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A new blogging forum for dating, love and everything in-between

Today I have started a new blog for dating, love and everything in-between.

Love Balm blogging forum

It’s an interactive forum and I have flowed ‘Love Balm’ through to an open group on Facebook, Twitter and PInterest, which thoroughly tested the old grey matter.

Onwards and upwards, always with ❤

Something for the weekend…our very own creative Saturday morning writing group.

Jacqueline at 'Maturestudenthanginginthere' has suggested a Saturday morning virtual creative writing group. Someone (rather foolishly) had suggested to Jacqueline that blogging was not proper writing and never one to duck a challenge this ‘Something for the weekend’ was her witty and positive response.

So good morning all and today my contribution is the only ‘proper’ poem I have written so far.


Winter’s light streams through the air
Birds soaring in a thinly sharpened sky
Folk walk and each breath shows shape
In the cold stillness that has seen frost’s touch.

The time of light as December draws to a close
Bright stars shining down from Heaven
Soft lights on trees glisten and glow
Through windows uncovered as early night falls.

The time of year where thoughts turn forward
And hope lights a candle in the recesses of your soul
For light gives wings to the faintest thread of an idea
Imagination holds a spark to plans and a place to start.

Inner light
Wrapped with love
Brings peace and hope
To a dis-illusioned heart.

Managing time and blogging comments update for fellow WordPress bloggers!

Pop Quiz - Savage Chicken by Doug Savage @


I have heard back from WordPress and they think it’s a good idea to have two options on how we follow the comments of our fellow bloggers (see all comments or just the reply to our comment) and have put it forward to their programming team to discuss for the next update. I will you posted with news on this one.

In the meantime the resourceful MJ sent me this suggestion on RSS feeders titled “Even an MJ could do it”. I am lucky to have an RSS feed built into my new email software so I have added the links to all the blogs I follow into that. Some of you may have noticed on your blogs that I have unsubscribed to follow you by email and it is because I am now following by RSS. From MJ’s link there are suggestions of other RSS feeders out there (free to use) and I am grateful to MJ for his thoughtfulness as this change has been a blessing for my daily round.

I have also discovered a link on the bottom of the emails I receive when I comment on a fellow blogger’s post. If you just want to see the reply to your comment then when that email comes through you can then click and unsubscribe from further comments. This lessens email traffic and it means I can still comment and keep in touch with my friends in this global village of ours without being overwhelmed by emails.

Butch Wordsmith's Desk I hope this helps.

Normal service will be resumed from Monday as Em (my Editor) says this blog post is not my usual style….I feel a meeting coming on over dinner tonight!

Not recognising the impossible

To create anything you start with an idea, see it in your mind, believe in it and then set about bringing it to life.

My good friend Angie Samm has a wonderful idea for a ‘Retreat in Shefford’ which will bring so many benefits to the local community that much will grow from her vision.  Today her friends gathered to distribute flyers to homes and businesses within the Shefford district in Bedfordshire so that a public meeting can be held to get this project off the ground.

Nothing is impossible and Angie you epitomise this for me; go girl, if anyone can do this you can.

An elegant solution to a modern dilemma?

Walking in the woods with the ’boys’ and a friend of mine yesterday we discussed an idea he had and with his permission I am going to write about it.  He has a novel suggestion for a ‘thorny’ issue faced by all families after the breakdown of a marriage.  He is suggesting that their two girls of teenage years stay in the old family home and the parents split the care of the children equally between them.  A separate base is rented and the parents alternate between the old family home and new base, taking it in turns to be the residential parent for a week each.  The immediate benefits of this being minimum disruption for the children giving them a constant base; the parents will then have a week of constant parenting and a week of single life.  This arrangement feels fair to him but he is aware that it probably wouldn’t suit long term and is dependant on the working lives of the parents involved.

I am going to hold my comments in reserve as I have no wish to cloud the issue, but it would be interesting to see what you all think?

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