Light, dark and many degrees of shade….

(Garry Wilkes)
Trent & Mersey Canal after sunset (Garry Wilkes)

A thoughtful friend sent these photographs across of the Trent & Mersey canal this evening, so I could ‘share’ in his walk. I was tucked up at home with Mum and Dad, with Mum and I knitting like the clappers, because I was simply too weary for anything else. Bless my parents for their safe mooring. I received a message from Emily recently asking if I had time to knit her a waterfall cardigan. I jumped at the chance with absolute delight and when ‘us girls’ had some time together we had great fun choosing wool. Em was seven when she asked me not to make her any more hand knitted garments, no matter how trendy I made them look….I have been waiting fifteen years for this request and I am bubbly inside just thinking about it. There is love going into every stitch.

Anyhoo, back to the theme of this post.

I blossom in light, think in light, work in light and live in light. I have learned that fear kills light and have developed a number of ways of dealing with adversity and life’s tumbles. Holding onto light weaves through all of them.

When a soul is stuck in the dark of fear, we can shine our light and flow love to them, but the darkness will remain until they can work their way through it. If you find your light dimming then sometimes your only choice is to step away.

In the aftermath of a different step over Easter, a creative idea formed today with a business plan flowing from it. Mum and I went out exploring in the afternoon sunshine and discovered some rather interesting premises. As today drew to a close a meeting was arranged and things are starting to fall into place. I need a change and action, together with synchronicity, will bring this forth as it is meant to be.

Life’s canal is flowing and I can feel the warmth of sunshine on my boat.

(Garry Wilkes)
Trent & Mersey Canal in the evening sunshine (Garry Wilkes)

Much fun with splashing and biscuits……

Nature reserve

I am back caring for Charlie, the beautiful marmalade cat, and this time we have Phoebe with us, his greying and graceful dog buddy.

Phoebe joints are not what they once were and we amble rather than stride along. She nestles her nose in my hand as we make our way down to the nature reserve, so she can potter along the edge of the river and slash in the water. She is well known and her tail wags as she greets her friends and happily shares biscuits from loving pockets. Fudge and Floyd are Basset Hounds and their Mum and Dad have special fish skin biscuits for dogs….well, Phoebe thinks they are the best. When our friends made their way over the river bridge to the canal, I called Phoebe to stay back. Her back legs go if we walk too far and I didn’t want to have her happy ‘tail wagging time’ spoilt by pain for her. Cheerful farewells were called out, Phoebe had an extra splash in the river and we headed off for home.

A couple not familiar to us were walking down to the river with their pooch and Phoebe headed straight for them. I said to the chap (without thinking) ‘Gosh, you must have something good in your pocket!’ He caught my eye and we cracked up laughing.

Fortunately, his wife has a sense of humour!

A new adventure starts, with much to be grateful for…


David drove me to my first pet and house sitting assignment yesterday, and even though we are both heartsore, there are gifts in how we still look out for each other.

I sit here writing at a new kitchen table this morning and I give thanks for landing in this special place.

Before the couple left on holiday I was given a guided tour, with helpful instructions, and I was wrapped in their thought and care. Space had been cleared in wardrobes and cupboards, fluffy towels put out in my bathroom, with fresh candles placed in cosy corners, so I would feel at home. The lady of the house showed me where all her baking equipment and ingredients were, as she knows I love to create. The man of the house got his bike out and found me a rucksack to borrow, so I was mobile this week. Careful maps were drawn so I wouldn’t get lost when I explored. As I waved them off, I felt very blessed indeed.

Their beautiful home backs onto a wild park with a canal and yesterday afternoon I set off on my borrowed bike to find Tescos to buy supplies. The sunshine was out in all her glory as I cycled for ages down the towpath and felt the heartache and ‘busyness’ of the last few months start to lift off. Ducks quacked to each other, Canada geese honked and swans glided by. There is a thriving community on the canal, some relaxing and some living permanently on the water, so there were many ‘Hellos’ as I sailed past. The narrowboats have pots of bright spring flowers on their roofs and there was much ‘renovating’ happening.

Last night as I curled up on the sofa, their marmalade tabby cat settled down on my legs and as I looked outside twinkly solar lights came on in the trees.

I know there are some that wonder how this works without charging, but it has a special energy to it. I gift my care and time, and in turn, I am gifted time in a home, with the company and love of animals. It is all done on trust and I feel many loving connections will be made. In calm I can work and earn my pennies and write….

Peace is weaving in and as I chatted to their lovely cat this morning, and he chatted back, a sense of gratitude was all I could feel.