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Fresh breezes and lovely friendships….

Something got to me yesterday and I was annoyed with myself for letting it. I took a quick nap after my last work shift had finished, ate supper and then gave myself a mental shake.

Funnily enough, after condensing a three bedroom house and large outbuildings into one car full, I still have stuff! You can get a lot into an old battered 4×4. An email was lovingly sent to me yesterday by my lovely pal Jacqueline. It was about decluttering and clearing out old energy. Another influential friend, the lovely Angela, also mentioned recently that she does not keep any of her clothes for longer than two years. So armed with these thoughts I threw open my wardrobe doors. Radio on, candles burning and bags at the ready, I took three hours to have a right royal clear through.

As I held up each piece there were memories attached, and with deep breaths I acknowledged the sadnesses around some. I took a minute to think of the other person in the memories and was grateful for the gifts that had come through that link, no matter how events unfolded. Then the sad memories were taken out of the wardrobe along with the clothes. I even texted one chap to thank him for something he had done for me in our short acquaintance, something he was completely unaware of. He texted straight back delighted to know that good had come from our brief meeting.

By ten thirty last night I had three huge bags sorted and as I rested in a deep bubble bath I was smiling.

Fresh breeze is blowing through my wardrobe, my heart is lighter and I love my friends.


‘Brushes of Breeze’ … a joint poem by Martin Shone and Jane Thorne

Martin Shone and I have been creating again.

Brushes of Breeze

Nature blends its colours
through dawn till dusk
brushes of breeze paint the life

Fold upon fold upon
a naked palette
a speckled light
a dappled mist
sprinkling sunlit dust
along tracks of nature’s peace

Her story to be told
with greens of earthen love
fronds of a spider’s kiss
a feathered blush
a tickled stroke
a watercolour love
a tree leaf’s gentle touch

Whispered dreams of a bird’s wing
rainbow songs of a waterfall’s passion
mountain hopes of a snow’s pure light

Eagle soars above a forest’s dark depths
where tree folk roam invisible to all
weaving their magic of universal hue
creating a mosaic for me and you.

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