

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        1. That’s an interesting thought. I love doing puzzles and find it soothing to restore order from all the pieces fitting together. My life went to hell in a handcart when my ex.husband was taken ill suddenly and I used to find my calm centre again by doing a bit of a huge puzzle I had spread out on the dining room table. His thoughtful Granny bought me a puzzle board. ❤


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