A magical light at St. George’s Church, Fordington, Dorchester…..


Re-tracing the steps of Roman times,
And many centuries past.

Fresh pasties and apple juice,
Savoured in Thomas Hardy land.

Dappled sunlight on a river,
Running through clear and true.

Pure light shining,
Reflected in eyes and smiles.

A time of heart memories,
Of peace for joyful souls.

Hold onto your dreams…

Electric Light Orchestra…Hold On Tight – have fun and click the link…..

Hold your dreams in your heart,
For they are precious,
And you alone can breathe them into life.

They hold your sparkle,
For they are you,
And singing your unique song.

Dreams come from within,
For they are born of spirit,
And your soul can read the script.

Trust your steps,
For each event is meant,
And weaves into the dreams for you.

Life is a platform for your dreams to live,
For they are born of love,
Ever there for you to be.

love and dreams