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Afternoon dancing in the park………

New Brighton Tower

Every day I work looking at the old grounds where the New Brighton Tower & Ballroom once stood. The tower was demolished in 1919 and a fire gutted the ballroom in 1969, which was then removed. Today it has a playground on the top for the little ones and rolling lawns and trees. It is a view I love.

I spotted a poster recently saying there was afternoon dancing in the park on Wednesday and I split my shift today so I could go along and join in. It will come as no surprise to you all that I had fun. The kind couple who run it set their sound equipment up on the bandstand and use the speakers that the bands use at weekends. There we all were making introductions in the sunshine and then teaching each other on the grass, dancing among the daisies. There was a wonderful couple over from Queensland, Australia, here visiting family, and as we danced and chatted they shared that they had met in 1963 in the New Brighton Ballroom. At one point there was a waltz this afternoon and the couples took to the grass to do their thing. I will never forget how they looked at each other, this couple who are still dancing together after all these years, as he held his hand out to her and said ‘Do you fancy a waltz?’

We all danced and tried different steps out, while people drifted in and sat down, with some coming to join us. We had very young toddlers dancing with us, right up to a lady celebrating her 96th birthday today, sitting in her wheelchair in the sunshine, with a sparkly Birthday banner tied to her sun hat. Everyone smiling. I was blessed to be shown what to do by a ‘Tiller Girl’ from back in the sixties. My confidence is not great and even when the lovely Australian lady lent me her husband, I felt like a lumbering tree trunk with two left feet. Although, our laughter floated far and wide as we spun down the bank doing a funky rock and roll number….. Anyway, back to the very kind lady who still does charity events with the Tiller Girls. She has a kindness and a gentle way about her and as she held my hands and explained what she was doing, I found myself relaxing and remembering what to do with my feet. So much so that I was able to lift my head up and trust. She caught that moment and said ‘There you go’ and smiled at me.

After a few hours we all parted and set off for home, with promises to do it again. I walked back along the promenade and there were two of the ‘Mums’ from the park with their little ones. Henry and I had a wonderful chat about his toy elephant and his Mum and I held his hands and played ‘One, two, three, wheeeeee’, as he sailed between us in his favourite hat. It’s multi coloured and woolly with a furry bobble and he will not take it off. He is two and bless his free spirit and his Mum for letting him be. Jamie Lee is also two and watched and waited her turn patiently. She wanted to walk and took my hand, as she just kept looking up at me and smiling. The broadest smile. I chatted to her about the boats and her sparkly little shoes. Her Mum commented that she’s not usually quiet. I had a feeling she was building up to something special and sure enough it came. ‘Ohhhh’ she said ‘Ice cream….’ as she spotted the van and we all burst out laughing. Parting company at the pirate ship, I just know they will have a wonderful time, as have I. ❤

‘Nature’s fingerprint’…a joint poem by Martin Shone and Jane Thorne

Martin Shone and I have been creating…..

Nature’s fingerprint

with daisies
in the breeze

Heads leaning into
soul conversations
lightly brushing
under nature’s warmth

whispers of delight
as they…
dusting the air
with shared songs
of togetherness

Each petal
nature’s fingerprint
yet blended
as one

Their song
sprung from the earth
lifted as the universe
newly spun

with daisies
in the breeze
a butterfly landscape
of silent passion

Nature’s soul
watercolours the wild.

Daisies and sunshine…

For today I shall not fret
For the sun is shining…

For today I am smiling
For the daisies are bobbing…

For today I embrace inner calm
For the windowsill crystals are sparkling..

For today I share love
For the birds are singing…

For today I am open to all possibilities
For life as we live it.


Passing on a little sunshine ……

The sun started to shine very brightly down South in the UK yesterday and what a joy it was to see and feel as it has been so flipping cold lately.

The day started with a sonic alarm that goes off for one of my housemates and the clue is in the name, as the very rafters seem to shake. Five minutes after this the door bell went and I went downstairs with upstanding hair in a rather fetching pink spotted dressing gown. These are new surroundings for me and it is all still unfamiliar so as I opened all the bolts, and goodness knows what else, on the front door a mobile phone belonging to the postman on the other side started to ring. I finally got the door open to the sound of the theme tune from The High Chapparal and I was laughing which set the postman off as he commented ‘So you like that?’. Our laughter alerted a queue of early morning folk waiting for the bus across the street and what a sight greeted them and no, you can’t see a picture (I’m not Cherie Blair!).

Someone had sent us a special delivery of a very well wrapped empty box. No name on the parcel just our address and we are the only house with this postcode. A completely empty box….

Having the day start in this way there was only one way to go. I am currently set-up to work in the main dining room, amidst all the moving chaos going on around me, till I take up residence on the top floor in the house. There was sunshine outside so I went out and bought some bright yellow and white daisies for our home.

Let there be sunshine within.

It was a good day x

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