A Wholehearted ‘Thank You’….

Aug ’18 Update: I have removed my videos from YouTube.

My wholehearted ‘Thanks’ to you all. The helpful advice, different perspectives and loving encouragement on my new project has wrapped me in love.

I made the decision not to re-do the earlier videos and have rolled forward with a new one, hopefully, incorporating all your loving advice.

It’s a work in progress, but the start and then your loving support has given me the momentum to continue and for that I am deeply grateful.

I will flow back into blogging in my usual style from now on, with a deeper appreciation for all of you. ❤

Look, I don’t want to wax philosophic, but I will say that if you’re alive you’ve got to flap your arms and legs, you’ve got to jump around a lot, for life is the very opposite of death, and therefore you must at very least think noisy and colorfully, or you’re not alive – Mel Brooks

I know the title is too long for Twitter but those with curiosity will have clicked on the link!

This morning I was in the courtyard cleaning the hen house and having been up early writing I was happily in my pj’s and dressing gown and yes, it is pink. We live in an unusual set-up tucked away in an old caretakers house on the edge of a business site and this morning was bin collection morning. Down the side of our home is a walkway through to a prep school and I saw an old acquanitance of mine on the school run and we had a quick catch-up and yes she was beautifully turned out this morning. Her face completely closed off when I said that part of my daily round now involved psychic work and I, being used to this, carried on as if nothing had happened, didn’t expand on the exact nature of my work and wished her and her family well….then I paused and thought I’ll just grab the empty bin whilst I’m out here! The bin men had left it in the middle of the external driveway (thanks fellas)…it’s a business site….and in my business attire (who sees me when I write!!) I grabbed the bin. I was caught and I bantered with the person who caught me and much laughter ensued.

This morning I have also tried to order a leaving present for Morgan, Em’s boyfriend, as he is off to Uni next week and the web site (name and shame) ‘I Want One of Those.com’ declined both my debit and credit cards. I found the pressies on Amazon and they are now on the way, but the cards being declined on the other site caused my bank’s fraud department to call to check everything was OK…..I don’t think the gentleman on the other end of the line has had a call quite like it because I started joking that I want one of those dot com was not as bad as it sounded and was in fact a gift site and all was well in my world because I had found the items I wanted 50% cheaper on Amazon. He could barely talk through his script for laughing…..

A number of things struck me as I finished my morning tasks….


No longer hide who I am,
Prioritise my own needs,
Don’t take life too seriously,
Scare myself on a daily basis with my new creative projects,
Get rid of the rubbish,
Tell those I care about what I appreciate about them every day,
Say ‘bollocks to it’ often (sorry Mum) x

Appreciation, we all need it but in different ways……what is yours and how do you get it?

A little lad curled up on a roundabout in the park and said plaintively ‘No one appreciates me’; I acted instinctively and gave him my phone showing a picture of him with something he had made himself. He then started to smile again as he scrolled through all the images of things he has done and places he has been. It restored his balance as he hears the words of praise from the adults around him but they don’t always reach him.

A friend on Facebook has posted that she is tired of putting on a front and just wants to potter, paint, walk in the woods and be quiet. She is worried that the people that care about her won’t appreciate her if she does this.

My cooking skills were appreciated the other evening in two ways as a friend came to dinner and said ‘That was a lovely meal’. Later that same evening when trust and appreciation were being shown for my psychic side as I did a reading, Toby (silently) polished off the rest of the meat plait that was cooling too close to the edge of the work surface. So more appreciation was shown for my cooking!

It is not about doing things for others hoping to be appreciated in return, it is about being appreciated for your uniqueness as an individual.

It is a subtle thing to have appreciation shown and it goes straight into your well of self-worth.