It’s okay that it’s not okay

Sue, expresses so eloquently, our feelings. ❤

The Silent Eye

Shards of glass flew everywhere, surrounding my bare feet and covering the work surface with sparkling motes. The sun through the window lit the tiny fragments with incongruous rainbows. My hand, abused by a heavy day in my son’s garden, had refused to grip the slick surface. It was nothing much, a simple accident that would normally have passed by almost unremarked, save for the odd expletive. Instead, I could feel a knot tighten in my stomach, the pressure of tears demanding release behind my eyes as I ordered the dog to her bed to protect her paws. The mythical ‘stiff upper lip’ began to quiver and I felt about as steady on my feet as a jelly.

Even as the tears came, I could not help laughing at myself. It was ridiculous to get so upset over a broken glass.

As I started to clear up the mess, though…

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41 thoughts on “It’s okay that it’s not okay

  1. Its lovely to stop and read other peoples perspective in life generally, isnt it? I think we just get so absorbed with our own life bubble we forget others could be suffering more than us. A lovely piece Thank you

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  2. Thank you Jane for sharing Sue’s thoughts… I think she speaks for everyone at the frustrations we all feel… Not all are as lucky to exercise out in nature… I so feel for those families stuck in flats with no where to go with their children etc…
    I myself have been working upon a post for several days in my journal… Journaling another great outlet of venting… You should see the pages I write that will never ever get published LOL…
    Many thanks for sharing again Jane… I hope all is well with you… I hope you were able to get up onto your roof top when the Sun was shining… At least the plot didn’t need our energy of carrying water back and forth today..
    Sending you Huge Hugs my dear friend…. Lots of LOVE ❤ your way ❤ 🙏💖

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    1. Hello lovely Sue, yes, Sue’s thoughts are beautifully expressed for us all to share. ❤ I too feel for those who feel 'stuck' in all sorts of situations. Nature is a healer and holds so many blessings and not all of us can experience this. I chuckled at your comment on journalling and how some posts do not see the light of day. Oohh yes, some things are best left unsaid. 😉 I am pondering on one right now. (huge grin….) All sparkly wishes for yours. ❤ I have been thinking of you a lot and I know you can feel that. ❤ In a month, I am moving to a new home with a garden. South facing and a blank canvas perfect for veggies, herbs and flowers. You were with me as I saw it for the first time and felt full of joy. Sending much love and huge hugs to you both, as I watch the raindrops on the window. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Oh how wonderful and exciting, South facing just the best… And yes I have felt your love Jane…. Your energy glows my friend.. Another day of blissful rain…. Our crops are lapping it up…. We both send you our love right back Jane… Hugs my dear friend ❤

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