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Over thirty years ago, far away in Johannesburg, I watched my sister in law carve a headboard for their home out of wood. She had been to a workshop and was hooked, admitting that it was addictive as she found herself staying up into the wee hours carving after her family had long gone to bed. This memory took root and became a dream.

Over the years I spotted classes and courses, and when life gifted a gap, I signed up only to have them cancelled because not enough people were interested. Various creatives have offered to teach me in exchange for paintings and other creativity and for a multitude of reasons, their promises disappeared on the wind.

A few years ago I met a lovely lady called Marie, who weaves basketry in a shared studio not far from here, called The Wellington Road Art Studios and we stayed in touch. I had an email from Marie recently and she invited me to join them for a workshop with her talented woodcarver friend Jo. I didn’t hesitate and on Saturday we all had a magic day.

Jo is a gifted carver and a natural teacher. The peace of the studios gave us a foundation to create and Jo’s gentle encouragement and knowledge soon had us absorbed. Nothing is a mistake to Jo and wood can be carved around anything to restore balance. ‘I’ve lost my stem’ I called out, as my chisel removed an important piece of the ivy I was practising on. ‘Nothing is a mistake, Jane’ Jo soothed as she showed me how to carve down and raise it up again. When you are carving all else falls away, even the constant mind chatter. Feeling neglected at one point my mind chirped up with something I had forgotten to do that day and I found myself saying ‘Shhhhhh, later’ as I went back to carving the undulations on my dragon’s wings.

A heartfelt thanks to Jo for her loving care, Marie for sharing her space, the kindred spirits I created with and the moments that birthed a long-awaited dream. It was a gift to do something for the sheer joy of it and I loved every second. ❤

Love Restoration

Doris modelling re-purposed jeans and fabric from various dresses

The pull to go quiet could not be ignored a while ago as a wealth of change rolled in. I was not managing to wrap myself around everything that was calling for attention.

Hitting the pause button carved out some space. I didn’t try to make anything happen, as I just let myself be. I found peace in leaning into the discomfort of change and not knowing immediately what to do to ‘fix’ it. Who says things always have to be ‘fixed’?

Many moons ago, back in the eighties, I used to make clothing for friends from a vague idea, or a strand of conversation. Then I forgot that I loved doing that.

Recently, I was searching for a creative workshop that a friend and I could do together, as her birthday pressie. I came across one re-purposing clothes, but it was fully booked. I went to bed that night and had a dream about the things I used to make. Waking up excited, I started to explore the idea and it came together effortlessly. I already had a sewing machine, my dining table is now a work bench and I have years of stored threads, ribbons, buttons and my Granny’s old sewing basket. As soon as I mentioned this to my birthday friend she lent me her dressmaker’s dummy, who was immediately nicknamed Doris. The re-cycling contacts that have been established with my de-cluttering business were delighted to be of use and I simply started to create clothes. My friend asked to come here for her birthday, so we could be together and knit. Cake was involved and it was lovely. ❤

I find myself waking up with designs and ideas in my head.

Internet research and some experimentation with different platforms led me to open an eBay shop. Another dream gifted me the idea of taking the photographs on our roof terrace with The Mersey and Liverpool as a backdrop.

This name seemed perfect…

I can step back from taking on new de-cluttering clients now and spend some days creating, whilst still flowing with loving family care and my existing clients.

Happy days, as I’m just off to edge a jacket. The edge was an old blouse of mine, but as I took it out the wardrobe I thought ‘Ohhh, that would make a perfect edge for the jacket I picked up the other day.’ Then I reached for my scissors. I will end up going out dressed, but only just!

Floating towards new adventures….

rose petals

Here we have gentle rain falling on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Full of Mum’s yummy Sunday lunch, and with the phone service being surprisingly quiet, I am taking the opportunity to write.

Over the last few days many strands are coming together, weaving into a tapestry that I am excited about.

A few years ago, in Mediumship class, we were all taught to trust and just let the words flow, but to also pay attention to what we were doing with our bodies. The clues to parts of the messages we were channeling were in our stance and the mannerisms we were displaying. I have long held the belief that we create our lives through our thoughts, words and actions and if we reflect (without fear) on what has transpired, we can read the signposts along our path.

My path has been moving me towards writing my first book and I have been searching for a framework to hang it off. This has so far eluded me.

Reflecting on the last few years, all roots that I have planted have not taken, and my various homes have all been temporary. There have been many gifts from each stage, but I have been ‘rootless’. From this an idea has floated up in the last few days and it has settled comfortably within.

I am going to float and travel about being a house and pet sitter. WiFi means that I can work on the phone service using Skype, and I can submit my writing commissions from anywhere. Marvelous! I am then open to whatever life flows my way: new adventures, lovely animals to care for, different views every few weeks and a framework for my first book.

Bless Mum and Dad for being my ‘springboard’ and the caretakers of my treasures, Emily for understanding and supporting me all the way and David for wishing me well and storing my bike, furniture and acting as my postal service.

I need a few weeks to gather my ‘stuff’, earn some pennies and get the necessary paperwork sorted. Then it’s ‘Pants over tights and flick my cape’ time.

My loved ones are in for some exciting postcards…… X

Hold onto your dreams…

Electric Light Orchestra…Hold On Tight – have fun and click the link…..

Hold your dreams in your heart,
For they are precious,
And you alone can breathe them into life.

They hold your sparkle,
For they are you,
And singing your unique song.

Dreams come from within,
For they are born of spirit,
And your soul can read the script.

Trust your steps,
For each event is meant,
And weaves into the dreams for you.

Life is a platform for your dreams to live,
For they are born of love,
Ever there for you to be.

love and dreams

Take time to dream today, for our dreams bring magic into our everyday…..

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair – Khalil Gibran

Pigs can fly with sufficient thrust behind them……..

Years ago when I was first married my husband well and truly caught the Amway bug just after our honeymoon. My gentle protests that I had not even unpacked the wedding presents, never mind started our new life together, fell on deaf ears. This business took over our newly married lives and he really bought into the belief that if he couldn’t do this, with all the help and support that was on offer, then he couldn’t achieve anything. His new wife wisely kept quiet and fully supported him for some time till one morning, having been awake since about 4am mulling it all over, I rebelled. I came out of my corner with firm insistence that it all ended right there and then. As you can imagine my husband and those above us in the organisation did everything in their power to change my mind. I was the woman in the middle of our front room packing all the kit and books up in boxes to be shipped out of our home forthwith and our lovely little daughter (a toddler at the time) was passing things to me saying ‘There you go Mummy’…..yes, Emily was born by then and three years old, that’s how long this nonsense went on for!

It culminated in the leader of our group standing before me saying (I have perfect recall on this) ‘What do you intend to do with all the time you will have on your hands now Jane?’ and I replied that I wanted to write, I needed to write and I knew I had it in me to do so. He laughed (really laughed) and said that pigs would fly before I ever wrote a thing, never mind a book, as everyone had dreams to write and they never did.

Well, my husband and Amway are now part of my past and it may have taken me nearly twenty years but I am a writer ……….’Pigs can fly with sufficient thrust behind them’.

Hope and expectations – two completely different things….

Anais Nin said ‘My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living’ and my following thoughts came from a recent conversation with a close friend.

Hope is the…

voice in your heart that speaks your dearest wishes
belief that all is as it is meant to be right now
heartfelt call to find blessings in any situation
gift to seek the best in everyone.

Expectations are…

trying to change the outcome
non-acceptance of what will be
moulding life not flowing with it.

Hope is living with love threaded through all our actions and expectations are the stones that weigh down dreams and prolong situations that really are events that belong in the past.

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