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Come sit awhile, let’s just be. A place of French peace for you and me….


Into life flow moments that take your breath away and Belle and I were blessed to share one.

It was lunchtime and pottering in the kitchen I became aware of a new noise coming from the sky. Belle and I went outside to see hundreds of Cranes calling to each other as they flew South for the Winter. They fly in V’s with the newborns from this year nestled safely between them. They climb high if any buzzards are about and we watched them circle ever upwards till they were safe. It was magic and a blessing to see. I have never heard a noise like it and we could still hear them long after they had disappeared over the horizon. Nature’s wonder unfolding and Belle and I sat watching the sky for many magic moments.


The peace of this place is heartfelt. It seeps into your soul and you rest into it. The simplicity of life and the warmth of the sky meeting the earth in harmony weave a fabric for life that is natural and allows you to simply ‘be’.

From my ‘heart’ family there is a home for sale nestling next to the Dordogne river. It is a wonderful mixture of an old stone farmhouse with log burners and fireplaces, wooden floors, stone and wooden barns, old pigsties, workshops and sheds. Oak, walnut and fruit trees, land sloping down to the river and all within walking distance of Gardonne, which has all the services you need.


Not quite my time to make the move, otherwise I would be there like a shot. It’s perfect for someone though and my heart wanted to flow the magic to share with you all, just in case that someone was you.

The link below will give you the full details:

Gardonne Farmhouse Ref: BH842

Bonjour mes amis ……


Loving friends have gifted me a break down in the South of France, while they return to England to visit family. I am spending my days here with Belle their characterful furry companion.

I have stepped back in time; way, way back in time. This is a farming community and there are fields, farms and homesteads dotted about as far as the eye can see. You can touch the peace. It has taken a few days for the ‘Oh I must do this and I need to do that’ pressures to fall away as I slip into a gentler pace.


Each morning Belle and I watch the sunrise and potter at the edges of the fields, which is a delight and her little tail almost wags itself off in sheer joy. Overnight in the sunflower and broad bean crops there have been visitations by hares, hedgehogs and deer and the smells that greet her little doggie nose send her darting about all over. There are plum orchards and vineyards too and the farmers are busy harvesting the fruit. Dusty straw hats are tipped and they mouth ‘Bonjour’ as they trundle past on their tractors.


There is a tiny village nearby with no shops, just a sprinkling of homes, and it takes all of five minutes to walk around it. Right in the centre there is a twelfth century church called St.Vincent’s and at 7am, noon and 7pm the bell is rung for all the farmers to mark the points in their days. Sometimes the bell ringing is cut short and my lovely friends commented that they have a theory that the bell ringer’s wife is in a hurry to get to market.


As Belle and I potter about we can hear chickens and cockerels going about their daily rounds and I am sure they crow in French. As evening draws in the swallows take to the cooler skies and fly in harmony before bedtime and the arrival of the bats, as Belle and I fall asleep to the song of the crickets.

We are off the tourist trail and nothing is locked up here and that trust, the beautiful landscape and the way of life weave a magic that I am stopping to breathe in. Much gratitude to my lovely friends for these moments in time and to Belle for being such great company.


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