In the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed ~ Kahlil Gibran

Sea Spray

It has been three weeks since I moved my ‘berth’ and here I sit in the home I share with Lynn, at a beautiful desk she has diddled up and kindly gifted for my use. I have placed it in my bedroom window, looking out at the fisherman’s cottages opposite and the green where the old ballroom and tower used to be.

Lynn and I agree that there is a special light in this house and that is one of the reasons she bought it. It pours into my bedroom and little sitting room on the first floor and as the day flows it fills the kitchen and then the bathroom at sunset. My working days are filled with light and then it’s in the kitchen as I prepare my evening meal and then the bathroom as I lie in the bath watching the sunset sparkle off the muslin curtains.

I sit working watching dogs, people and children playing on the green and in the playground. There is an ageing German Shepherd and he and his Dad always pause in their gentle amble and sit on the fence watching the others play. A streak of a Border Collie has his ball on a rope and flies up the slope spinning it in his mouth and there is joy in every hair on his body. Friends and neighbours pause and have a catch-up natter and I can hear their voices and laughter through my open window. The trees on the crest of the green draw a line between the grass and sky and my days are filled with birdsong, as the clouds flow through.

The Mersey joins the Irish Sea at the bottom of our road and the view never ceases to delight as I walk out and there is the Belfast to Birkenhead, Liverpool to Dublin or Isle of Man ferries, container ships and huge vessels heading for Manchester down the Manchester Ship Canal all gliding past. When the tide is out the beach has life on it with toddlers building sandcastles, dogs leaping across the sand, people walking in the fresh air and tug boats and pleasure boats on the water.

Our home has visitors from all over the world popping in now and then and Lynn and I share visiting friends and food, and yet we have our own space to simply be. There are Lynn’s lovely decorative touches in all the rooms, my beloved pieces around me and a loving peace that makes this a sanctuary.

My work is settled and flowing, because I am settled and flowing. Creating new vegan foodie dishes (with varying degrees of success) and starting to make handmade creative items again. Writing is naturally springing forth and I have a new magazine article to complete and several pieces to do for the writing groups.

The roots that started to go down as soon as I arrived in this special part of The Wirral in January are flexing and getting stronger. My days have a simplicity and sparkle that is healing and I am so grateful. A dear friend messaged and asked how I was this week and enquired as to my latest project. ‘Nothing’ was my reply, ‘I am simply being and loving it’.

Love, Scottish wild flowers, love, friendship, love, motherhood and more love…….

Through yesterday’s choppy waters love shone through.

My lovely Scottish pal sent a picture of pretty wild flowers (above) to send love and support my way. Thank you J.

My sheltering friend, listened whilst I formulated a way forward and sent me out with love to get it done. Thank you K.

Our family managed to navigate choppy waters with the golden links that hold us all together. Difficult conversations were held and new understandings emerged. Love was ever present. Thank you Em and my sister.

My Mum listened patiently whilst I poured out where things stood now and my forward path. Love, support and understanding. Thank you Mate.

Upon my return home to my sheltering friends, there was much laughter as dinner was prepared and it became blatantly obvious that somewhere during the day I had mislaid my brain cells. Love, trust and laughter took us through a veritable vegetable feast from their garden. Thank you I for ignoring my pleas that I do not drink alcohol, as your special ginger liqueur removed all the hairs from my nostrils, had me gasping for breath and ensured a good night’s sleep.

And lastly my beloved, on ringing to say good night, ‘caught’ the emotional turmoil of the day. He reacted by gently saying how in his heart the love for me flowed so that each time he reached out to communicate with me, it was there. Thank you D.

Love rises, lifts and works wonders.