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Life’s alms……

I am sitting at my desk brain deep in a ‘techie’ project this afternoon and struggling to find focus. It’s tipping down with rain out there and I glanced up to see two dogs legging it along the beach. As their joyful barking floated up to my window, I paused to watch them and then stopped what I was doing to dip into my own joy with writing.

Georgie and I have just returned from a holiday in Lisbon and my goodness, he gifted us so much more than a break away.

We discovered that we holiday in the same way and Lisbon was a delight to flow through for a while. From the ancient castle, winding little streets, monuments, churches and medieval tower to watching the surfers ride the Atlantic waves, where we joined them late each afternoon splashing about in the water. The whole place has an air of calm about it which we pottered through nattering and giggling together. Before we went we discussed having a plan and ended up with no plan. Simply starting each day on our balcony looking out to sea with a ‘What do you fancy doing?’ So many memories made. ❤

On Sunday Georgie and his family had an adventure day in the Lake District, which I was invited to and laughingly declined, as the hard hats and wet suits were a giveaway for me on what was involved. Now if it had been a writer’s retreat I would have been there like a shot. This is my favourite pic from Sunday. Go Georgie, go……

Monday night found us in Manchester Cathedral watching my lovely brother play in the group Lamb. Many hugs, grins, catch-up’s and singing songs from across the years of watching Lamb play, while Georgie and I lent against each other when we could.

Home is in my heart…

This sea glass started life as bottles broken by rocks, then tumbled by sea and tide until the edges were smoothed and the surfaces completely frosted.

Thus far I have lived in over fifty homes, across three continents and a fair number of countries. Self-protection stopped me counting after fifty and I went quiet on my nomadic lifestyle due to people’s reactions. ‘Oh, you never stick at anything.’ ‘You never stay in one place long.’ ‘What’s the matter with you?’ etc., etc….

The interesting thing is that no matter how sharp the experience, or how painful the lesson, I know deep inside that I have the ability to stand up again. Sometimes I have to rest a fair while before I muster the energy though.

There’s a book in this…now there’s a thought. ❤

I was sitting at my desk working yesterday, looking out at the water, and a colourful butterfly landed on the wall outside my window. He rested there for about half an hour and we kept each other company, as mother nature shared her beauty and he basked in the warmth from the bricks.

In April this year I attended a writer’s workshop in Liverpool run by the kind and inspiring Fred D’Aguiar. He was over visiting from The States and he gifted us his time and experience. I loved every second of being in his energy. There were about thirty souls there and Fred had asked us all to bring in something that was important to us (preferably not alive). I took my sea glass. He wove this into an exercise where everyone’s treasures were passed around and we had a few minutes to write about each piece in front of us.

When we had finished Fred asked ‘What were you doing Jane?’, because he’d noticed that I had held each piece in my hand, closed my eyes and then let words flow onto paper.

I replied ‘I was feeling the energy in each piece of treasure and writing what I felt from that.’

Fred smiled ‘What is your treasure about Jane?’

‘It is sea glass from the beach in front of my home. I am like the sea glass Fred, I don’t belong anywhere, yet I can live everywhere. My home is in my heart and all the treasured connections with the souls that I love are held there.’

He held my gaze and said ‘I understand Jane. That is me.’

Adventures every day….

Courtesy of the BBC

We watched the start of the Round the World Clipper Race yesterday from Everton Brow, the highest point in Liverpool. What a sight the twelve clippers were as they started their adventure, circumnavigating the world in a year.

Sir Robin Knox Johnston was interviewed yesterday morning and asked why people would do it. He replied ‘You go out there and face all sorts of challenges, including eighty foot high waves, whilst living together in close quarters. It pits you against nature and you return having won’.

My lovely man was considering doing a leg on this race, but decided against it and he watched them go with a wistful expression. I turned to him and said ‘You have faced more than eighty foot waves in life and done brilliantly. How about taking a sailing holiday together next year for fun, in calmer waters?’

Psychic gifts and safe places….


On my last assignment I loved seeing the young cows in the back field. I sat working and writing at the kitchen table and enjoyed watching their antics and hearing them through the open back door. One afternoon a neighbour was putting up fencing and merrily banging away with his hammer. Watching the cow’s reaction was a study. They stood side by side, with their buddies coming from all points across the field to join them, and they turned to face the ‘danger’ together. Not once did they move till the noise had stopped.

I mentally applauded them.

My assignment finished and I said ‘goodbye’ to the cows and to the ‘crew’ I had cared for, and set off across Wales to my next assignment which was way up in the North of England. The weather was very wet, stormy and winding across the Welsh hills and sharp bends, my little car and driving skills were thoroughly tested. It took hours and I arrived late at night.

My next assignment was to last a mere two hours before I held a difficult (yet pithy from my end) conversation and got right back on the motorway and headed South to the place that called to me. In all this I followed my instinct, took one step after another and trusted the whole time that all was meant to be. I landed at 4.30am and was caught by a sure pair of arms.

I digress for a moment from my story. Whenever a client asks for help, more often than not, they call upon my psychic gifts to tell them the predicted outcome for something. I flow with what my guides send me when I work and my ‘lovely lot upstairs’ (as I call them) and I rarely say what people should do (unless they are in mortal danger) or dip into the realm of fortune telling. ‘We’ counsel them to follow their instincts, trust in their inner voice and re-assure them that nothing that happens is a mistake. Lovingly shining new light into old situations, soothing pain and hurt, lifting souls to bring forth new perspectives and understanding, with flowing love and hope; hopefully wrapping souls lovingly into taking steps for themselves.

If ‘we’ set out the end game, then the flow, steps and path get twisted out of shape and the ‘inner voice’ cannot be heard clearly. I think back to the cows. We all stand together, face things and flow love and care.

So here I am, exactly where I am meant to be and looking at an old situation from a new perspective. Taking all the lessons that have flowed forth in the last few months and trusting, with loving hope, that something new can be created. Nothing, but nothing, has happened by accident and fortunately, I do not know the end game.

Loving gratitude to the cows. ❤

Wrapping up in the good stuff….


This is where I am on my next adventure and it is as good as it looks. Pembrokeshire in Wales is an unspoilt beautiful part of the world, with friendly people and a simplicity that ‘speaks’ to me.

For those of you on Facebook you will already be familiar with the proliferation of ‘sayings’ that roll through and in the main I ignore them. Now and then though there is one that reasonates. Last night a good friend posted this ‘Most of the battles we face are unseen by others. Be kind. Always.’ Amen to that.

I have had a few challenges to deal with lately (as we all do) and I have tried to be as kind as possible to all concerned as I deal with them.

I also know deep within that if I continue to wrap myself up with the blessings that come forth every day, I weave trust and carry on sailing forwards.

Much gratitude…….

for the few days spent with Emily at Uni, with much ‘girlie’ nattering, cooking together, hugs, tea drinking tucked up in bed, film watching, giggling and doing each other’s hair. Mine still looks great thanks Em. ❤

my new friend here on my current assignment; who has taken me out to dinner, to a country show to see her friend flying his hawks, driven me everywhere to show me where things are, cooked delicious food and left the fridge and cupboards stuffed with goodies, watched the Eurovision Song Contest with me (we needed wine for that one) and gifted me her furry crew and lovely home for ten days. Thanks Alison. X


to the flowing love from Dolly the Jack Russell who is never far from my side (and I am sure this is not totally down to my ability to dish-up her food), to Tom the burnt orange tabby cat who comes and rests his face against mine as I work on my laptop at the kitchen table and Perdie the sweet grey and white little cat who is just starting to come and curl up on my lap. Last night I sat and Tom was by my feet, Dolly by my side and Perdie tucked up on my lap. X


to the young cows who come and say ‘Hello’ at the garden fence and I can see them gamboling about in the field while I sit here writing this. I had no idea that young cows played, but they do and it’s a delight to watch.


and last, but not least, to the dirt track from here that leads to a sheltered cove and at low tide I can walk right round to the main beach….


Much fun with splashing and biscuits……

Nature reserve

I am back caring for Charlie, the beautiful marmalade cat, and this time we have Phoebe with us, his greying and graceful dog buddy.

Phoebe joints are not what they once were and we amble rather than stride along. She nestles her nose in my hand as we make our way down to the nature reserve, so she can potter along the edge of the river and slash in the water. She is well known and her tail wags as she greets her friends and happily shares biscuits from loving pockets. Fudge and Floyd are Basset Hounds and their Mum and Dad have special fish skin biscuits for dogs….well, Phoebe thinks they are the best. When our friends made their way over the river bridge to the canal, I called Phoebe to stay back. Her back legs go if we walk too far and I didn’t want to have her happy ‘tail wagging time’ spoilt by pain for her. Cheerful farewells were called out, Phoebe had an extra splash in the river and we headed off for home.

A couple not familiar to us were walking down to the river with their pooch and Phoebe headed straight for them. I said to the chap (without thinking) ‘Gosh, you must have something good in your pocket!’ He caught my eye and we cracked up laughing.

Fortunately, his wife has a sense of humour!

Community spirit and farming…


I sat and watched ‘Countryfile’ with Dad tonight and one of their reports was from the worst hit flood area in the county of Somerset. They were talking to the farmers whose fields were still underwater over two months on. The farmers had managed to move their livestock, but their stocks of animal feed and bedding were ruined. One farmers wife put a Tweet on Twitter for help and within hours the farming community of the UK rallied. Fellow farmers hauled feed and bedding , some of them from many miles away, into a central collection point for all. The film showed hardy farmers welling up at the support and care that was coming their way from their fellow man.

Life is flowing an insight into this world my way lately. My pet and house sitting venture is taking off with great energy and I now have eight confirmed bookings over the next few months. A few of these bookings are for farms and smallholdings and I have been shown thoughtfulness when the details have been discussed. One lady is going to keep a few lambs bottlefed for me, so that I can be there to feed them for a few more days and wean them for her. This farm is also home for many retired racehorses and I will be able to ride out in the company of her groom. On another smallholding I have been given the care of a lovely horse and Shetland pony, so I will be able to muck out their stables and groom them. On many of my bookings I am able to feed and care for hens and notably in one home (and this was relayed with humour) a very timid rooster. I love the pictures of the dogs and cats that are being emailed across and they all have fabulous names.

Life is opening up a very exciting new chapter.

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